Are your friends making you fat?

Are your friends making you fat?

We all love to spend time with our friends, unfortunately when we eat with them we all tend to be led astray from our diets back onto the junk food.

Research has shown that eating with friends causes you to eat as much as 35% more than if you were to eat alone.

No one is saying that you can’t have friends, as when you both have the same goals to weight less you can both support each other, what I am saying is that you cannot let them ruin your weight loss efforts.

The following tips will help:

Tip #1 – Get some cardio

If you are feeling depressed then it is easy to just call the girls round to chat about your problems while eating ice-cream, and while that does sound nice if your aim is to lose weight you need to find another way to get over your depression.

For instance you may want to try a cardio workout for example, as exercise can help release similar feel good hormones as eating chocolate.

Tip #2 – Cut back on the drinking

After a hard days work in the office you will often be invited out for after work drinks, but a couple of drinks turns into a couple more along with some fast food and then your diet is ruined.

Rather than go out every night maybe you could choose one night a week that you can go out. Just watch what you are drinking, some drinks contain very few calories (vodka for example) and certainly avoid those kebabs.

Tip #3 – Visit your friends between meals

There are certain friends in your life who are able to eat whatever they want without gaining a pound, unfortunately you are not one of them.

For this reason would it not make sense to arrange to meet this friend in between your mealtimes, rather than try to compete with her.

You may even find that one or two of your friends may not want you to lose weight and may invite you to all these meals to stop you achieving your goal.

Tip #4 – Be honest with your friends

If you want to lose weight but your friends keep inviting you to eat out, or keep buying you those unhealthy treats you used to love perhaps it is time that you told them.

You don’t have to be mean, but if you want to achieve your goal wouldn’t it be better that you were honest with them?

Tip #5 – Eat before your go out

Sometimes it is inevitable that you will have to go for a meal. To avoid filling up on all those calorie rich foods maybe you could eat a healthy meal before you go out.

This way you can have a smaller meal while out, so you can spend time with your friends without ruining your diet.

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