12 Tips to Appear Slimmer Without Weight Loss (For Men)

12 Tips to Appear Slimmer Without Weight Loss (For Men)

It is certainly possible to appear slimmer without actually having to lose weight.

This article will look at a few tips our male readers can use to appear much thinner without having to diet or spend extra time in the gym burning off calories and fat.

1. If you choose to wear an interesting shirt and tie then you will draw more attention to your face, rather than your body.

2. To appear slimmer you should aim to wear clothes that feature vertical lines. This tip will also work for our lady readers too.

3. By choosing darker coloured clothing you could appear much slimmer than you are. Darker colours will minimise, while lighter colours will provide emphasis.

4. When choosing suits opt for single-breasted jackets, with a solid colour or subtle stripes that are not too wide apart.

5. Opt for plain trousers, definitely no pleats and avoid carrying anything in your pockets if you have a larger than normal bottom.

6. Avoid busy patterns when choosing clothing as this will make you appear larger.

7. You should avoid bow ties, instead opt for a longer tie. As this will make you appear slimmer.

8. For shirts, choose those with a narrow spread, straight points or a button-down collar. You should try to avoid shirts that have a wide-spread collar.

9. Sweaters or jumpers can also help hide your waistline, but again opt for vertical lines. You should also choose light or medium-weight varieties too.

10. Avoid contrasting clothes, for example do not opt for a light top and dark bottoms, or vice-versa.

11. Watch out for darker belts with light clothing as this will draw attention to your waistline.

12. Finally, try not to appear messy. So tuck in those shirts, and do your hair.

Final words of advice

While the above tips will give you a few tools to help you appear slimmer, for your own health if you are overweight then you should think about taking steps to lose a few pounds.

It may not be as difficult as you may think.

Just making a few changes to your diet, for example cutting back on junk food and soft drinks can make a huge difference.

Surely your long-term health will be worth this extra effort.


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