8 Things to Do if you Aren’t Losing Weight

8 Things to Do if you Aren’t Losing Weight

So you have decided to lose weight, perhaps for health reasons, or perhaps for an upcoming holiday.

Whatever the reason if you are not losing weight there are things that you will need to change.

Please read on to see if there is anything you are not currently doing that you could start to incorporate for better weight loss results.

#1: Watch your portion sizes

Even if you are not eating a bit healthier, if your portion sizes remain large then chances are you will not experience the weight loss you may expect.

Yes, even healthy foods contain calories so as well as cutting out junk you will need to watch your portion sizes too.

#2: Make sure you are drinking enough water

By drinking more water you will ensure your kidneys are working as they should, which will help to metabolise more fat.

Also, sometimes you will encounter what you believe to be hunger cravings when the reality is that your body is desperate for water.

By drinking water more often you will encounter fewer cravings like this.

Finally, if you drink water prior to a meal you can cut your calorie intake during the meal too.

#3: Change your exercise regime

Diet and exercise is recommended for weight loss, but if you stick to the same exercise regime every time you visit the gym then your body will get used to it and you will stop seeing the same results.

Every so often you should try to change your routine. Perhaps add some weight training into the mix for example, as building muscle will help boost your metabolism.

A faster metabolism will help you to burn more calories and fat.

#4: Eat a balanced diet

Nowadays there are various diets that claim that you should cut out certain food groups, for example fats and carbs.

While these may encourage weight loss they may not be the best for your overall health.

The truth is that your body requires various nutrients, including fats.

You should try to eat a balanced diet, but rather than eating bad fats or processed carbs opt for healthy versions instead.

#5: Eat mindfully

This tip simply means that you should think about what you are eating and why you chose that particular food.

Are there any potential ‘triggers’ that cause you to make bad food choices?

You should keep a diary of what you eat, and also why you chose that particular food. You can then look over this diary to see if there is anyway for you to correct these triggers.

#6: Try to eat a little slower

It has been shown that those who tend to rush their meals eat more than those who take their time.

Your brain takes 20 minutes to receive the signal sent from your stomach that you are full, during which time those who have rushed their meal could have consumed their meal, plus a second helping too.

To slow down the rate you eat your meal you could try the following tips:

  • Chewing thoroughly
  • Putting your cutlery down between bites
  • Having a drink of water between bites

#7: Don’t eat out so often

If you tend to eat out often, or choose a takeaway rather than a home-cooked meal then chances are you are going to gain weight.

You have almost zero control over what is put into these meals. So could be consuming many more calories than you would expect or need.

Of course allow yourself the occasional treat, or night out, but if it exceeds once or twice a week then you are in trouble.

#8: Look at your stress levels

Nowadays we lead busier and more stressful lives, which can put you at risk of weight gain.

This is because stress can cause your body, or rather your adrenal gland to release cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone.

The problem with this hormone is that it encourages fat storage around your waste, as well as stimulates hunger cravings.

To reduce stress you could try deep breathing exercises, or an activity like yoga. Even a relaxing bath could do wonders for your stress levels.

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