12 foods you need to avoid

12 foods you need to avoid

If you are dieting and find that you are unable to keep your appetite under control maybe it is because of the foods you are eating.

Here are 12 foods you really should try to avoid if you wish to take back control of your appetite:

#1: Smoothies

You may think that drinking a smoothie would be a good alternative to milkshakes or caffeinated soft drinks, well they may not be as healthy as you think.

Some smoothies are full of sugar, which will give you an initial burst of energy while your blood sugar levels are raised.

Unfortunately this sugar is quickly burnt, leaving you feeling tired and looking for another sugar fix.

This is not to say that all smoothies are bad for you however, you just need to make sure you check what they are made from.

When choosing a smoothie try to pick one (or make your own) that contains protein powder, fruit and healthy fats.

#2: Bagels

In the USA the bagel is an incredibly popular breakfast choice, however while filling those made from white flour contain very little fibre so is quickly digested.

Rather than eating bagel you would be better off choosing to eat a couple of eggs (not fried) and some whole-grain toast.

#3: Protein bars

If you are a fan of protein bars you need to start reading the labels to find out how much sugar, carbs and artificial ingredients it contains.

When deciding which one to choose you should opt for those made using whole foods such as nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

#4: Cookies

Unsurprisingly cookies are best avoided, even just the one. As one undoubtedly turns into 2, and before you know it the entire packet has gone.

Cookies are full of sugar, and contain very little fibre or protein so digest quickly leading to initially high blood sugar levels that once fallen lead to sugar cravings.

#5: Crisps

As with cookies it is impossible just to have the one. Unfortunately most crisps are full of salt and fat, which will not do your diet any good.

The other issue is that crisps are not very filling so you can easily eat a bag without it affecting your appetite, meaning you may still gorge at dinner time too.

#6: White pasta and rice

Both white pasta and rice will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, therefore you should try to stick to whole grain pasta or brown rice, as these contain higher levels of fibre.

#7: Breakfast cereal

Although not all cereals are going to be bad for you, those that are covered in sugar are.

Obviously consuming a lot of sugar will affect your blood sugar levels that will also affect your appetite.

You should also be wary about adding your own sugar to those otherwise healthy cereals, such as those made from 100% whole wheat.

#8: Fruit juice

This may be surprising to you but fruit juice is certainly not as healthy as you are led to believe.

Fruit juice has been stripped of its natural fibre meaning that it does nothing for your appetite. You should also be aware of those juices that contain added sugars, so always take the time to read the labels before buying.

#9: Sweets

This should be so surprise to anyone that sweets are not going to help control your appetite.

Most sweets are mostly sugar, which as we have mentioned a few times already will cause a rise and fall in your blood sugar levels.

#10: Doughnuts

Even though this may seem like it may fill you up, most baked goods are simple carbohydrates, which means that they are quickly broken down and digested by the body.

#11: Frozen meals

Lots of these frozen meals, even those labelled as healthy are lacking in the essential nutrients and fibre needed to ward off hunger.

Some are full of added sugars and slat, which you really should try to avoid.

#12: Diet drinks

Even those calorie-free caffeinated drinks should be avoided if you want to take back control of your appetite.

Research has shown that the artificial sweeteners found in them may actually cause you to crave sugar even more.

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