7 weight loss tips for busy people

7 weight loss tips for busy people

Peoples lives seem to be getting busier all the time, what with family and work commitments there is very little time to workout and stay slim.

No wonder there is a current obesity epidemic. Yet, should we be using this an excuse? Perhaps not as the following tips prove that it is possible to stay in shape even if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Tip #1: Schedule something for everyday.

You don’t need to set aside hours everyday for working out. If you only have a spare 10 minutes then use them.

Just make sure that whatever amount of time you have to workout is spent working out as intensely as you can possibly manage.

Once you get into the habit of working out (almost) daily then you will find that your body will start to change for the better.

Tip #2: Stop making excuses.

If you are busy then join the club as there are thousands and perhaps even millions of people who are just as busy or even more busy yet they still find the time to exercise.

As mentioned previously you don’t need hours a day to exercise if you are willing to exercise intensely.

One of the best forms of exercise is HIT, which anyone who has tried it will tell you 10 minutes of doing it is enough of a workout.

Tip #3: Move more.

Some days you really wont have the time to exercise, which is fine as long as you are moving as much as possible during the day.

If you can invest in a pedometer you should aim to walk around 10,000 steps everyday, even on those days you workout.

Tip #4: Make goals.

If you want to see changes then you need to visualise them, which means you need to write them down.

By creating achievable goals you will be able to keep yourself motivated and will feel as though you are able to push yourself that little bit harder to achieve them.

Tip #5: Change your intensity.

You must vary your intensity every now and then so that your body does not become complacent.

Keep your muscles guessing what you are going to do and start to reap the rewards.

Tip #6: Lift weights.

If you want to see noticeable results then lifting weights will help build muscle, which in turn will enable your body to burn off more calories and fat.

Research has shown that muscle even while resting burns more calories than fat.

If you are female don’t worry about looking too manly though, you are not going to produce enough testosterone to see huge muscle gains.

Tip #7: Keep goals manageable.

To avoid feeling depressed about a lack of results you should always keep your goals manageable.

This means you should aim for smaller short-term goals that you can achieve, therefore ensuring you stay motivated to achieving the next goal.

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