30 Minute Home Workout

30 Minute Home Workout

If you have a busy work or family life it can be difficult to find the time to workout. Well, if you want to stay slim and healthy you really should find the time to exercise.

With this 30 minute home workout you can workout around your busy schedule without a gym membership or expensive equipment.

Give it a try today and burn as much as 350 calories in just half an hour.

The workout

1. To warm up do 2 minutes of jumping jacks.

2. The next exercise is side lunges, where you should stand holding light dumbbells. To perform the exercise you should step your one leg out to the side and bend your knee at a 90 degree angel. As you lower into the lunge position your arms should drop either side of your foot. Next push up using your leg to the start position. You should perform 24 reps on each leg.

3. Again keeping hold of the dumbbells you will be performing walking lunges, which can be performed by simply stepping forward and bending your front leg at a 90 degree angle. Stand back up then step forward using the other leg, again into the lunge position.

4. If you have a length of rope lay it out in a straight line across your floor. This next exercise is called line hops and involves you hopping back and forth across the line for around 2 minutes.

5. Side plank crunch – For the next exercise you should lay down on your left side with your weight resting on your left forearm with your elbow bent. Next try to straighten your body while engaging your core for around 30 seconds. Lower and repeat a few times on each side.

6. Again using the rope, you will be stepping forward and back quickly over the outstretched rope.

7. Ab crunch toe touch – To perform this exercise you should first lay on your back with your legs stretched overhead. Tighten your abs while you reach one arm at a time towards your toes. Alternate each side for 24 repetitions.

8. For the final exercise (Superman’s) you will be laying on your stomach with both arms and legs outstretched. Engage both your abs and lower back while attempting to lift your arms and legs off the floor. Try to hold for as long as possible.

If you really are stuck for time then give this workout a try. You may be surprised at just how hard it can be.

Just remember exercise is just one part of a healthy lifestyle, you should also try to eat a healthy diet too. When combined you will see the greatest changes to your body.

2 comments on "30 Minute Home Workout"
  1. I am overweight desperately trying to lose weight which I am managing but doing the exercise is another BIG problem, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis which makes exercising a really hard thing to be able to do!I I really want to lose the excess weight that I have, I can do the diet without too many problems but trying exercise is a bad bad problem, I have trouble trying to exercise because I have problems doing exercise because of the pain I am in with the MS, I would be delighted if someone could help me with some exercises for me to be able to do. PLEASE HELP????

    • Hello.

      I am not an expert on MS, but from what I have read exercise can help with the symptoms.

      Here are a couple of tips:

      1. Start slowly – always stretch and ensure your muscles are warmed up before you begin
      2. Experiment – to see what works best for you
      3. Cardio is key – a raised heart rate has been shown to slow the rate of the disease
      4. Train in bursts – to ensure fatigue and weakness do not affect the workout

      Experts agree that the best kind of exercises for MS sufferers include aerobic exercises, range-of-motion exercises, passive stretching and posture exercises. This means that activities such as water aerobics, swimming, tai chi and yoga are best. 🙂

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