9 Benefits that occur After Weight Loss

9 Benefits that occur After Weight Loss

We all know that losing weight has various benefits, for instance just a 10% drop in body weight could improve your overall health and help to reduce your risk of developing serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

These are not the only benefits that occur after weight loss though, read on to see what else you could benefit from.

#1: Higher energy levels

As those pounds start to drop off you will start to feel more energised.

Not only down to less weight being carried, but also because your oxygen efficiency will improve. Meaning you wont find yourself out of breath as easily while climbing the stairs.

#2: Better memory

As you lose weight your brain will become more active.

A 2013 study revealed that older women who lost weight scored better than before they lost the weight.

#3: Risk of cancer is lowered

There have been numerous reports claiming that excess weight can raise the risk of developing cancer.

This is because being overweight increases inflammation within your body that triggers changes within your cells.

By losing just 5% of your body weight you will be able to reduce this inflammation and therefore reduce the risk of developing cancer.

#4: Working out is more fun

When you are overweight your joints will ache when you move, which can make exercise painful.

As you begin to slim down though this aching will become less severe meaning you can start to enjoy exercise.

For most sports being slimmer is an advantage as it allows you to be faster and stronger, meaning you become better at it, which will again make it more enjoyable if you love to take part in sports.

#5: Less money spent on healthcare

If you are not in the UK then most likely you will have to pay for your healthcare, which can be expensive. Especially if you are overweight.

Unfortunately you will be more prone to various health conditions so you will likely have to visit the doctor more often.

#6: You could get a pay increase

A recent study has revealed that on-the-whole those who are overweight are paid less than those of a normal weight.

Perhaps it is the belief, rightly or wrongly that the obese are lazy and unable to fulfil the job to the same standard.

#7: You may not need your medication

If you already suffer from illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, slimming down may not entirely rid you of the conditions but it can certainly reduce their symptoms.

For instance you may not need to take as much blood pressure or cholesterol medication. Plus losing weight could help you to take back control of issues like asthma and heartburn.

#8: Better sleep

Those of us who are overweight may not sleep as well as they could, for instance they could snore or suffer from sleep apnea.

By losing weight you will be putting less pressure on your body so these issues may be less of a problem.

#9: Improved eyesight

Studies have shown that the higher your body fat percentage the lower your levels of the antioxidants lutien and zeaxinthin present in your body.

This means that your eyes are less healthy than those who are slimmer.

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