10 Easy Ways to Drop A Stone

10 Easy Ways to Drop A Stone

The first stone lost can give you the push you need to ultimately reach your perfect weight.

With these 10 easy to follow tips you too can reach your first of many goals:

Tip #1 – Shop smart

Processed food is more likely to cause weight gain so the first tip is to avoid white bread if possible, instead choose wholemeal.

White bread has a high GI (Glycaemic Index), which means it converts to energy very quickly meaning it will leave you feeling hungry in no time too.

Tip #2 – Use ‘before’ pictures

If you have a self-photo you are particularly horrified at then put it somewhere it can be seen.

This is a great motivator and will ensure you stick to your new healthier habits.

Tip #3 – Start eating slowly

If you eat too fast your brain will not have opportunity to realise that you are full.

If you want to lose 1-2lbs extra a month then start to eat a little slower.

Tip #4 – Keep a food diary

Keeping a food diary will help show you exactly what you have eaten and will hopefully help tell you what you are doing wrong, if anything.

You may also want to make note of your activity levels, your weight loss and maybe even add pictures of your progress so far as these will all help to keep your motivation levels high.

Tip #5 – What does the label say?

You should always check the labels of the food you buy. Often these are made simple by the supermarket yet sometimes there are hidden ingredients that are best avoided if you want to be successful as your diet.

Tip #6 – Check your portions

Even if you are eating healthily it is still a good idea not to fill your plate up too much.

It is better for you to eat 5-6 smaller meals than 2-3 larger ones as these smaller meals will ensure your metabolism stays high throughout the day.

Tip #7 – Get some sleep

If you are not getting enough sleep during the night then this can affect your metabolic rate, with research showing that missing just the one nights sleep can result in a 20% drop in your metabolism.

As you are tired you will also wish to eat more often as you will be needing the extra energy to keep you awake.

Tip #8 – Try to avoid stress

Everyday problems like work or family life can cause stress, which can often make you want to reach for the junk food.

Although it is best to try to avoid the stress if you cant then you need to have some low fat snacks ready in case of emergency.

Tip #9 – Avoid the booze

Alcohol will add calories to your diet without you even realising so cutting this from your diet can aid your weight loss goals.

Tip #10 – Get moving

Whether you simply love to walk or visit the gym most night, if you want to lose weight then you need to be more active.

Do you have any useful tips?

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