10 Weight Loss Tips Approved by Nutritionists

10 Weight Loss Tips Approved by Nutritionists

It is possible to lose weight without having to follow a special diet or having to resort to buying specialist foods.

These weight loss tips approved by nutritionists will give you the tools needed to take back control of your weight and ensure you start losing those pesky unwanted pounds.

#1: No need to go gluten-free

Unless you have been tested and have been proven to have a food allergy then there is no reason why you need to resort to buying these new fad gluten-free or similar foods.

For a start these foods are much more expensive, but reducing your food choices will leave your diet boring.

Before long you will start craving more exciting foods so will eventually fall off the wagon, so to speak.

A better option would be to cut back on junk foods and processed foods.

#2: Watch out for artificial sweeteners

While sugar is a bad thing, artificial sweeteners are not the answer.

They may contain fewer calories but research has shown that they actually make you crave sugary foods, this is because they are sweet so your body expects energy, which it does not contain.

You may save calories to start but will consume more thanks to the extra cravings.

#3: Avoid dried fruits

Fruit is good for you, yes? But dried fruit is best avoided if weight loss is your goal.

The reason for this is that dried fruit unsurprisingly has no water content, instead all you are left with is concentrated sugar.

So instead of the water you are consuming sweets essentially.

#4: Cut out those snacks between meals

This is a pretty obvious tip, as obviously if you are snacking between meals you are consuming more calories than you should.

Sometimes these hunger cravings are actually thirst, so make sure to have a bottle of water to hand.

If you often feel hungry between meals then you need to look at what you are eating during these meals. There could be an issue that is causing these cravings, perhaps the choice of foods for example.

Fresh fruit or nuts are the best option if you really cannot resist your cravings, most certainly you should not be reaching for the chocolate bar, biscuits or crisp packet.

#5: Try to limit alcohol consumption

For some of us this is a something we rely on for fun at the weekend, or to help us relax in he evening.

Unfortunately, most alcoholic beverages are full of sugars and therefore calories.

I would certainly recommend cutting alcohol entirely, or at the very least trying to limit it to just one or two meals per week, and only then during the meal itself.

#6: Watch your carb intake

There are certain diets that will claim that you should cut carbs entirely, but I would not recommend this.

Your body needs carbs, it is essential for energy for a start.

Instead I would recommend that you instead watch your carb intake, or rather watch what types of carbs you consume.

NutritionistIt is probably best to avoid carbs made from white flour, as this is highly processed so has high amounts of sugar and very little nutritional value.

Instead opt for wholegrain carbs such as:

  • Brown rice
  • Quinoa
  • Starchy vegetables; sweet potato, peas and sweetcorn for example

#7: Cut portion sizes

Is it a coincidence that as portion sizes have increased obesity levels have increased too? I think not.

Even if you are eating healthier you should still look at how much you are eating. Remember even healthy foods contain calories.

You don’t need to finish your meals if you are full either, if you have leftovers then freeze them for another time, you don’t have to overeat just because you don’t want to waste food.

Here are some portion rules to abide by:

  • Protein should be palm sized or around the size of a pack of cards
  • Carbs should be the size of a tennis ball
  • Fats should be matchbox size

#8: Choose leafy greens

When choosing vegetables leafy greens like kale and spinach are best. They are full of nutrients and do not contain too many calories.

Starchy vegetables like carrots, parsnips, peas and sweetcorn should be limited. They taste sweet, so contain sugar that you should try to avoid consuming too much of.

#9: Avoid sweets entirely

You may think there is no harm having the occasional sweet, but they contain way too many calories and can have a huge impact on your blood sugar levels.

Like we mentioned above, if you are peckish between meals then opt for fresh fruit or a handful of nuts.

#10: Forget about any mistakes

No one is expecting you to be perfect all the time, and the occasional indulgence is to be expected.

If it does happen then you cannot dwell on it, otherwise you will end up quitting your efforts entirely.

Simply forget about any mistakes and move on, you have plenty of opportunities to make up for an occasional slip.

Just try to make sure these mistakes don’t happen too often.



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