4 spring fitness tips

4 spring fitness tips

Even though we tried to keep the pounds off over the winter, the urge to overeat has got the better of you and your weight has slowly increased over those long cold and wet months.

Now with summer just around the corner you may be thinking about getting in shape for those inevitable trips to the beach with family and friends.

It is now time to act, you do not want to wait too long if you want to reach your goals ready for bikini season.

Luckily for you these following spring fitness tips should help you to lose those excess pounds and tone up ready for summer.

Spring fitness tip #1: Time for a detox

No doubt over Christmas and the New Year you have been indulging in those comfort foods, which is understandable when you are surrounded by your loved ones.

Unfortunately these kind of foods tend to cause weight gain and fat to be deposited in those areas we all love to flaunt (our legs, bums and tums).

If you want to get into great shape ready for the summer it is time to cut out these comfort foods and to replace them with fresh fruit and vegetables.

You should also consider going on a short detox to remove those built up toxins and stored waste.

You can detox naturally by drinking water with lemon every day, while eating dark leafy greens such as kale or spinach will also help.

Taking a colon cleanser such as DetoxPlus can also help with the detoxification process.

Spring fitness tip #2: Work on your belly

If you want to look good in a bikini then getting a flat stomach is important.

Spring fitnessFor a start you should try to cut back on the foods that cause bloating, such as dairy, fatty and salty foods. Instead eat more cucumber, asparagus and oatmeal as these help to de-bloat.

To lose the fat from your belly area you will also need to lose the fat from the rest of your body too.

It is impossible to spot reduce fat so you will need to think about cutting back on the junk food and increasing the amount of exercise you perform.

To give the illusion of a flatter stomach you should spend timing working on your ab muscles and you should try to walk with better posture by standing upright with your shoulders back.

Spring fitness tip #3: Work those legs

We all love to show off our legs when the sun is out, whether in a dress or shorts. Therefore would it not make sense to get them looking as good and as toned as possible?

Obviously your diet should be as healthy as possible, but the work you do in the gym is equally as important.

Of course work out on the cardio machines if that is what you like to do, but how about starting a little strength (weight) training too?

Squats for example are a great way to build strong lean legs and a toned butt.

Remember muscle while resting burns more calories than fat so building muscle will help your overall weight loss goal too.

Spring fitness tip #4: Keep a diary

To find out if there are any issues with your diet or exercise regime you should keep note of what you are eating and doing.

Be as precise as possible so that you can make changes if necessary, so that you see the best results for your time.

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