10 crazy weight loss methods

10 crazy weight loss methods

If you are trying to lose weight but are finding that whatever you try, you are not seeing the expected results of your hard work.

Perhaps these following crazy weight loss methods will work? What have you got to lose?

Crazy weight loss method #1 – Take your friends dog for a walk

If you don’t have your own dog then ask if you can take your friends dog for a walk.

Doing so will force you into going out, getting some fresh air and getting that all important daily exercise that many of us, especially those stuck in an office all day, fail to get.

Crazy weight loss method #2 – Swap lunches

If you have noticed that someone you work with also brings in their own food but much less perhaps you could ask if they want to swap lunches.

You probably did this with your friends in school, so why not restart the habit?

Crazy weight loss method #3 – Offer to decorate

Decorating is a great way to burn calories so offering your services to a friend or family member is a great way to lose weight while doing a good deed.

Crazy weight loss method #4 – Have a fruit and salad day

If you have the occasional day where you only eat fruit or salad you will give your body a much needed detox. Helping to kick start your weight loss efforts.

Crazy weight loss method #5 – Donate your treats

If like so many other people across the globe keep a treat draw or cupboard perhaps it is time that you pack them up and take them to your nearest homeless shelter.

DonationsJust make sure not to replace them the next time you go shopping.

Crazy weight loss method #6 – Throw away your comfortable clothes

If you throw away or donate the clothes that currently fit you comfortably.

Keeping those that are a little snug will force you into making those necessary lifestyle changes you need to lose weight.

Crazy weight loss method #7 – Have a protein only day

Protein is a much better option than most fats and carbohydrates. It is slower to digest and releases energy slowly, therefore reducing cravings.

Have eggs for breakfast (not fried), fish or lean meat for lunch and chicken or tuna for dinner to kick start your weight loss.

Crazy weight loss method #8 – Take public transport

Rather than driving everywhere, try to take public transport and get off a stop before you need to.

This will force you to walk the extra distance, therefore ensuring you get more exercise and burn more calories.

Crazy weight loss method #9 – Take up a sport

Although not a crazy suggestion, what I mean is to take part in a sport that you may love that may not necessarily burn many calories.

Remember some exercise is better than sitting in front of the television doing none at all.

Crazy weight loss method #10 – Help your elderly neighbour

From everyday chores liking cutting their grass to shopping for them, you will be burning calories, while you will feel good about yourself due to all your good deeds.

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