8 Methods to Help Avoid Exercise Burnout

8 Methods to Help Avoid Exercise Burnout

If your aim is to lose a few pounds while also giving your overall health a boost then both diet and exercise is important.

So, you start eating right and working out intensely but after a while you find that you feel tired all the time and struggle to find the inspiration to workout.

What has happened is that you have encountered exercise burnout, so what can you do about it?

Luckily for you there are a few tips below that you should try to help you avoid exercise burnout in the future.

#1: Look for the signs of exercise burnout

The first step to avoid exercise burnout is to recognise when you are starting to suffer from it.

If you find that you are tired and lethargic post-workout instead of energised then this could be a sign.

Also, if you are suffering from constant pain then this is another sign that you ought to ease off on the exercise for a bit.

#2: Take it slow

It is easy to be too motivated when you first start to exercise.

The problem is this can lead to you working out with too much intensity than your body can cope with, leading to injury and burnout.

Of course you do need to put in effort and should try to push yourself that little bit harder each workout session but you also need to realise that your body can only do so much to begin.

Know your limits and give your body chance to adjust to your new regime.

#3: How is your body reacting?

This is similar to the first tip, but it is worth repeating.

While you exercise do you find that you are struggling on certain exercises? Perhaps unable to do what you did the previous week for example.

Also, if you recovery times seem to be getting longer, perhaps a little break is to order.

#4: Try experimenting with different workouts

Not only is doing the same workout every session boring, it can also lead to muscle fatigue and eventually exercise burnout.

To avoid this happening try mixing up your workouts now and then.

Doing so will not only help give your muscles time to recover and heal, but you will also make your workouts more fun. You will also see better results from your workouts too, as your body will be guessing what workout is next.

#5: Workout at different times

As with the types of exercise you do, the time you exercise should also be varied.

For example, if you have performed an intense workout session, perhaps you need to give yourself extra time between workouts.

#6: Stretch

StretchingTo avoid injury and to reduce post-workout recovery times you should spend a minute or two both before and after you workout ensuring you warmup and stretch thoroughly.

#7: Get adequate rest

It is important that you get adequate rest to recover from your workout.

You should aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. This will help your body recover and also has its own weight loss benefits too.

A lack of sleep can affect the hormones that control your appetite, leading to food cravings.

#8: Workout with friends

For some working out alone is a dream, but for others a nightmare.

If it is a nightmare for you then perhaps working out with a friend or a family member will be the solution.

You can both encourage each other and ensure you do not push yourself too hard.


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