Absolute Cleanse scam revealed

Absolute Cleanse scam revealed

There is one word that has caught the attention of dieters the world over in 2014, detoxing.

During a detox toxins and stored waste is removed resulting in almost instant weight loss, with many health improvements.

Of course detoxing naturally is an option, but many people are turning their attention towards supplements such as Absolute Cleanse.

Absolute Cleanse is a product that promises to help you feel better while looking great, but how does it work and is it as effective as claimed? Lets find out for ourselves shall we?

Absolute Cleanse claims

Absolute Cleanse makes the following claims on its website:

  • Helps flatulence and gas
  • Reduce bloating and pain
  • Eliminates bacteria build up
  • Helps with water retention

Before we comment on these claims it is important to see what this supplement contains.

Ingredients of Absolute Cleanse

It is good to see that Absolute Cleanse has shown an image of its ingredients along with their dosages on their website.

These ingredients include Cascara Segrada, Pysllium Husk, Cayenne, Fennel, Ginger Root, Magnesium Stearate and Silicone Dioxide.

Having looked at these ingredients the claimed benefits are to be expected.

Cost of Absolute Cleanse

The cost of Absolute Cleanse is what lets this product down.

As it is available on a 14 day trial you would not expect to be paying much, however although the initial 14 day period costs just £6.95 once the trial ends you will be charged a quite unbelievable £89.

Whats worse is that every month thereafter you will be sent another package along with a bill of £95.95, which is just ridiculous.

This will continue until your membership has been cancelled.

Is Absolute Cleanse a scam?

Although Absolute Cleanse have covered their payment terms in the T&Cs those who sign up for this trial are likely to feel aggrieved.

The cost for this product is too high and auto ship programs such as this should be avoided.

If you fail to read the terms and conditions before signing up you could end up significantly out of pocket.

Contact details for Absolute Cleanse

For cancellations you should ring 020 3014 9286 from the UK, US citizens should ring 1-877-291-6858

You can also cancel by sending an email to customerservice@absolute-cleanse.com

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Absolute Cleanse

A proven alternative to Absolute Cleanse is DetoxPlus, which you can buy online for £19.95 from the Evolution Slimming website.

This supplement also contains proven ingredients that can help with your detox, but at a considerably more affordable price and without ever having to sign up for an auto ship program.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

9 comments on "Absolute Cleanse scam revealed"
  1. i tried to canceal the product albsolute coffee cleasne and i spent a total of 40 mins with to different reps who refuse to let me speak to a supervisor. one rep even put the hold music on and returned stating am i calm now… i canceal the product on my 14th day of my trail and they are tell me that i cant get 100% of my refund back and also wanted to charge me a 9.99 cancelation fee… can you believe that. after the second call i still have not been able to speak to a supervisor by now im heated beyond control i will never order from them again and i am still in search of a supervisor to help with this issue…

  2. I have not lost one pound! Yesterday I see that I was charged the full amount because I did not cancel within 13 days..$78.85! I received the bottle a week after I ordered it! I ask about the 30 day money back guarantee and they tell me its only for every bottle after the first one! I am so disgusted by the way they reeled me in and were not even concerned that I had not seen a result at all. For all that are considering this product make sure you read all the terms and conditions.

    • You are lucky you were able to speak to a customer service rep (to both Monica’s). I have not been able to contact them by telephone and I have three different numbers. I do know they are not affiliated to company for garcinia cambogia. Their customer rep told me they did not sell Absolute Green Cleanse. This was a different company. I am going to stop trying to lose weight with all these stupid items on line. They never work and the time and money spent to cancel the product is time-consuming and expensive. DEFINITELY TO NOT BUY ABSOLUTE COFFEE CLEANSE!

  3. I have been using both the Absolute Gacinia and absolute Coffee Cleanse, religiously, since August 14, 2014 and yet to loose a pound. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

  4. I placed an order for rasberry ketone but after 20 minutes and reading the small print realised i had to get out of this account , called them up , cancelled my account and was assured i would not receive any charges or deliveries. Happy – until i check my bank account and have found out i have been charged – also for another delivery of which i declined at the time of ordering. I have now received one delivery called to ask for returns number and once again assured i will get a refund for it but not for the other delivery i declined as at the time of cancelling my account i did not ask for a refund – obviously this was not volunteered by the telesales person at the time and have now incured costs for shipping a delivery they will not ship as i cancelled the account.!!!! what a scam and they also now have my bank account details – lesson learned – go to your local high street and deal with an english person.

  5. Do not send me any more Absolute coffee Cleanse or Trim Garcinia Gold

  6. i send them an e mail to cancel my subscription on 12/ 13 and the still charged my card $89 on 12/15 i am so mad i got sick when i tried their product ..please help me what should i do to stop them from charging me i had no idea they will do this …

    • If you used a credit or debit card request that your card number be changed so that they can no longer charge your account. Also you can contact your back and claim the charge as fraud and the bank will refund your money and look into the fraudulent company. If you used your checking account number then you may have to request that it be changed as well so that you don’t get any further charges.

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