8 Tips to Avoid Christmas Holiday Weight Gain

8 Tips to Avoid Christmas Holiday Weight Gain

Christmas is only a few sleeps away and no doubt you are looking forward to the festivities.

No doubt you have friends and family gatherings to attend, which will be full of fun and laughter, but also plenty of high calorie snacks that if you are not careful will cause incredible amounts of weight to be gained.

Of course we want you to have fun, but you don’t want to be worrying in February that you are still struggling to lose those pounds you gained over Christmas.

So what can you do? Here are some tips to help you avoid Christmas holiday weight gain.

#1: Don’t skip meals

You would think that skipping meals would be a great way to save those valuable calories, but you would be wrong.

What will happen is that you will be so hungry that by the time you get to your mealtime you are too hungry and will likely overindulge.

This can be particularly bad if the food that is being served is high in calories.

#2: Use a smaller plate

Using a smaller plate will psychologically make you think that you are eating more than you really are.

This will ensure you are satisfied with your meal, but are not overindulging unnecessarily.

#3: Bring your own dessert

Desserts are usually full of calories, so if you are trying to prevent too much weight gain this Christmas then bringing a lower calorie alternative makes sense.

#4: Eat your calories, not drink them

It can be tempting to go wild with the soft drinks and alcohol at Christmas, but these are full of calories that wont satisfy you.

Christmas Holiday Weight GainA better option would be to allow yourself to indulge in a food rather than a drink. At least the food will fill you up.

#5: Drink some water

Drinking water is great way to curb your appetite. It is also completely free of calories, so wont cause weight gain.

#6: Burn some calories

It can be tempting to slump in front of the TV after your Christmas dinner, but perhaps a better option would get up and about.

If you have children, take them out and enjoy their new presents.

At the Christmas party if there is space to dance then make sure you do. Not only is it fun but you will be burning some of those calories too.

#7: Fill half your plate with vegetables

Vegetables are naturally low in calories, are full of nutrients and are filling so it makes sense to fill your plate with them.

#8: Eat only if you are hungry

This may seem boring, but if you are not hungry then why are you eating?

If it is simply because you are bored then stop. Perhaps find something more exciting to do. You don’t have to eat just because there is food around.

Sometimes it is better just to indulge when you are hungry rather than just because there is nothing else to do.


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