6 Ways to Avoid Hunger while on Weight Watchers

6 Ways to Avoid Hunger while on Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is incredibly popular with thousands of people Worldwide attempting to achieve their goal weight with the program.

Unfortunately, even if you are an experienced member there will be times whereby you have not planned your day correctly so have ended up feeling hungry and desperate for a snack.

When this occurs chances are you will give into your temptations to snack, which will ultimately means that you have gone over your point allowance, leaving you feel guilty about it.

The following are a few tips to help you to avoid hunger while on Weight Watchers.

#1: Spread out your Weekly Smart Points

It may seem like a good idea at the time to ‘save’ a few of your Smart Points for a night out or a little snack on the weekend, but this may leaving you feeling hungry.

Instead rethink your allowance. It maybe a better idea to spread these points out more evenly so that you are more satisfied and less likely to want to snack.

#2: Share your points equally between meals

Similarly, if you are allowing more points to be used for certain meals this could leave you feeling unsatisfied.

If possible try to spread your points equally throughout the day, so that you are never too hungry or too full.

#3: Experiment with vegetables

As vegetables are a free food it makes sense that your meals should be made up the majority of them.

The problem arises if you get bored of eating vegetables. Either because you are eating the same ones, or perhaps preparing them the same way.

If you usually boil or steam your vegetables, perhaps try roasting them, for example. Or perhaps try to taste a few different variety of vegetable.

#4: Drink lots of water

Sometimes your body will mistake thirst for hunger, so it makes sense that instead of immediately reaching for a snack when you feel peckish that you instead have a sip of water first.

If the urge disappears then you know that you were feeling thirsty rather than hungry.

Drinking plenty of water is a good idea in general too, after-all it is free from calories and has been shown to cut the amount of calories you consume per meal (if consumed prior to eating).

This makes it an ideal replacement for your usual soft drink options.

#5: Make better choices

It maybe tempting to reach for a chocolate bar if you have a few points spare, but will they really satisfy your hunger?

A better option would be to choose a food with more protein, as it is slower to digest it will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, therefore cutting any future cravings.

Eating foods like chocolate that is full of sugar will not satisfy you for long as the sugar is quickly burned up, causing a blood sugar high. When this ultimately falls further cravings will be the result.

#6: Swap Fit Points

This should be a last resort but if you have saved up a few Fit Points then you could swap these to enable you to eat a little more.

I would not recommend doing this too often though, as weight loss will only occur if you are burning more calories than you consume.

Be careful of not only how often you do this, but also the food choices you opt for.

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