3 Common Workout Mistakes

3 Common Workout Mistakes

We all know that what you do has a long term affect on your body. For this reason alone you should ensure what you do, you do correctly.

As you age you will notice how aches and pains become part of your everyday life, yet there are still things you should do in order to keep your workouts as safe as possible.

In this article we are going to look at 3 of the most common mistakes you can make while working out.

Workout mistake #1 – Trying to push past the pain

If you happen to experience any serious pain while working out you should never try to push through it.

There are many different reasons why you should stop. For one you may end up making any injury worse, and potentially your recovery time.

Secondly you may overcompensate by using ‘weaker’ muscles and risk injuring them too.

Workout mistake #2 – Avoid lifting heavy

As we all age our muscle mass will decline unless we can maintain it. This also has an effect on our strength.

By lifting weights you can keep your muscle mass and keep your metabolic rate high (muscle burns more calories than fat).

You don’t even have to lift weights to see changes to your body. Body weight exercises like squats or push ups can add the desired resistance to any workout.

Workout mistake #3 – Focussing on smaller muscles

Even though we would love to be able to work all our muscles, for best results you should focus your attention on the larger muscle groups.

Compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups will give you the best results for your time.

Remember when working out that you should perform each exercise with proper form. One to reduce the risk of injury and secondly to see better results.

Weight loss is certainly not easy but avoiding these common workout mistakes will ensure you see the best results from any time spent in the gym.

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