AspireAssist for Weight Loss?

AspireAssist for Weight Loss?

Centuries ago the Romans would have a room set aside specifically for them to be sick in following a feast so that they were able to eat a few more delicacies.

Now it seems that an American company has come up with their own take on this method that promises to help with your own weight loss efforts.

The AspireAssist is a new product due to be released here in the UK in September that is essentially a pump that will enable you to eat as much as you would like, before then pumping it back out of you.

Following a 20-minute procedure to fit the tube and valve to your stomach this pump is then claimed to produce dramatic results, however there are those who are more worried about this method of weight loss.

AspireAssist and bulimia

This product is causing some controversy with some saying that it is legitimising and medicalising bulimia, the condition that causes a person to make themselves sick after eating.

If you are overweight then you really should try to do something to change, however this product is certainly not going to get our seal of approval.

Binge eating and then thinking that bringing the food back up is a healthy way to lose weight then you are mistaken.

If I were you I would look to see what is causing you to binge eat in the first place. There could possibly be a psychological issue causing this to occur.

Next you will need to adopt a healthier lifestyle if you are serious about losing weight, therefore you should eat in moderation, while getting regular exercise.

AspireAssist might be causing a lot of headlines but if you are concerned about your weight then there are much better ways of achieving your weight loss goals.

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