Subtle Things That Affect Your Appetite

Subtle Things That Affect Your Appetite

There are certain things in our lives that maybe affecting our appetite, but what are they?

Read on to find out some of the subtle things that affect your appetite.

#1: Table size matters

In a study it was shown that eating pizza on a larger table led to people perception being distorted, leading the people to believe that the pizza slices were bigger than they really were.

This led them to believe that they had eaten more than they really had.

Obviously this will be of benefit to anyone looking to lose weight, as eating fewer calories will aid your weight loss efforts.

#2: Sex matters

In another study it was shown that regardless of the sex, both male and female participants consumed more food when eating with women, but less food in the company of men.

#3: Breakfast is important

No doubt you have heard countless times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Healthy BreakfastWell, studies have shown this to be true. In particular for those looking to lose a few pounds.

In a study on two groups of overweight women, those who ate more at breakfast but less at dinner lost almost twice as much weight as the other group.

#4: Healthy food descriptions may not be best

In a study on children’s eating behaviours, it was shown that when foods were described as nutritious they were less appealing than foods described as tasty.

#5: The size of your waiter

Another study has shown that the size of the person serving you at restaurants can have an affect on your appetite.

The study showed that those who were served by a heavier waiter were more likely to order more food and alcohol. They were also 4x more likely to order dessert too.

#6: You can cheat

When dieting you may think that you have to be as strict as possible to succeed, but the truth is that the opposite is true.

Research has shown that those who allow themselves to cheat on their diet are more likely to lose weight.

The reason for this is that the occasional indulgence will keep you feeling happier about your diet.

An overly strict diet will only make you miserable and feeling as though you are missing out on all of the things you love doing.

Just remember that these are occasional indulgences, which should only be with moderation too.

Once they start becoming an everyday part of your life then chances are you are no longer dieting.

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