10 tips to improve satiety

10 tips to improve satiety

If your aim is to lose that excess weight you need to realise that snacking immediately after a meal is not a good idea.

Using the following techniques you will be able to suppress those cravings and ensure you stick to your diet.

Satiety tip #1 – Turn off the TV

Did you know that eating in front of the TV may cause you to eat more than you should.

The reason this occurs is that you become distracted by what is going on in front of you, and not on what you are putting in your mouth.

Listening to music can also have an impact on the speed at which you eat, with fast paced music often resulting in you emptying your plate before your body realises that it is full.

Mealtimes should be about your food and nothing else. Focus on your food and you will feel fuller much faster than usual.

Satiety tip #2 – Smell and chew

Satiety levelsYou may get a few funny looks from your loved ones but it has been proven that the smell of food helps with satiety levels.

You should also make sure you chew your food properly as helps release signals to your brain that you are eating, therefore telling it that you are getting full.

Satiety tip #3 – Moist food is best

The more water and air is present in your food the faster you will feel full.

Rather than eating a pasty or similar choose some vegetable soup instead. Another good example is to choose to eat a few grapes rather than raisins.

Satiety tip #4 – Wait after eating fat

Satiety is not immediate, especially after eating a meal high in fat. Therefore it is recommended that you wait a short while after eating fat to give yourself time for the feeling of fullness to come.

Satiety tip #5 – Get plenty of sleep

When you are tired your body will produce ghrelin, which will cause you to feel hungry.

Tiredness also reduces the amount of leptin your body produces, which is a hormone that tells your body that you are full.

Satiety tip #6 – Drink plenty of water

It is recommended that on a daily basis that you consume as much as 8 glasses of water.

Your body will often mistake thirst for hunger so drinking more will help to relieve these feelings.

Satiety tip #7 – Use a smaller plate

If you use a large plate for mealtimes then you are likely to want to fill it.

Using a small plate will ensure you eat less but your body will still think that it is full as you have emptied your plate.

Just remember this only works if you are not going to be stacking your food.

Satiety tip #8 – Try awkward foods

By awkward foods I mean those that take a little time and effort to eat, such as corn on the cob or fish with bones.

As these foods take longer to eat than others the feeling of satiety will often occur before you finish your meal.

Satiety tip #9 – Eat an apple before dinner

Apples are full of fibre that can help to promote satiety, so eating one 20 minutes for dinner will ensure that the amount of food consumed is less than usual.

Furthermore this apple can contribute to your 5 a day.

Satiety tip #10 – Choose natural foods

Manufactured or processed foods usually contain many calories. Natural options like fruit and vegetables are a better option as they contain fewer calories while also usually taking longer to chew.

Another benefit is that they often take up more space in your stomach too.

Do you have any tips to improve satiety levels?

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