Are you a Diet Bore?

Are you a Diet Bore?

Of course it is good that you want to lose a little weight, not only to boost your confidence but to also improve your overall health. However, some may not see it that way.

Some of your friends and family may not be as supportive as others, and may belittle your efforts, which can ultimately lead to you quitting your efforts.

It is easy to say that you should just ignore them, but the reality is that this may be impossible.

Perhaps you could try another method. Perhaps try to avoid being a diet bore when you are around these “negative nellies”.

So do you do any of these things that only a diet bore would do?

#1: You over-read those labels

We all know the importance of reading those food labels, how else will you know what they contain?

However if you are spending hours in the supermarket reading these labels then chances are someone will have something negative to say.

Sometimes you don’t need to know the exact number of calories that yoghurt contains.

#2: You overshare

If you are trying to lose weight then it can be tempting to try and involve everyone else in your journey too.

While some will be happy to oblige, some certainly wont.

Perhaps keep your calorie intake, syns and points to yourself until you can gauge whether they are going to be supportive of your efforts.

#3: You preach

It is easy to do, especially when you can see someone is not living the healthy lifestyle that you now adhere to.

Unfortunately that is their problem, and the likelihood is that you wont want to be preached to about their bad habits.

No doubt at one time or another someone had the exact same conversation with you, and I bet you were not impressed either. Even if their heart was in the right place.

#4: You obsess

A healthy lifestyle is something to be proud of, but when it turns into an obsession then it not only stop being fun for you, but also for those around you.

Do any of your friends roll their eyes when you start talking about your weight loss? If so there may be a reason why.

#5: You always say “no

Whether it is a meal with family or a night out drinking you are too scared to accept the invitation in case you are tempted by any of your previous bad habits.

Now let me tell you something, if you are not having fun then you are not going to stick to your healthy lifestyle choices.

We all need to let our hair down occasionally, plus there are plenty of healthier things on the menu.

#6: You smell

Do you find that since starting your new diet that people are starting to avoid you? It may not even because you are a bit of a diet bore. Perhaps there is another reason.

There are certain diets that can cause you to smell, for example the Atkins Diet, which causes bad breath, or the Cabbage Soup Diet that can cause flatulence.

Truth is that to lose weight you do not need to undergo diets like this. Just eating a little healthier and getting regular exercise could ensure you start seeing some good results.

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