5 tips to help you appear thinner

5 tips to help you appear thinner

Although you are trying your best to lose weight and become healthier, this takes time and plenty of effort. In the meantime there are a few tricks you can try to appear thinner.

Here are the tips:

Tip to appear thinner #1 – Wear black

Black clothes tend to make you appear thinner and will help hide those wobbly bits.

Light clothes, or those with big patterns tend to make you appear bigger, while those with horizontal lines will make you appear wider than you actually are.

Tip to appear thinner #2 – Avoid those fizzy drinks

Fizzy or caffeinated drinks tend to cause bloating to occur, which will obviously make you look fatter than you really are.

Drink water instead to avoid bloating, plus it will aid your weight loss efforts.

Tip to appear thinner #3 – Stand upright

If you have bad posture then you are going to look like you have a much bigger belly than the reality.

Stand up straight, with your shoulders back, chest out, stomach in and head held high to make you look and feel instantly better.

Tip to appear thinner #4 – Watch your clothes

Wearing too loose or too tight clothes can make you look fatter than you really are.

A tight belt or jeans will cause a ‘muffin top’ to occur, which is when your fat spills over the sides. This is not a good look for anyone.

Whereas too lose fitting clothes can make you appear shapeless or fat.

By all means dress for comfort, but would it not be a good idea to pick clothes that fit your body shape?

Tip to appear thinner #5 – Get a tan

It is no coincidence that whenever you see a ‘before and after’ picture of someone who has lost weight that they have a tan.

The reason is that a tan looks better than pale skin, it can hide a multitude of sins and when someone looks at your tanned body they will subconsciously think how healthy you look.

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