5 common fasting mistakes

5 common fasting mistakes

If you are currently on the 5:2 Diet or any other form of fasting you will know just how difficult it can be.

Even though you start each fast with a desire to succeed, food cravings can ruin any hope of success.

Here are some of the common fasting mistakes we have all made from time to time:

Fasting mistake #1 – Indulging during your last meal

A common fasting mistake we all make before a fast is indulging during your last meal, basically eating all you can get your hands on.

Eating too much before a fast will make it difficult for your body to detox properly during the fasting day.

Instead of indulging it will be better for you to eat smaller and healthier meals beforehand.

Fasting mistake #2 – Dinners and parties that involve food

When fasting it is important to avoid temptation, which will be much harder if you see your family and friends indulging themselves.

If you have a dinner or party planned then diets like the 5:2 Diet will allow you to change your fast day.

This will ensure you are able to avoid the temptation and will make sticking your goals that much easier to accomplish.

Fasting mistake #3 – Fasting without a plan

If you want to succeed then you need to make sure you have a plan and are ready to stick to it.

Before you start take a moment to ask why you want to fast? Write down what you are planning to do whenever those cravings arise.

You should try to stock up on all those foods that will help you to beat those cravings. For example the fresh fruit and vegetables.

Fasting mistake #4 – Telling the world you are on a fast

You may be looking forward to going on a fast but there really is no need to tell everyone.

If you choose to tell the whole world and were to fail on a fasting day you may experience embarrassment knowing these people also know that you have failed.

It is best that you only tell those who are willing to encourage and support you through your journey, whether it is through the good or the bad.

Fasting mistake #5 – Indulging immediately after a fast

If you have been on a fast you may feel like indulging a little, however this will defeat the purpose of the fast.

Not only will your overall weekly calorie intake increase significantly but your body is not designed to experience these kinds of eating habits.

It is best that after a fast you try to eat smaller meals of healthier foods.

In conclusion

If you want to avoid these common fasting mistakes then you need to make sure you make a plan, get support from a friend or loved one and try to avoid overindulging on the days when you are not fasting.

Fasting offers numerous health benefits including weight loss so staying dedicated while keeping your cravings under control will ensure you experience these benefits for yourself.

Don’t forget there is also a fasting supplement that can help you with your efforts.

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