10 Autumn Foods for Weight Loss

10 Autumn Foods for Weight Loss

Summer is now over, and with winter fast approaching you maybe looking to lose a few pounds.

Now what you eat has a big impact on your weight, so here are some autumn foods for weight loss that you must try.

#1: Pomegranates

Our first food choice is pomegranates, which are a good source of fibre.

Fibre-rich foods are perfect for anyone on a diet as they help to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

#2: Pears

Pears are also a good source of fibre.

As well as their ability to aid satiety, fibre can also prevent bloating so can give the illusion of weight loss, plus can help improve your digestion too.

#3: Cranberries

Cranberries contain ursolic acid, which is a substance that has been shown to help burn fat.

#4: Spaghetti Squash

This is low in calories, while also containing a large amount of antioxidants.

Spaghettis squash is the perfect alternative to high calorie pasta and noodles.

#5: Apples

Apples are a good source of a fibre called pectin, which has been shown to be incredibly filling.

#6: Sage

Sage is a herb that is commonly added to autumn recipes.

It can help calm and soothe, while also help aid your digestion.

#7: Pumpkin

Pumpkin for Weight LossThe next time you carve a pumpkin for halloween, instead of throwing away the insides, make use of its fibre content instead.

There are plenty of recipes to be found online that can be of benefit to you.

#8: Cinnamon

This spice is common around autumn time, but it also offers numerous weight loss benefits.

Firstly, it can help curb your appetite and burn fat. It can also help regulate blood sugar levels and can boost your metabolism too.

#9: Brussels Sprouts

These are full of nutrients, including fibre and protein. The fibre we have already discussed, but the protein is also filling and can help release energy slowly throughout the day.

This is important as when energy is released too quickly you will only end up craving an energy source once it is used up.

#10: Sweet Potato

As well as its fibre content, sweet potato has also been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels, which will help you to fight cravings.



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