What is Aloe Ferox Cleanse and is it a scam?

What is Aloe Ferox Cleanse and is it a scam?

Having come across an advertorial for Aloe Ferox Cleanse featuring Christina Aguilera amongst others I was intrigued by the claimed benefits of this supplement.

Unfortunately despite the claims to help “flush the pounds” and “detox naturally” there are a growing number of complaints I found that state that this supplement is a scam. Could it be due to the fact it is available as a trial, which no doubt leads onto an auto ship program?

Claimed benefits of Aloe Ferox Cleanse

The following claims have been made on the Aloe Ferox Cleanse website:

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Burn off excess weight
  • Cleanse and detoxify your body
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce cellulite

Now, these claims seem impressive, however before we can verify the accuracy of them we would need to look at the ingredients found in this supplement.

Only then will be able to verify how accurate they are.

Ingredients found in Aloe Ferox Cleanse

Aloe Ferox Cleanse is said to contain all-natural quality ingredients including Aloe Ferox, Psyllium Husk (although it is miss-spelled Juisk on the website), Senna Leaf, White Oak Bark and Blue Vervain Leaf.

Should the supplement contain enough of these ingredients then using this product could indeed help to detoxify your body.

Unfortunately there is no mention of the dosages used, nor is there any mention of any fillers or additional ingredients.

Therefore it is impossible to verify the claimed benefits of Aloe Ferox Cleanse.

Cost of Aloe Ferox Cleanse

The biggest issue with Aloe Ferox Cleanse is its cost, as although the initial cost is low (just £7.95 p&p), this only covers the initial 14 day trial period.

After reading the terms and conditions I discovered that if you fail to cancel your trial within the 14 days of initial sign up your account will be charged £79.95, with further monthly packages and payments to be expected.

Aloe Ferox Cleanse operates as an auto ship program, therefore signing up for this trial also allows the company behind this company to continue with the monthly payments until you cancel your account, which is often difficult to achieve based on feedback from others who have signed up for similar schemes.

Is Aloe Ferox Cleanse a scam?

There is little doubt in my mind that you are going to feel as though you have been scammed should you sign for this trial and are subsequently charged the full price.

Aloe Ferox Cleanse may not be doing anything illegal, their payment terms are available to view on their website, however these types of offers know that no-one ever reads them so know they are going to make money.

In my opinion you should avoid this trial offer and look for an alternative.

Contact details for Aloe Ferox Cleanse

You can contact Aloe Ferox Cleanse either using the phone (0800 9098076) or by email (info@aloeveracleanse.com), at the time of writing there was no option to cancel your account online.

Please leave a comment below if you have been caught out by this trial offer.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Aloe Ferox Cleanse

A proven alternative to Aloe Ferox Cleanse is Detox Plus, which is available to buy online from Evolution Slimming.

This supplement contains ingredients that will help to detoxify your body, giving you the boost you need to start your weight loss journey.

It is available to buy for just £19.99, without ever having to sign up for an auto ship program, meaning you do not have to worry about getting any unsuspected charges being made to your bank account.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

54 comments on "What is Aloe Ferox Cleanse and is it a scam?"
  1. I called and cancelled after the free trial was given to me. I then realised I had £80 deducted from my account, called through to the “helpline” number above and was a called a liar by the team, was told I didn’t call them to cancel and there was no way I was getting my money back.

    The product is RUBBISH! DO NOT SIGN UP TO THIS!

    • hi i signed up for it will they do this to me .

    • Totally agree they are thieves,that is exactly what they did to me as well,my bank account was charge 79.99 even though it was cancelled a big scam.

      My bank account was charged even though the membership was cancelled 6 days after purchasing the product. I was told that my email to them for cancellation had not been received and then later, that they do not cancel memberships via email even though I had received a response email stating that Customer Service would contact me.
      This website should be shut down! I am going to contact Citizens Advice Bureau or a Watchdog of some kind and do my bit to help get these kind of scams stopped!
      Absolutely disgusting that they can do this!

        I HAVE BEEN SHOCKED TO SAY THE LEAST TO FIND £79.95 DEDUCTED FROM MY ACCOUNT which I DID NOT give them permission to do.
        I have e-mailed them and told them that I have informed the police and that I will be giving their details to the media.


        • Me too

        • Me too, luckily the bank is refunding me but how can we let everybody know these money grabbing shits are suing on our desire to loose weight. and we are all vulnerable and up to trying anything!

          • I too was subjected to this terrible daylight robbery. Wonder how they are still in operation. I never had the will to use the product after they had taken 79.85 from my account. Thus a big scum I can say .

    • I had the same. However, when I wesnt to my bank they knew this was a scam and reveresed the payment

      • did your bank manage to reverse the payment? Did they need anything from you to do this?
        I have written to trading standards but don’t know if it will help.

      • Hi Cheggs,
        Please can you tell me how you approached your bank? They got me too, and I desperately need the money back but have no idea where to start. When I read your message I had a tiny relief from the despair I’ve been feeling all morning after I called them asking why so much had been deducted from my account! Please help!
        Thank you so much

        • Total scam this happened to me the tock £159.98 from my account went to my back they got my back and put an alert on my account so they could not get any more money , sent their product back which arrived after 10 days went to Holland and Barrett got no results lesson learnt , pass it on

    • This is a legal scam and it’s all in the small print of the T & C’s. I did what you all have done and just checked my account and I’ve had £79.95 taken out twice for both the Aloe Ferox and the super Katone +.

      I rang my bank and put an immediate stop on any further payments being sent, they very kindly gave me the company’s ‘customer support line’ which is a call centre. I spoke to Roger and he put a stop to any more payments or products being sent to me and as a good will gesture as I was honest enough to tell him I hadn’t read the T & C’s he credited 50% back to my card as I was on the phone, the number I rand is 0800 954 0734.

      I was relieved to get back half the money, but a cheap lesson learnt, go to Hollond & Barret in future.

      Good luck!!!!

  2. this is an absolute joke of a product/website!! Does it feel good taking peoples hard earned money? My bank is on to this already! This should be reported to trading standards! Fluffing scammers!!

    • Hiya

      Has your bank prevented any transactions being taken out? I was stupidly half asleep this morning and went for the PP only trail and as soon as i did it i realised what id done and tried to cancel by phoning them – she said i had but i havent had an email to confirm my cancellation so am worried! Will speak with Santander at lunch but sooo worried!

      I never fall for this kind of thing and i dont even need to lose weight – i just liked the cleansing part and increase in energy!! Grrrrr

      Please let me know. Also – what does it say when they take your money?

  3. Aloe FEROX cleanse is a scam.

  4. I was robbed by £159.90 as I bought super keystone plus as well which is the same company they make you think it’s a free trial, they charge shipping costs of 4.95 and 9.95. They are nothing special did nothing for me. I was really shocked when I saw my bank statement, I only get that to live on for two weeks, I rang them but they said they were sorry but there was nothing they could do. I just don’t know what else I can do to warn people not to buy off them.

  5. Scam steals people money don’t even go there

  6. After reading these reviews I have rang to cancel immediately. I advised them I was recording the call. They told me that unless I returned the bottles sent for the 14 day trial, then I would be charged fully for them regardless of cancelling. This apparently is because the free ‘trial’ is not to sample the product free of charge but to have 14 days to see how it works before you get your full subscription. If you don’t return the bottles with a tracking number, they advised me regardless of cancelling within the 14 day period, I would be charged £79 for each bottle. I have read the terms and conditions and it does not make this clear and in deed this company is a scam. If I hadn’t told him I was recording the conversation I doubt I would of been told the full facts. I have in receipt of 2 emails confirming cancellation of the 14 day trial subject to returning the bottles to them. Needless to say, hey are being recorded delivery today. Also just to note you have to phone and get a return code for each bottle from them and write this on the front of the envelope. Scam selling at its best!

    • We all seriously need to come together and put these ppl to Shame and let our voices be heard.

    • Did they arrive? Mine never even arrived so I could not cancel. Tell your bank to cancel the payments.

    • Hi I have been charged the same but I haven’t even received anything apart from the first 14 day free trial bottles so I have nothing to send back.

  7. Denise 17 October 2014 These People Need to be Put to Shame!!!!

    SCAMS!!! These ppl know what they are doing? I bought the products Aloe Ferox Cleanse and Superketone. Only to find out these ppl are a big SCAM!!! Fortunately I did not use any of the products and I return all bottles after they charge my account twice. Only realise what was going on when they deliver there second package. I am left in so much debts because of these Cruel Heartless Ppl. They took £300+ from my account leaving me and my kids to suffer to make end meet as I’m on benefits and a single Mother. I NEED HELP AND ADVISE. Sign up on the second of September took couple days for the product to arrive and they charge my account on the 12 September. Can that in anyway explain a 14day trial. Those Ppl are heartless.

    • Should of said you lost your bank card because they could of not been able to charge you after all the numbers on the card would be different on your new one

  8. I too have been scammed by this offer – I cant believe how awful it feels – I never go for this sort of thing usually (I realise everyone is saying this) – it stinks……

  9. Total scam

    I rang to cancel on the 14th day and they said it was too late.

    This is at best unethical.

    ‘free trial’ indeed.

  10. I too have been had by this. I read on the blurb that this company is not like others and this is a genuine free trial. No answer to my emails. My bank account has gone into overdraft because of this. I don’t know how to stop payments as they have card details. Surely Trading Standards can do something if so many people have had this happen to them. Worth a try

  11. Only way I have been able to cancel payments of 79.95 is to report my card as lost to my bank so everything was cancelled no charges thereafter. Although never been able to recieve any payment back.

  12. This is an asboloute SCAM! Theyve deducted (stolen) money from my account and i havent even ordered anything! Now the are refusing to give it back, even though i havent ordered a thing! they are just thieves! DO NOT ORDER from this COMPANY! i am seeking legal advice as they have taken £160 out of my account for something i didnt even know about! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

  13. I have been scammed. I am so distraught it Christmas the 16th December. I now cannot afford to buy a Christmas tree or gifts for my 2 year old. I feel devastated

  14. I agree – a total scam – will try the bank and see if they can do anything – the products don’t even work and the call centre is not in the UK – on the Continent.
    Only by chance did I ask my bank for a statement and then the shock as I could not understand why such payments were shown – if its supposed to be a trial I would have thought one would go to the end of the bottle to see if it worked later in the programme.
    I will be contacting Trading Standards – maybe if we all do they may be stopped.

  15. I’ve been scammed too! I can’t believe I actually fell for it – I’m usually so cautious! I haven’t even opened the bottles and I have no address to return them to. I never received any emails to confirm my order and I can’t find the website I ordered from as it was a Facebook Ad. My bank were able to give me contact telephone numbers for the companies but guess what – both numbers are not recognised (one being the number above!) I haven’t been able to get back the £159.98 back but the bank has sent a message to the company to tell them not to take any further payments from my account and if they do the bank will refund me. At least I know they can’t fleece me any further but am really angry that I can’t get my money back. One company I did manage to get hold of say that they have no record of me on their system – so either they’re lying or there’s more than one company out there doing this. If you do ever want to order something on a free trial etc use your credit card, not your debit card as you’re insured for things like this on a credit card. Oh well ladies – education is expensive! I’m sure none of us will ever fall for crap like this again!

  16. Just phone your bank and tell them the facts , i.e. that you were led to believe it was a free trial , and have no way to cancel . If they won`t then help cancel your card , Nationwide were fine with me over the phone and cancelled subsequent attempts to extract money from me by these thieves.

    Shocking that people can be so mean and heartless. Human nature knows no depths.

  17. All of these quick weight loss trials are scams. Before ever trying one again just google it with the word scam added and hey presto! you will land on a page like this. Try getting your money back by calling them again, immediately telling them you are recording the conversation (for your YouTube consumer channel if they should ask) and I suspect you will quickly be put through to a supervisor who will refund your money. And remember folks, the way to successfully lose weight is to eat less food and do more exercise. End of.

  18. I haven’t had any money taken out (yet) but I emailed them asking them to cancel and to NOT debit my account, I received an email back saying that a member of their team would be in contact within 48 hours… That was 5 days ago and I’ve heard nothing back, I assumed due to the weekend, they’d be in contact today but I’ve had nothing back, so I’ve emailed them again… I’m panicking now as I’m sure after reading everyone’s comments that they’ll take the money but I can’t afford for them to! The first email was sent during the 14 day free trial but now Its past that! I don’t want to phone them in case they charge the earth for the phone call! Please help!

    • The only way to cancel it is to call there help line which they will try and persuade you to not cancel and give you deals etc, you need to be persistant and make sure they cancel it while you are on the line with them. Also contact your bank and tell them its a scam and tell them not to allow them to take money out of your bank account x

  19. Scam scam scam I did it yes I thought I’d be clever use 14 days supply, return remaining contents cancel direct debit but they still got me! Bank intervened, ended up changing account several times. Real pain in the aarrssee. … Go to Holland and Barrett at least you know what your getting and staff are brill.

    • I too have been scammed by this company
      Took 79.95 out my account and the bank can’t reverse the charge. There customer service are disgustingly rude and unhelpful! I have emailed nutra labs and aloe ferox cleanse. Something needs to be done about this company
      Scam scam scam

  20. My partner ordered this and suddenly realised afterwards. I rang today to cancel it for him as the products arrived today. The bloke said to ring back on the 9th April as thats when they can cancel it, I am a bit dubious about it though however my partner did cancel his card n will be changing bank account over, have also contacted the retail disputes team at his bank. Hopefully no more payments will be taken other than the delivery charges.

  21. I Agree with the rest who have been ripped off by this offer which I received from Nutra Labs Ltd. 207 Regent street, London. I also ordered the samples offered and cancelled the order as per required. I assumed that that would be the end of it, until I received a second batch of tablets for which I was charged almost 80 Pounds. This is a total scam, a money making venture!!!

    DO NOT have anything to do with Aloe Ferox, Super Ketone or Nutra Labs Ltd.

  22. To everyone here that has been cheated and doesn’t know what to do about it- Ask your bank to print you a statement with all your bank withdrawals from the past year. It will say £80 has been taken by that company. Call them and if you can record your conversation. Say you have evidence from your bank. If they call you a liar or refuse to refund, go to court.

  23. If you’ve been scammed as I was follow these instructions. I bank with Lloyds who have been very helpful.

    Notify your bank immediately and report all the initial payments as disputed

    Don’t wait for RMA numbers. Send back the tablets to return address via recorded delivery and take photos of delivery notes as evidence.

    Email them and cancel subscription and instruct them to not take any further payments with immediate effect.

    Nb. Lloyds confirmed they are aware of these scams.

    I have today received emails from Nutra Labs to confirm cancellation.


    • Hi Chris,

      I am in the same boat as you! Bank with Lloyds who have put a block on any future payments.

      Called three times today to cancel, and being told to wait until the 14th day to receive an RMA number! Which I believed was to waive my rights to the cooling off period.

      Trading standards have given me this address:

      po box 7574, milton keynes, mk11 9gq

      Is this where you sent it to? It’s different to the one on the website.


    • took advice from chris cancelled card sent Email to them to cancell
      also spoke to customer service who gave me a number to send product back
      he also sent Email to it was all cancelled while i was still on phone
      will not be fooled again thanks chris


    • Hi chris done what you said today sent Email also phoned call centre
      they cancelled my account with them over the phone
      I also had Email to say it was cancelled while still on phone
      thanks John

  24. yes i was scammed too…i fortunately got a little of the money back…my advice….STEER CLEAR.

  25. I stupidly ordered these and will contact my bank. Along with scamming me I also got ill on these and they gave me bad diarrhoea. Total scumbags.

  26. Bought these thinking they would help with a detox period, and because it was a ‘trial’ – however when I received them and noticed it woukd be £79 a month I immediately called the company to cancel any further orders. I too was told to call back just before the 14 day period was up! On reading these comments I called my bank today to get them to stop any further payments – so it will give me great pleasure to inform the company of this when I call again in a couple of weeks!! Lesson learnt and I’m usually really careful!!

  27. Just found out £79.95 has been taken from my account. What utter bastards!

  28. Within a day I called up and tried to cancel the whole thing, i.e not wanting to recieve the products at all. They had already been dispatched so i couldnt do anything. The helpline is American. I said i didn’t want the product and the person got angry saying i didnt even know if i liked it so why am i calling to cancel the monthly subscribtion etc. Tried to offer me better prices and deals and I had none of it. If you email they will just tell you to call the helpline. I have my free 2 bottles but will never re order. Too much hassle. I feel sorry for those who didn’t read the small print. I only read it after ordering free trial. The product may be good, i dont know, but its not worth the hassle of having to call and cancel a subscribtion you didnt know you had.

  29. I feel I must comment about this product. We have been making organic herbal colon cleanses for the last 15 years, and feel we know about the herbs that are good for cleansing the colon and intestinal tract. There is no herbal cleansers that can make you lose weight and if clever advertising has deceived you I am so sorry. So often people set themselves up with a get rich quick idea and pray on others that are looking for that “quick fix”.

    If you are serious about losing weight and want to focus on your health and wellbeing, please don’t believe you can do this solely with a herbal colon cleanse. Herbal colon cleansing is beneficial to you if you are making it part of your ongoing health plan. Aloe Ferox is a laxative, antioxidant, antiviral and an immunostimulant. There is no magic in this herb. Psyllium is a fiber that will also make you go to the loo, and does so successfully. Both are good laxatives to use if you have constipation.

    You may lose a pound or two due to the laxative effect. Companies that manufacture tablets and make people believe there product pill is a magic bullet need to seriously consider the wellbeing of their customers and not just their bank balance.

    Always, always buy organic certified herbs if you are choosing a colon cleanse. Always look to see what other ingredients are combined with them. There are lots of detoxifying cleansers out there so make sure you buy from a company that has integrity and also supplies all the information you need, free, before you buy, and most importantly has a customer support line so you can actually get an email response back within minutes, or call them direct. Hope this helps.

  30. PS – Ferox has been in use for many centuries as a natural laxative. You can buy 1kg of Aloe Ferox Powder for around $40.00 and you can buy 1kg Psyllium Husk Powder for around $27.00.

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