5 Diet Myths that cause Weight Gain

5 Diet Myths that cause Weight Gain

Even though you think you know all there is to know about dieting and weight loss you still don’t seem to be able to reach your goal weight.

Perhaps the problem is that you are still following those diet myths that don’t actually work, and that may be causing you to gain weight?

Let us look at some of these popular diet myths and discover why they should be avoided in the future:

Diet myth #1: Diet drinks can help with weight loss

Unfortunately even though diet drinks contain fewer calories they still contain artificial sweeteners that are linked to weight gain.

Research has shown that these sweeteners will cause your body to release insulin ready for those extra calories along with chemicals being sent to your brain.

Yet when those calories do not arrive your body will then crave food, and if you are not careful you may end up overindulging.

If you want to lose weight then diet drinks should be avoided, drink water instead as this can help to flush out those toxins that cause weight gain.

Water can also help to control your appetite too, as your body will often mistake thirst for hunger.

Diet myth #2: Cutting calories means weight loss

Although cutting calories is often recommended, cutting too many could prove to be counterproductive to your efforts.

When you severely restrict your calorie intake your body will be placed into a ‘starvation mode’ where it will prevent your body from burning that unwanted fat.

When this occurs your body will start to break down muscle, which although will initially result in weight loss will slow your metabolism even further.

Diet myth #3: Pasta will make you fat

Weight loss is not always about what you are eating but also how much you are eating.

As with bread or rice if you eat too much then your body will not be able to burn it off resulting in weight gain.

You can still enjoy pasta without worrying about weight gain, though you should eat it in moderation.

Diet myth #4: Don’t eat after 8pm

Although it has been shown that eating later can cause weight gain it is not strictly due to the time you are eating, but the food choices you make at this time.

It seems that the later you eat the more tired you are, so you are more likely to choose those unhealthy foods that will certainly ruin any good work done previously in the day.

If you can remain strict with your food choices then you can certainly eat after 8pm.

Diet myth #5: Reduced fat foods will help with weight loss

Fat is usually added to foods to make it taste better, therefore once this fat is removed the food no longer tastes as good as before.

The problem with this is that once you add those extra sauces or additives you may make the food even more fattening then the full-fat version.

Another problem with low-fat foods is that just because they are low-fat does not always mean that they are low in calories.

You should always check the label to see what the nutritional values of a food is before you buy it.

Diet myth #6: Use smaller plates

Although using smaller plates is a good way to measure out your food portions if you are stacking your food vertically or are going back for second helpings then you are likely to be consuming more calories than you need.

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