Is the 8 Hour Diet effective for weight loss?

Is the 8 Hour Diet effective for weight loss?

Is it possible to lose weight while eating whatever you want without having to exercise either?

The 8 Hour Diet is a diet that promises to be effective for weight loss, but how does it work?

Lets look at this diet in more detail before we come to any conclusion.

What is the 8 Hour Diet?

The 8 Hour Diet is a diet plan created by David Zinczenko, an American author who wrote the best-selling book Eat This Not That.

This diet is based on a similar principle as the 5:2 Diet, but you will fast for 16 hours daily.

You can choose any timeframe to fast in, as long as the fast lasts 16 hours. For example you could choose to eat from 10 am to 6 pm, while fasting the remaining time.

No foods are forbidden during this diet, although it is stated that this does not mean you can overeat, so as with most diets portion sizes should be looked at.

To start you should fast three times a week, but you should try to gradually increase this number over time.

So does the 8 Hour Diet work?

As long as you do not over-indulge during the allowed 8 hour feeding time you will likely create a calorie deficit over the course of a week, which will ultimately lead to weight loss occurring.

The only issue is whether you are able to undertake this diet for an extended period of time.

8 Hour Diet benefitsDenying yourself during those 16 hour spells can be difficult for some, so the 8 Hour Diet is certainly not suitable for everyone.

Also, allowing yourself to eat whatever can certainly lead to overindulging, and the consumption of the wrong kinds of foods.

Weight loss and healthy eating is not just about starving yourself, or eating less. Sometimes it is about what you eat too.

If you fast for 16 hours but then overindulge in junk food during that 8 hour spell then it is highly unlikely that you will see much reward from this diet.

What would we suggest as an alternative to the 8 Hour Diet?

Rather than fasting, I would instead suggest looking at eating a more healthy diet.

Cut back on the junk food and instead eat ‘whole’ foods, which are food that are minimally processed.

These are usually fruits and vegetables, so they are naturally low in calories, but are full of the nutrients your body needs for good health.

I would also recommend eating more protein and fibre-rich foods, as they will help to fill you up, as well as providing various other benefits.

To lose weight you should also look at what you drink too. I would suggest cutting back on soft drinks and other drinks with added sugars.

Instead opt for water as it is free of calories, but can help curb your appetite.

The 8 Hour Diet does not recommend intense exercise, with only 8 minutes allowed daily. Depending on the activity the time allowed maybe ok, but I would look to perform exercise as intensely as you can manage.

Finally, I would look at both your sleep patterns and stress levels, if you are not getting enough sleep or are stressed out then the hormones that control your appetite could be affected.

Getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night, while taking steps to eliminate stress will help.


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