What is the Alcorexia Diet?

What is the Alcorexia Diet?

The Alcorexia or Drunkorexia Diet is one that has gained in popularity in 2013. It involves eating very few calories daily in an attempt to save them so that they can used to drink on the weekends.

This diet favoured by many of the worlds top models is said to be incredibly dangerous and could cause damage to your body due to a lack of vitamins and minerals.

What does the Alcorexia Diet involve?

The aim of this diet is to try to ‘bank’ as many as 1500 calories every day, which will allow you to drink 10,500 calories on the weekend.

This is the equivalent to:

  • 45 pints of lager (90 units of alcohol)
  • 201 shots of spirits (201 units of alcohol)
  • 52 alcopops (52 units of alcohol)
  • 26 glasses of red wine (131 units of alcohol)

Dangers of the Alcorexia Diet?

As the safe weekly alcohol unit intake is only 28 units for men and 21 units for women there is a real danger that drinking such excessive amounts could result in alcohol poisoning and even death.

You will certainly not be consuming enough vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

You will likely feel weak and tired with no energy if you choose to try the Alcorexia Diet.

If you value your health then please stay away from fad diets such as this one.

How to lose weight safely?

Although more traditional methods of weight loss such as diet and exercise are harder and the results are slower there is no point risking your overall health using fad diets like the Alcorexia Diet.

Cut back on the junk food and takeaways, instead try to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

You should also increase the amount of lean protein and water you consume.

Protein is important for weight loss as it is slow to digest so will keep you full for longer. It will also help to keep your energy levels from falling too low.

Water is important for flushing away those toxins that prevent weight loss, plus it can also help to keep those pesky cravings at bay.

The final tip is to exercise more than you do currently. Twenty minutes 3-4 times a week should be ample.

You don’t even need an expensive gym membership to get a good workout as there are many you can do at home.

Forget fad diets like the Alcorexia Diet, a healthy lifestyle is safer and will ensure you keep the weight off long term.

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