How to avoid the NutriBerry Slim scam?

How to avoid the NutriBerry Slim scam?

Since sales of Raspberry Ketone supplements exploded last year due to Dr Oz featuring its fat burning abilities there has been an increase in the number of auto-ship scams.

These scams involve you signing up for a trial period for a small payment to cover the postage.

However what many people have discovered to their cost is that once you give away your information you will be signed up for a scheme where you will be continuously sent the supplement monthly, with a hefty charge to go with it.

These auto-ship scams are often incredibly difficult to cancel, with many reports online that despite cancelling their membership are still being charged.

One supplement that uses auto-shipping is Nutriberry Slim, which has a growing number of complaints from people who feel that they have been scammed.

What are the claims made by Nutriberry Slim?

The claims made by Nutriberry Slim are typical of any Raspberry Ketone, they include:

  • The ability to burn stored fat
  • Lose those food cravings
  • Retain muscle mass

Nutriberry Slim ingredients

There is no mention of the amounts of its ingredients on the homepage of its website, however with a little search you will see that Nutriberry Slim contains 200 mg of both Acai Berry and Green Coffee and 100 mg of Raspberry Ketone.

This sounds promising as this dosages are the recommended daily amounts. So what is the problem with Nutriberry Slim?

Nutriberry Slim

Price of Nutriberry Slim?

When you look at the terms and conditions of Nutriberry Slim you will see why so many people feel like they are being scammed.

Once you sign up for the ‘trial’ you will be charged £4.95 (non-refundable), which will allow you 14 days to try the product.

What many people fail to realise is that signing up for this trial means you are also saying that you are willing to pay £84.99 every month for this product.

Now £84.99 is too much to pay for a supplement, even if it may prove to be effective.

How to avoid being scammed by these auto-ship programs?

The simple answer to this is not to sign up in the first place. These auto-ship programs are enticing as they seem to be offering you the opportunity to try a product for a small amount of money.

In reality 14 days is not long enough to see if a supplement actually works, and you may be stuck paying a monthly fee without even realising.

How to contact Nutriberry Slim?

If you have signed up for a trial of Nutriberry Slim and wish to cancel then you can phone them on: +44 (0) 20 3281 1046

You can also email them at: customerservice@trynutriberryslim.com

Finally all returns should be sent to (please ensure you phone for an RMA before sending):

Healthy Essentials ltd
Herkimer House,
Mill Road Industrial Estate
EH49 7SF
United Kingdom

To confuse you that little bit more Nutriberry Slim have the following contact details too:

Phone: (0845) 528 1163


Healthy Essentials ltd
D11 Glyme Court,
Oxford Office Village
Langford Lane Kidlinton,
United Kingdom

If you have tried this product then please leave a comment below, we would love to hear about your experiences.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Proven alternative to Nutriberry Slim

If you want to avoid being ripped off by an auto-ship scam but are still looking for a proven Raspberry Ketone supplement then the one sold online by Evolution Slimming is our number one choice.

This supplement is made from the recommended daily amount of Raspberry Ketones (200 mg) and will cost £19.95 for a months supply, which as you can plainly see is a much cheaper alternative to Nutriberry Slim.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

334 comments on "How to avoid the NutriBerry Slim scam?"
  1. November I fell for this scam and have to date been charged £187 POUNDS. I have emailed twice, written twice and abortive phone call to no avail. Be aware cancelling your credit card does not mean they wont go on charging, the bank wont pay out but you will be in debt!!!

    I have sent all pills back even the postage is a scam (£4.95 each time) it cost me £3.00 to send back 2 months supply.

    I used my credit card and the delay 6-8 weeks allowed to pay goods took me into another months supply. How can I find out if my letters have been read an understood???

    Because I didn’t use recorded delivery to send back the pills Master card says there is no proof. Proof of postage is not enough. The day as I contacted Mastercard Nutriberry were taking out month two. Help!!

    • I too have fallen for this scam and have been charged approximately £800 since October. I cannot get in touch with the company either, and hearing that cancelling my credit card, which was the next move, still wont work I am unsure what to do next. Any one got any suggestions?

      • Phone your bank and tell them immediately. They should be able to block this company from charging you again.

        I will be phoning trading standards tomorrow as they are listed as “dormant” on companies house and therefore they are trading illegally!

      • Hi Carroll,

        I too fell for this and feel so sheepish as I never read the terms and conditions which are on the bottom of the very last page. I understand you have had problems contacting them and all I can suggest is that you do what I did and get in touch with your credit card helpline, let them know what you have done in regard to trying to contact the vendor and ask them to cancel any future payments.
        Thankfully they did but I still got hammered for the first bill without realising it, unfortunately the card can do nothing about it because it was in the vendors terms and conditions, lesson learned!

        • I logged on to a website (Daxon) which I have used quite a lot and a window appeared which read “As a thankyou for visiting our website you may choose one of the following FREE gifts”. Unfortunately I chose the Nutriberry slim. Nowhere did I see any terms and conditions, just a window asking for £2.99 postage and all my details. Thinking I was on the Daxon website, which I have always trusted, I continued. When the package arrived two days later I became suspicious with the dispatch note since it did not mention ‘Daxon’. I therefore got onto the Nutriberry website and found that I may have been scammed with a “TRIAL period” instead of a “FREE Gift” from Daxon. I rang Daxon and they knew nothing about this gift and their fraud department has been informed. My credit card company are familiar with Nutriberry since they have had complaints from other customers and advised that I send the goods back, which I have done via recorded delivery. The credit card company have told me they have flagged this company and assured me that no payments will be made. I have tried ringing the telephone number appearing on the delivery note but cannot get through. WHAT A SCAM !

          • I too ordered the free trial back in June 2014 and was happy to pay the £2.99 p&p. I now find I have been charged £95.99 in July, August and September 2014. I rang company today and customer service it is NOT. Constantly repeated their T & C and said they do not receive returns or give refunds. Finally after around 30 minutes they said they would refund me 50% of the August payment but would not refund the July and August payments they had wrongfully taken. When I informed them I was now recording the call they said “In that case we will not refund you anything” we are ending the call as we cannot continue if you are recording. Like others above I did receive an email within minutes saying my subscription had been cancelled and also that I would receive a refund of £95.99 within 3-5 days. We will wait and see! I will follow the advice of others on this site and report to Trading Standards and Watch Dog.

            I have called Santander my credit card company and had no alternative other than to cancel my credit card in order for them to block any future payments going through.

            The driver who delivered my goods actually asked me if I would mind telling him what what was in the parcel I was receiving. i told him it was a free internet gift – he said he just wondered as he had around 60 of these in his van and that people were refusing to sign for them!!!

            As soon as I closed the door I check my bank statement and realised just what a SCAM i had gotten myself into.

        • HI everyone, I got scammed today and managed to get hold of someone on the phone.

          I have been sent an email to tell me that my order has been cancelled, I never received any of the product because I realised my stupidity as soon as I’d done it.

          As I haven’t received anything and cancelled immediately from you experience will I still be charged?

          I have already been to my bank as well but they said I’d have to wait for them to appear on my statement before I could block them. What name appears on the statement?

          Any more advice would be appreciated.

          Thanks so much.

          • I too have been conned. Sent trial back unopened the same day with R MA NO. Sent an email to cancel. Thought that was it, no they took £93 out of my account a month later. Really annoyed about this cannot afford £93 and certainly would not pay that for 30 pills. Nutriberry Slim say they did not receive tablets back so had to charge me for them even though they were supposed to be free trial. Phoning the Police & Trading Standards these fraudulent people must be stopped.

          • Hey Freya,
            I too made the same mistake and realised hours afterwards. I finally got through the company to cancel my order and recieved confirmation emails saying all charges have been cancelled. However, im still not sure.
            As your message dates back almost a month, I was wondering if the company still attempted to take your money?

            any assurance would be gratefully recieved..

          • hi freya,

            Which number did you use to get in touch with them?


      • I have also been scammed but luckily it was only one months payment but contacted them saying I did not give them permission that I read the terms and conditions and when I received my tablets it came with no letter or info explaining about a two week trial . You need to give then a son story and stand ya ground explaining ya want ya money back ASAP . Do you have a contact number and address for them?i have just received my refund after several argumentative phone calls have requested a new debit card in case.hope you resolve this think something should be done about the company

      • I saw the ad for these pills on Facebook, however they messed up. Their T&Cs which they think are so clever don’t appear correctly and show the US ones, which are completely different. But this didn’t help, because you don’t get a copy of the T&Cs it’s very difficult to prove, however I phoned them, bearing in mind I’d been charged a variety of fees
        1st June Healthy Ketone £93.00
        3rd June Diet Green Coffee Max £62.60
        5th June Simple Detox £89.00
        8th June Ketone Advanced £94.97

        Which made no sense at all. I contacted my credit card company immediately after speaking with this fraudulent company for a total of 2 hours, where I’d been sworn at, hung up on etc. I ended up finding their email telling them to cancel immediately, and I received a cancellation confirmation within a few minutes.

        The credit card company, are playing games they haven’t been helpful and had refused to refund me, until I quoted my rights Under my consumer rights and the fact that I did not receive any products for the charges listed below and secondly that the company is acting fraudulently.  I am making a claim against you, my credit card provider, under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Now they’ve made a refund I also threatened going to the FOS.

        I have also reported this company to the police fraud unit, which you can do on line. They have confirmed this company is acting fraudulently and has confirmed they will shut them down. Please report your cases no matter how little money you’ve lost. They keep changing their website URLs so it’s very difficult keeping track, but if we all work together they may even get jailed (well here’s hoping).

    • where did you send the tablets back to, as i sent mine back but they are not acknowledging it.

    • I have also been caught out with this scam, just checked my bank statement to discover I have been charged £93. I also purchased Vita cleanse at the same time as recommended and been charged £86 for this I will now have to try all I can to cancel this absolutely disgusted, any advice would be appreciated….

      • I too have been caught out!!! It is disgusting that this should be able to continue!! Have contacted the Observer Newspaper and we are contacting the bank. They must have made a huge amount of money!!!

      • Kath, did you ever get a refund or have to bite the bullet? I am livid, a friend recommended this so I went along with it thinking it was a good idea as a friend got them to turn out we both got scammed! Will anymore money be taken out the account? Santander have been really unhelpful and will not block the companies from taking anymore money out. This world has just become one massive scam!

        • My Bank Barclays speak to 100s of customers about this company. I have managed to block it. but will I get the money back they have already taken ???? watch this space..

    • I too ordered my ‘free trial’ yesterday. Then decided to google nutriberry slim. I was horrified. Didnt sleep a wink last nite and to ashamed to tell my husband. I signed up for the 2 product..vitra cleanse..thinking no harm would be done..if didnt work would just not order anymore.

      I paid by debit card. I went straight into my bank this morning and cancelled my card. Ive been advised that no money should be able to be taken now. I just hope and pray it works. Man on phone at bank has also told me that because ive reported it today any money that they try to take other than the p&p i can claim bk from bank.

      • hye there,
        I just read your case . Is the bank be able to refund it back the money to your account ?

      • Hi. Can I just ask after you cancelled your card were they still able to take money. I did exact same. Ordered it them read to research and heard about scam so I too went to the bank the morning after and cancelled my card. They also said if they do take money the bank will refund within 48 hours and instruct company not to charge again or they will receive a penalty.
        Help !! X

      • I too have been scammed out of nearly £300, been to the Halifax as I paid with my Debit card. They are powerless to do anything ! I changed my Debit card & still this company get my money out £95-95 twice a month, just cannot afford this & NEVER would I pay that sort of money out. I did get this last payment refunded by the bank, but there is no real help or hope. H ave even looked at swopping bank accounts, but as a last resort I have just rung the phone number on their site, it sent me to Pakistan !! & they have sent the emails saying it is now cancelled, so all I can do at the moment is wait & see.

      Yes I’ve been scammed too. I have reported them to Trading Standards and can only suggest that everyone else does the same. It will take time and as much information as we are able to give them. I too have cancelled the order and notified my bank. For anyone who is concerned about being in debt to this company perhaps you should bear in mind that their activities are fraudulent, hundreds of people have been scammed by them, thus it is doubtful that they will take action against you as they are likely to be charged themselves. Also they are using Software Security Companies as part of their ‘Risk Free Trial’ Advertising Campaign. I have not contacted these companies as yet, but think it is unlikely that they would subscribe to this type of computer fraud. Norton and Verisign are two of the companies mentioned on this site.
      We need to start a People Power Campaign against these crooks.

    • I ordered a free trial from Nutiberry Slim on the understanding that I would pay P&P, I have then had £93.00 taken from my account and did not know this was going to happen. I have called Nutriberry Slim and understand that their site informs that you should return the product within 14 days if you no longer wish to receive further products……and be billed a monthly Debit ! This was not very clear to me at the point of acceptance for the FREE TRIAL…..their FREE TRIAL is advertised very clearly! But this very important piece of information about monthly Debits is very vague if at all noticeable.

      I will not be able to get the £93.00 back, I understand this because I (and I and I’m sure all of you feel the same didn’t) but have been told I did knowingly accept the terms at the point I accepted the FREE TRIAL……anyway spilled milk and all that, I have called my Bank who have now said that they will block this Company from receiving anymore money from my Bank, if this does happen then because I called the Bank today, they will refund anything the Company tries to take from today onwards.

      I have called Trading Standards who have logged this and will actively investigate the ethics of this Company and their Brand, I have tried to email Nutiberry Slim Customer Services to let them know how I feel and many many others, I have suggested they introduce a pop up screen at the point of acceptance of the FREE TRIAL alerting other potential subscribers that they are entering into a costly contract if they proceed. Guess what my email to Customer Services has not got through……States error in sending…..suspicious eh?

      Anyway…..I will be very cautious from now on and remember a very reputable Company i.e., Holland & Barratt do these products at a much cheaper price than £93.00 and they offer a BOGOF!

      David Johnson

      • I to placed an order for the nutriberry slim today and immediately realised my error, like most people I did not read the T&Cs, I feel very angry with myself. I have contacted customer service by phone and cancelled, I also contacted them by email and have received an email telling me that all items have been cancelled and that my account has been cancelled. I also contacted the bank and they have block the transaction. They only took £2.99, I can only hope that this is the end of it all.

        I will be contacting Trading Standards about this scam.

      • As soon as I realised I’d been caught in this scam I completely cancelled my credit card and ordered a new one. This worked as no more money has bee or will be deducted as my old card is void. Good luck

    • Hi All, Yes, I too have been scammed by this company – they have taken nearly £400.00 from my account which was not authorised – I am currently speaking to my bank to see if I can get the money back through the “charge back process” – Which Legal has also been helping so hopefully I can get a refund. I feel such a fool to have fallen for this……….:(

      • hi catherine i have also same problem they took from my account £751.00 could you tell me how i refound all my money from that company. plz give your advice which way to i get back my money. thank you

      • Hi Catherine

        I have been scammed almost £400 too from Nutriberry Slim and I now have an email cancelling my subscription. Tesco said they are unable to refund me for past payments but they’re sending me a dispute form to complete. Have you been able to claim your money back at all and if so how? Any help would be gratefully appreciated – I feel like such a fool.


      • i also fell for this scam. they took £95.95 and a further £95.99 out the same day. i rang 08005460169 and although i had given them my account number and it was all leagal, i thretend to seek legal advice, i was put on hold and they offered me £100 back, i could tell that if i didn’t accept this offer then i would be nearly £200 out of pocket. it has been an expensive lesson. wont fall for that again.

  2. This is an absolute horror. I have been on two occasions billed for product which I received and cancelled within the 14 day period. I have been led a merry dance for the past 3 months trying to get back my £179 and then stupidly spent more money sending back my trial packs, the product is useless and made me very ill indeed.

    They should be stopped immediately they don’t even follow what their 14 day conditions state. From my original order of trial bottles on the 23 Oct 2013. I received order on 26th Oct then cancelled by email and phone on 6th November then to be charged the first amount on 7th November (how uncanny) £93 and then again on 11th December and further £86.

    The company confirmed by email on 6th my account was cancelled but they still kept taking my money.


    • i can not email this company as it fails need address to send them back to so confused

      • The return address I have is – PO Box 13511, Linlithgow, West Lothian EH49 7YH

        • Hi same I got the same address as you have!! Is it the right address tho! Let me know please!

        • Like so many others, I have also been scammed, received one trial bottle, plus one more, then charged for three. My credit card provider claims that “it is not a scam! However, they also claim that they will look in to it. I was informed by a Manager from
          the company (Erick Brown) that I received an e mail regarding their terms and conditions. Fortunately I keep my e mails. Surprise, surprise no mention! I also am unable to e mail the company.

          • I too have been well and truly scammed to the tune of 500 plus pounds, I too got a guy called Eric on the phone and he promised a refund which was backed up by a confirmation email, also confirming my cancellation, on the same day the refund went into my account they then also took another payment of 95.00 pounds, so sickened by this company, serious s it hope they are exposed. How can they sleep at night!!!!

    • Jenny: I see from your email above that you have been in contact with this firm through email. I have been trying the emails they put on their site and they keep coming back with Failure Notices. Could you possibly let me know the email address you have had success with.

      Thanks, Babs

      • Try buyoceansbounty.com
        I was able to get a cancellation confirmation from them for the Nutriberry slim but don’t have an email.for vita cleanse .

        • can you please give me the email for nutriberry slim because i am trying to cancel it but with no use.

      • email address as I was just given it after demanding to speak with a supervisor over 192.00 charges clientservices@vitacleanse.com

      • The only way you will have an e-mail of cancellation is to phone them. After the trial I failed to contact them to tell them I do not want to continue. They sent me another bottle of the nutriberry slim, so I phoned one of their customer services telling them I’m not interested and that I want a refund and return. They said I cannot have a refund as it’s past the date of the trial and I’m not allowed to send it back, if I did not want it then I can just give to somebody else!!! On line there is a nutriberry slim terms and conditions site. In the conditions it says you are allowed a refund no questions asked within 30 days of the order, IT DOES NOT STATE TRIAL!!

    • I too have very stupidly got myself involved with this, I realised immediately I had done it what a mistake I made. The day my tablets arrived, I e-mailed them to say I did not want anymore, but low and behold they took the £93 from my credit card, I was mortified so put a block on my card to stop any future monies being taken, I have also today cancelled my card and will wait for a new one to come to be sure. I spoke to a person in this Company and they have agreed after lengthy discussion to refund the amount to me on the return of the tablets, which to date I have not yet received, and now feel very sceptical about receiving them at all. My credit card company are sending me a form to lodge a complaint and try and get my money refunded for me. Also in Saturdays Mail there is a cutting from Fern Britten stating that she is not involved in this scam at all, a copy of which I intend to send to the credit card company for their records. I am terribly upset about this and more upset that I did something so stupid.definately the Watchdog needs to be told about this.

      • I fell for it too this morning! The ad on fb was very convincing, made me feel great, optimistic. It had a photo of Adele before and after (overweight and slim) and photos of other stars looking great!. I guess they haven’t even heard of this product!

        I ordered first then went to google product only to come down with a bang! I can’t believe how naive I was. I called my bank and they said that they had been authorised to release £2.99, hopefully, no more will be taken out next month.

        I have also called the number of this company given by my bank, and they have assured me that although the 2.99 is not refundable and my two week supply of nutri berry is on it’s way to me, my account with then has been cancelled.

        I will not be trying this product, I’m too scared about the hidden ingredients and side effects as other people have posted. I should have known better than to fall for this sort of thing, it’s definitely too good to be true!

        • I have been stupid as well, saw ad on FB I too order them and googled after and feel so stupid for ordering them, just got of the phone to my bank I have to wait a couple of days till it shows up on bank statement phone them back and bank told me they will block all payments from them!!, I also phoned nutriberry customer services no 0203 281 1046 and told them to cancell order she said ok and sent email saying it’s been cancelled ,,, just wait and see now

          • I telephoned this number thank you. 0203 281 1046
            My account debited with £373.94 for unrequested products, and I am told account now cancelled. Lloyds continue debiting my account despite having changed cards !
            A real scam.
            NutriBerry and VitaCleanse…………………do not get caught with this expensive reordering scam.
            DM 007973 820877.

      • Hi i had no idea what i signed up for i was doing an online survey,
        an low and behold next thing this company is taking money out of my account will you send me the email address i need to get this sorted

      • I too fell for the free trial. We all carnt be wrong when we believe what we are signing up for was a free trial. They say in there terms and conditions the trail is only 12 day before you must cancel. So why do they send 30 days in the trial. Watchdog should look into this along with the Banks. The Banks have a legal obligation to protect our money we did not authorise the £93.00 taken only the postage so surely if they are going in for £93 they must have to produce a document which states we are happy for them to do so. The banks are allowing these Scam artists to RIP us off as the saying Goes RIP OFF BRITAIN!!!! I have been promised by the company I am to get my money back I am yet to see but carnt comment yet but my problem is they should not of been allowed to take this money in first place. These people of worse than the common thief as the common thief robs with consequences these people rob and it LEGAL??????? WHY. Please anybody reading this comment DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FALL FOR NUTRIBERRY SLIM WITH VITA CLEANSE. IT IS A 100% SCAM. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE HAVE ALL MADE.

    • keep us up to date,I too have had money taken Bank has blocked any more money going out,canclled credit card also,Written to trading Standards And complained to Watch dog I implore any one else that has been scammed to fight you case,surely the evidence that they are a scam is evident

  3. I did a survey & at the end it offered three rewards for doing the survey but there was only one thing available Keetone Nutriberry Slim which was suppose to be free but was this scam to take £93 + £4.95 per month from your account.

    I emailed them twice with no reply. I have spoken to someone today who says the money will be returned, we will see.

  4. I am shocked, why i paid every month £93 but I ever eat this pills. I am shocked and took my money my bank account. Please delete my bank account and i want my money back. I will send 2 pills tomorrow by post. Please reply my email soon.

    • Hello Veronika.

      We are not associated with NutriBerry Slim, so you will have to contact them yourself as well as your own bank if you wish to cancel your bank account. 🙂

  5. I have just ordered my free trial and now read the negative comments, iam sooooo worried now, has anyone tryed putting a block on the company taking money from their account? What’s the name of the company that takes the money please?

    • The company’s name is Berry. I have phoned my bank and they have blocked Berry from taking anymore money from my account. We shall see if this works.

    • if the money hasnt gone out of the bank already, cancel the transaction before it does, then if the package arrives, send it back unopened, id say it as cheaper to pay postage to return than be scammed like the rest of us, its disgraceful, good luck, i do also think all those on here commenting should complain to watchdog

    • block immediately your statement should read Colon Fresh and Berrblastrslim, and go from there also ring the card company you use, the more people contat them the more help we will get to retrieve the money back

    • Unfortunately I don’t think you can block them as such, it’s very complicated, I think you have to wait until the money goes out from your account for the bank to act on your behalf. Unless you contact the company directly, it’s the only way to stop payment once you have given them your bank details. It’s crazy, if the company are not legitimate they are not going to willingly hand your money back! I was just in the same situation and became quite frustrated with my bank!

      • Hi judy I was told exactly the same by my bank they said they couldn’t do anything until they had taken the money which I found was diabolical they should not be allowed to do this

    • i too got scammed by this company. i called them back to cancel any further payments, sent them unopened pack of nurtiberry slim recorded signed for delivery. i pushed them for full refund and i
      just recieved the money back! Full refund. Im so happy and it wasnt even that difficult!

  6. I completed an online survey for Waitrose that they requested I do after I shopped there and at the end of the survey they offered me a free gift choice – I chose Nutriberry one month supply.

    I was getting annoyed because they kept sending me a pot every month – I thought there was a computer glitch – so today I looked online to find their number to call them to stop sending and see all this bad press. I have checked my credit card and they have been taking £97 out of my account every month since October … I am outraged and feel so stupid !! I have called them to cancel…

    • I received my tablets today and sent them straight back, I have also asked my bank to put my account under watch, anyone can do this, you can also ask the bank to block the company from taking money from your account, hope it all works! I suggest trying this.x

      • thank you for this information. I will do it tomorrow. These companies should be investigated, I was horrified to Waitrose are involved I was caught out by Virgin Media. I will be writing to them also to complain.

    • Hi Bev

      Did you manage to get any of your money back and if so how? I kept the bottles as it said “trial” and mentioned no payment info. Thought it was a glitch. I check my online credit card this morning and it turns out they’ve taken payments out since May. I managed to call them this morning and they’ve cancelled it and said they’d refund £50 but they wouldn’t give me an RMA to return the pills. I really need my money back as I cannot afford it but I don’t know how. Please could you let me know, any info is gratefully appreciated.


  7. I wanted to surprise my wife with Christmas and ordered the “trial”. That’s all what we received. However when I checked my credit card I saw that they charged me not only the €4,95 euro but also an amount of €93,00.

    I complained about that amount with my bank and they adviced me to stop the credit card I used for the payment.

    When I read all the complains , then I do not understand anymore how they still can go on with their swindlers business.

    I also hope that many people from my country (Belgium) will not make the same mistake as I did. It’s the first but will also be the last time that I shall order anything by internet.

    • I made the same mistake – live in Belgium too. As soon as I read, by chance all the complaints about the product I tried to cancel it – most emails came back ‘delivery failure’ but finally one worked and they sent a cancellation email. But the money was taken off anyway – so I’ve called my bank, contacted my credit card company and am now waiting to see what they can do.
      In the meantime I found the correct phone number to call 0044 (0)203 281 1046 and not the phony one they give on the fb site. I did get a reply and we had quite a fight on the phone – the Indian man speaking said they could give me back 100€ but only if I didn’t take any action against them……..hmmmmmmm – wonder why? He then sent me the emails saying the 100€ would be paid back and my order cancelled. I told him if it was not done within the 3-5 working days he would be hearing from me again and I would pursue legal action. I’ve also complained to facebook – and hope they will do something too.

      So I am waiting now- but I think we should contact Test Aankoop, and e-cop and let as many people as possible know about this, as well as letting our banks and card companies know. This should be legally dealt with as soon as possible.

      • hi charlotte,

        you speak dutch? My name is Tinne and i’m from Belgium too. I made also the mistake. Yesterday i was on facebook and after i go to google do some research. Fuck, what did i do. i called this morning for the company. I hope they will keep them self on the cancellation. But did you receive the pills already or you make your cancel when you don’t receive them? Thanks for your answer. Greetz Tinne

        • Hi Tinne, ja ik kan Nederlands spreken 🙂 Ik ben engelstalig maar woon hier al lang. Ik heb de eerste pilletjes gekregen, die ik dacht gratis waren – en daarna heb ik pas, per ongeluk, alle problemem met de firma gezien. Ik heb toen onmiddellijk geprobeerd alles te annuleren met de firma – en ik dacht dat alles gelukt was. Ik heb nog altijd geen tweede pakje gekregen, en ik hoop dat het zo blijft, maar het geld werd toch afgetrokken.
          Ik denk dat jij toch wel vlug genoeg geannullerd hebben, maar zij kunnen nog zeggen dat de pilletjes niet gratis waren, dat ik wat ik verteld werd en toch je geld afhalen. Maar je sta sterk met de wet. Ik zou toch nog je bank en Kaart firma contacteren om de firma te blokkeren. Dan ben je zeker dat op de 14de dag na je bestelling dat ze niets kunnen doen.
          Zij nemen geld met de namen BERRIBLASTSLIM G en EXTREMECLEANSE..COM
          Ik hoop dat dit behulpzaam is.
          veel sucses

          • Hi, just to update my situation. It is week ago i was promised my 100€ back within 3-5 working days – NOTHING- of course. I have now telephoned to Test Aankoop and their advice is that normally the Credit Card company has insurance against this kind of thing and it is up to them to sort it out. I was advised NOT to have any more contact with the firm itself, that is of no use whatsoever. The lady assured me no more money could be taken from my account seeing my card was blocked and then cancelled and as I had opened a fraud dossier with the card company they would investigate further and hopefully get my money back.
            So I hope she is right – as a professional she is used to this kind of thing. She asked me if the firm was from Denmark – that there were so many scams of this sort they couldn’t keep track of them all. I will contact ecop now.

          • Dag Charlotte en Tinne. Ik ben ook het slachtoffer geworden. Het was mijn vriend die mij er op wees dat er verschillende klachten op het internet rondhingen van deze producten. Het geld van mijn eerste bestelling is inmiddels van mijn visa kaart gegaan en ik verwacht (na alle reviews te lezen) ook niet dat ik dat nog terug zie. Ik heb mijn visa kaart laten blokkeren en heb 2 formulieren van fraude ingevuld bij de visa company (dit duurt blijkbaar enkele weken voordat ik reply krijg). Nu lees ik dat enkele mensen nadat hun kaart werd geblokkeerd ook nog een tweede pakket ontvingen en dat ze gewoon in het rood kwamen met hun rekening omdat hun kaart geblokkeerd werd. Hebben jullie dit ook meegemaakt? Ik probeerde naar bovenstaand nummer te bellen, maar een indische persoon zei me dat ik terug moest bellen, dat er computerproblemen zijn. Wat ik dus ook zal doen binnen een uur.

        • Hallo Tinne en Charlotte,

          Ik ben er ook ingetrapt. En inderdaad, pas nadat ik het proefding besteld had, had ik pas de slechte commentaren gelezen. Ik heb toen meteen, dus de dag zelf nog, mijn visakaart laten blokkeren. Ik hoop echt dat dit voldoende is. Welke nummers heb jij gebeld om dit te laten annuleren? Groeten, Anke

      • ive just had murder with them on the phone and he told me he was getting his manager to ring me back in 24 hrs to 48 hours,

      • Hi, I am from Belgium too, same story, had also a long telephone conversation with them today. I intend to contact a lawyer and ask for his advice. Please if you wish contact me on my e-mail at healit@msn.com
        I believe we might have a point in Belgium as they publish their terms in English on a Dutch or French spoken site… we have to put our heads together to stop this.

    • How did you fix it?

  8. i too have been victim of this outrageous scam, after speaking on the telephone this morning i was left even more infuriated by the woman on the other end telling me i was the only person to have complained, i’ve since spent the day online finding more and more out about this company.

    I’ve called them again by telephone as im unable to get my emails to send to them, and i’ve stated that if they take anymore payments out of my account then i will take them to court for fraud, i was reassured that no further payments would be taken, and i asked then to send me written confirmation of this either by post or email, so i shall wait and see.

    I shall also be contacting my bank after weekend and informing them its a scam and that to not allow anymore payments go out, just incase im being fobbed off on the fone

  9. I signed up for the trial offer yesterday, after reading the positive report by channel 4 on the net. I became suspicious strait away when I was billed for an additional product for a further £25.99. Which I had not ordered.

    Emailed the company straight away, but have not received a reply. I have just emailed again to cancel trial offer.

    If I do not receive a prompt reply I am going to contact the bank to cancel the transaction. Hope this works! I just wish I had seen the bad press before being lured into this scam.

    • I also requested the trial product after reading the channel 4 report but became anxious after all the negativity. Product arrived this morning, I phoned my bank & cancelled my debit card so they can’t take money out. I also contacted company who gave me RMA numbers & advised me to send products back. I will be out of pocket by about £13 but feel this is better than amounts other people are saying. Its disgraceful I read the full report & no part of my application did it say I would receive product monthly. Its caused me inconvenience as I now have to wait for a new debit card but I would rather have this than allow them to scam more money out of me. If you’ve fallen for this scam as I did contact bank or credit card asap & cancel. Yes it’s inconvenient but it will save you in the long run.

    • I too saw a Channel 4 report online regarding the Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse. I ordered the free trial packs and paid the P&P. I then (for some daft reason did not do this before!) searched the company and found so many sites about the scam. I then went back to the site to actually read the T&C’s and to my horror I saw they they take further payments. I have called my bank TSB and told them the situation. they advised me that I have made the payment for P&P now so I might as well take the tablets that I have ordered, if I wish, but as soon as the payment clears (still pending) to email the company (that way I have hard evidence of correspondance) and to call the back back who will block the payments. my only concern now is that I have read many company names are appearing on their bank statements to what I can currently see. I see Ketone and Lasting appearing on my statement. So I will also ask the bank to cancel my card and send me a new one with a new card number.

  10. Nutriberry Slim and other similar products are owned by a company called Level One Marketing Group LLC – Owner Allen Kaplan.

    Last year I accepted the same offer of a Trial of Raspberry Ketones and Coffee Cleanse – I was charged a sum of £150 at the end of the month – I complained to the company and they agreed to refund a percentage – I researched and found that these websites all using the same tactics are owned by Level One Marketing Group LLC – I decided to complain through the Office of Attorney General in Florida – My complaint was answered and transferred to the Consumer Services – Eventually I received a full refund thanks to them.

    I would urge anyone to contact them and the more complaints they receive the more chance of stopping these outrageous conmen from taking huge amounts of money from anyone else.

    Website : http://www.800helpfla.com tel: 001 850 4103 800

    Good Luck and remember ‘All that is Necessary for the Triumph of Evil, is that good men do nothing’ Edwin Burke…. So true!!

    • Thank you ! This might help !!!

    • Yvonne
      I have followed your lead as you mentioned by contacting Office of Attorney General in Florida requesting assistance in re-couping my money and mentioned Level One Marketing.
      I have just received an email from the Consumer Service office and ‘surprise surprise’ Allen Kaplan is denying any knowledge of his (Level One Marketing) involvement with nutriberry etc. They would like a reply and I would just like to ask how easy it was for you and whether I should proceed? Thanks

    • Hi can I email this company even though I live in England thanks Sue

  11. I’ve tried several times to sent a mesage by mail, but I allways get the warning that the address is not correct. Is there someone who was succesfull with sending a message to themjl????

  12. I too fell foul of this scheme in a moment of weakness. I signed up online and they managed to take £250 over two months. When I realised I had my card stopped and a bock put on the account so they could not take any more money. They were operating under two separate companies. My advice is GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR BANK. CONTACT TRADING STANDARDS.

  13. Just to add, Extremecleanse is the other company name that they were using to remove funds from my account. Check for this one too in your statements. Please get in touch with Trading Standards. This needs to be stopped.

    • I too have been caught out by this company. They have taken 93.00 from my account this month.

      I have spoken to them and cancelled and they have sent me an e mail to that effect but after reading the comments above I have phoned my bank and put a block on them taking any more money from my account.

    • Do you have any number for trading standards please

  14. I took up the free offer of this product ‘Nutri berry slim with just the postage to pay. I was absolutely shocked when I received my credit card statement and found not only the shipping but a further £93 had been taken, I immediately rang the company and was told I had entered into an agreement according to the terms and conditions, what terms and conditions ! there was non on the ad, all I could do was cancel any further shipments and lose my £93 and the product doesn’t even work I feel absolutely conned.

    • Hi, I have just had the same thing happen to me, i only got the product last week and was told exactly the same thing, i was shocked when i saw they had taken £93 from my account i told them that i wanted to cancel and he said why so i told him, and he said that i will not receive any more products and i am going to the bank tomorrow to ask them to keep a look out for them and not to let them take any money out, i am so angry, i did a survey and picked nutriberry slim at the end assuming i was just paying a one off payment of £2.99. I feel like a fool and will not be doing anything like that again 🙁

  15. BE AWARE…. Nutriberrslim and Extremecleans are liars, cheats and thieves. They too scammed me out of £179. I’ve rang my credit card company who’s placed a stop on them so they won’t be able to charge me again. I phoned the company 0n 02032811046 who have sent a conformation email of my cancellation.

    They claim it’s all there in the (tiny t’s and C’s). If they were a reputable company they would have put it on the front of their website, made it very clear what was being bought and the true cost!

    I’ve sent them a email demanding my money back, time will tell if they will or not. Like everyone here I too feel really angry, stupid. You hear of scams, but never think you are going to be caught up in them.

    Amazon are now selling it!!!! Can you believe it!

    I feel totally conned.

  16. My son, a student at Uni rang me on the 15th Jan to say he had been doing his shopping for their house on line at Asda home delivery and a survey came up, which he completed and at the end it offered a so called “free gift” for taking part where you just paid £4.95 postage. As a gesture of kindness he ordered me the nutriberry slim tablets (well it was just after Christmas!) I received them, had a couple and didn’t bother with them again till I had my son on the phone last week in a state as the company had taken £93 out of his bank account

    Luckily he had earlier sent me a screen shot of what he ordered so I knew what it was when it came, so I could see it was listed as free. He had rang the company and got nowhere…..time for the big guns !! I rang. After about 10 mins and lots of assertiveness on my part they said if I sent the tablets back they would refund me. I sent them back to the adress they gave me next day with all the so called reference numbers on, they issued on the phone AND by special delivery with a letter stating that this was in case there was any confusion as to whether they had been returned or not and that I wanted a full refund as promised on the phone within 3 working days.

    They were received on Friday last week. I have a signature on line. I also rang Asda Head Office as the survey came up on their website, the first advisor I spoke to although very polite and friendly just explained that yes they had heard of this happening before and basically there was nothing they could do about it. Next call to Trading Standards who were very interested and the bank and also the police.

    I rang Asda back the next day again to say that I wasn’t happy with their response the day before and told them who I had also contacted and also informed them I had written a post and uploaded the photo of the items under ASDA onto Facebook and also Twitter and asked people to share it. (Which they were doing and also coming forward with friends etc who had fallen for the same scam) Asda said that they would get their marketing team onto it and I requested an update

    My son has yet to receive his refund but I am not going to let this drop. It only takes them to scam a few people to make a killing. It’s shocking that so many people seem to have been aware of this and yet this company still exist…….well they have picked in the wrong family this time

    If I don’t get any joy I will be setting up an online campaign to alert people and also contact the national papers.

    • Sorry to hear your story Nancy. It seems like hundreds of people have been ripped off by this and other similar offers.

      We have highlighted a few of them on this website, so if people were to share these pages perhaps people would be less inclined to sign up.

      I hope your son gets his money back. 🙂

    • I shall certainly join it and wont let it drop, so let me know your comments,

    • Hi Nancy Yes I fell for it to ! but Im sure I only gave my name address and email , They didnt ask for postage only free trial Im sure that I didnt give them my bank account number ? so I dont know how they did it , It was an advertisement on the care2 site & something to do with Healthy Essentials Ltd I to have been in touch with Tradeing Standards So lets hope this scam gets stopped ? I have also put it on facebook & twitter to warn people

    • You may be able to point me in teh right direction.

      approx 3 weeks ago I ‘ clicked ‘ onto a ‘report ‘ about how Natalie Cassidy lost weight using Raspberry Ketones. and out of curiosity sent for the FREE sample, paying only P&P and you have to give details of your debit card. A couple of days later I realised , according to the article, I should have had the cleanse bit as well so I repeated the process again a FREE sample etc.

      The NutriBerry tabs arrived but I NEVER RECEIVED the cleanse bit..The tabs are untouched.

      Shock horror checking my bank account I saw £93.00 had been withdrawn by ‘ Extreme Cleanse ‘!!

      I contacted my bank who are of the opinion that a lot of people have been taken in by this scam. My debit card has now been cancelled to try and stop any more withdrawls. BUT as these charlatans regularly change their names they could well try again. A ‘ block’ has been put on my account re the names used so far.

      Terms and conditions do say if not cancelled within 14 days a monthly sum will be taken from the account. I had assumed the free trial was that – a TRIAL ie 14 days. My fault.

      I cannot find an address or email address or phone no to try and cancell the ” agreement ” The bank says there is nothing more they can do. I will NEVER see my £93.00 again.

      any suggestions ?

    • Hi Nancy and everyone else in the same boat.

      I’m livid with myself for being sucked in I’m normally so careful with this sort of thing and read every inch of info but it isnt clear what is happening, Ive been stung for almost £300 and feel powerless to ever get that money back.
      Capital One say the same as other people in that I signed up for the subscription and therefore should be charged for it………makes me so angry. They have blocked that company though and they say thats all they can do.
      I’m a single parent who works very hard for my money and to hear scammers like this raking in the money for doing nothing annoys me.
      If an elderly or someone with a slight learning difficulty signs up they wont know to check their statements and could be paying hundreds and hundreds to this company without even knowing it.
      I was tempted to write to Dominic Littlewood from BBC ‘ Dont get done get Dom’ as this needs to go on national tv to let as many people as we can know the pitfalls.

      If you need signatures then please keep me in the loop I’d more more than happy to assist. Girl power I’m sure we can bring them down.

  17. Hi there, i just ordered a trial yesterday for 2,99£

    I still can’t check it on my online statment ( which sometimes takes a while) but now I read all your messages and I’m very scared!

    Do you all have credit cards or it happen with debit as well?

    And would you give me any suggestion that I should do straight away to avoid Bering scammed? Help

    • Hi I placed an order on Sunday and like yourself are horrified I’m now involved in this scam.

      i immediately cancelled my debit card this morning and just contacted the company now to obtain a RMA ( return merchandise authorisation number) he was quick to advise me this was the best product on the market and he would give me a 50% disc I politely declined and explained I have read all the reviews regarding this scam and I also advised him that my bank card had been cancelled so would be unable to take any money from my account.

      contact number is 08455281163 hope this helps.

      • Thank you so much Nez!

        I already called them and they told me if i return the product in 30 days it should be fine. I just dont Know if i should cancel my debit card.

        Because ones is cancelled I supposed they won’t take money from it.

        Any suggestions on that?


      • Contact your bank and ask them to stop the payments immediately – a cancelled card will not always work.

      • Thank you Nez. I have just used the telephone number you have given and called them after placing my order for the trial period only a couple of hours ago. The operator I spoke to on the number you have given was able to see my order (from the reference number on the email confirmation I’d received) and has sent me an immediate email for both products cancelling the delivery of the trial items and cancelling my account.

        I have also spoken to my bank (Barclays) who have confirmed that they have put a stop on my account for any payments other than the non-refundable trial price that I agreed to pay and will refund me within 48 hours if any further payments are taken.

        I’ve done everything I can at this stage and thank you for posting the number above as it did get me through to an operator who appears to have cancelled the trial and my account with them – but only time will tell.

        I just wanted to say thank you again.


      • thank you for the phone no rang and they said that my order will be cancelled . they have taken 93.00 pounds out of my account hope nothing else goes out just wait and see .going to phone trading standards .

    • Hi. My husband used a debit card – we were charged £179.00 even before the “trial period’ of 14 days was up. Informed the bank but I shall be checking closely and further deductions from our account. They take 2 separate amounts, and there is no Company name on them.

      I spoke to the Cust. service dept. and was told that all the necessary details were in their terms and conditions section. I’ve been told that I have 29 days to return the goods and will get a refund, less ‘costs’.

      Due to the company being so underhand, I feel that I shall be lucky to get anything back from them if this is the way they conduct their business.

      My husband couldn’t remember the site name, and although he got a confirmation order e-mail – there was no company name on it!

  18. I also ordered these pills last week and still haven’t received the items. I’ve phoned them twice to say I’m not interested in the subscription and will be cancelling. I’m told due to the delay in delivery my ‘free’ trial will be extended by another week so I don’t get charged the ridiculous subscription charge. I don’t believe him though. So just phoned my bank though and because I paid my debit card they can’t block specific retailers but they’ve cancelled this card and issued another one! So they wont be able to get anymore money from me even if they try, thank god!!!!! Tempted to not even send them back now.

  19. Update of my “refund” for the nutriberry scam

    3 days has elapsed since I have signed proof that the tablets were returned
    No sign of any refund, so I rang them again (much to my annoyance)

    They asked me for MY tracking reference to prove they had been sent back! not their return reference number ?? In fact they didn’t ask for their return reference number at all ???

    Once I could prove the parcel had been signed for they then had to check their computer to see if MY tracking number had been recorded ……..only then was the advisor able to discuss the refund.
    After a heated conversation I was given a refund transaction number and then told the refund would take another 3 – 5 working days as the returns were sent to a “different location”

    NOT HAPPY at all, as we all know they have taken ££££££££ off unsuspecting people, believing this scam to be a “free trial”

    You MUST send the items back with Proof and a Signature at the other end, as it would seem without this no refund would be given. It cost me nearly £7 by special delivery but I knew this would be “scam proof”

    I also urge you all to share this information with friends and via Facebook / Twitter etc and well done to this website for highlighting this issue. In a time when everyone is struggling to make ends meet it’s heartbreaking that such an unscrupulous “company” (and I could use a lot of other unprintable words for them) should be allowed to swindle the public and get away with it

    • Contact your bank and ask them to stop the payments immediately!

    • having the same problem cancelled with my visa however still try ing to get initial payment back could you tell me the phone number to get the code i need many thanx

  20. Just found my and my wifes account both had £93 out of each account went crazy to believe i was scammed immediately phoned my my bank and stopped any further payments.

    Then phoned the customer service of the company who have said that i should return them and they will refund they have given RMA numbers for each product and i will ensure ship with a carrier to get proof of delivery. the bank says its fairly common and the press things you read about the products are all fake.

    good luck

  21. Any company that is trading on a company listed at Companies House as dormant is breaking the law, and is definitely in a manner that can only be described as deceptive.

    This company is doing exactly that, so be smart and stay away!

  22. Everyone, phone your bank and ask them to cancel the payments. They will stop them straight away for you as they are vey aware about this scam. Don’t even bother trying to contact this company.

    Also get in touch with trading standards and report these!

  23. Stop sending me boxes of Nutriberryslim.

    Il send them back to you and I want my money back you have taken from my account.

    • Hello Lucrece.

      Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we are not associated with Nutriberry Slim and are simply here to highlight this and the various other auto ship scams currently available.

      I would recommend speaking to Nutriberry Slim or your bank to stop any future charges being made to your account.

  24. Guys it seems i’ve found a loophole, a flaw in their T&C’s. I, like all of you, was surprised to be charged £93 for my Nutriberry trial, I had also ordered Vitacleanse at the same time and I was not charged for this at the point of seeing the £93 appear on my internet banking.

    I called my bank as I did not know who had charged this amount to my card, I thought it had been cloned.

    The bank said asked if I had ordered anything on a trial basis and advised that this may be a subscription fee. They said I should call Nutriberry first to resolve and if no joy to call them back and they would stop any future payments.

    I spoke to a very rude man at Nutriberry by the name of Damien who said I was clearly confused by the T&C’s, I had no joy with him so called my bank back and they cancelled any further payments from leaving my account but were not in a position to refund the £93. I would have to resolve this myself.

    I called Nutriberry on 0845 528 1163 and spoke with Robert. I did not shout (although I felt like it) and said that I would like to cancel my subscription (did not mention the bank), he informed me that Damien had already done this.

    I mentioned that I had taken 5 days worth of tablets from each bottle provided but was not happy with them and asked if I could send them back for a refund. Robert said I would not be charged for the Vitacleanse as I had cancelled within the 18 day period (i thought it was 14!)

    I also asked why they had applied the £93 to my card on 17th Feb when my 14 days was up on the 19th. He said that the trial is 12 days on Nutriberry and 18 on Vitacleanse?????

    I said to him that according to the trial form it was 14 days for both and therefore they had broken their own T&C’s by charging me before the trial was up. He spoke with a colleague and offered me a refund for £46.50, I asked him why he was offering me a partial refund and he did not respond.

    I said that Nutriberry was in the wrong for taking my money as they had not given me the opportunity of the full 14 days to cancel before taking the money, he went very quiet, went away and spoke with a colleague again.

    I now only have to send back the Nutriberry (seal broken and partially used) by special delivery, making a note of their RMA reference number on the package and keep hold of the tracking number and once it’s been signed for at Nutriberry’s end I need to call them and they will process me a refund for the full £93.

    They broke their own rules……perfect!! In short just check on which date the money was applied for eg: 17th Feb but cleared on my account on day 15, 20th Feb and mostly stick to your guns without shouting. Good luck!

    • Hi Lindsay

      Please can you tell me what number you used to call them?

      I have used 0845 528 1163 and +44 20 3281 1046 but it is a call centre in India I think? They can’t find my details?

      Thank you


    • well the same sort of thing has happened to me, I have been told that I nwill get full refund on the return of the bottles (which I have yet to receive) I shall however definately spend the money and send them by recorded delivery, my card company is also taking this up for me and I have all the dates etc., on the invoice to prove that they have broken the law by doing this, I am terrible upset about this, more so that I have been so stupid.

  25. I have fallen for the scam!

    I have received no Purchase Order No. or confirmation of contract.

    I have called the support line number 5 times (using various number that all go through to the same call centre). 0845 528 1163 and +44 20 3281 1046

    Each time they couldn’t find me on the database, even though they have taken the initial trial fee from my credit card. I have just received the Ketone and Coffee beans pills, but there was no information with the paperwork; only an order number that the helpline didn’t recognise. I have blocked the supplier from using my credit card and renewed my credit card number. I would be happy to return the product but without the RMA number it seems pointless.

    I emailed the mailto:customerservice@trynutriberryslim.com address but it failed twice because of a full in-box error. I have just tried again. Not sure what to do now?

    • I fell for this as well, I phoned my daughter to tell her about them and she told me it was a scam straight away, when they arrived there was no paperwork with them. I have not received anything other than my trial pack and they have taken 93.00 for nutriberry slim and 86.00 for vitacleanse, I have emailed them but the emails are not being delivered, My credit card company said they will block them and if they try to take any more payments they will be committing fraud as they have not sent me any goods, I want to phone them but I am worried now in case there phone line is a scam too and I charged a fortune too. This is so worrying and should be stopped especially when celebrities are being used to promote it,

  26. Update:

    At last we have a full refund for £93.00 (well my son has) took over 3 weeks !

    The telephone number we used for all communication was: +44 203281 1046
    It wasn’t easy and my phone bill is likely to be a very hefty one…..

    If they promise a refund, get them to send a “Refund Order Notification” via email – I requested one to be sent while I was still on the phone to them, it came through while I was on the line

    Remember you are NOT dealing with a reputable company, get a “Cancellation Notice” off them as well – meaning they should NOT steal anymore of your money

    Sadly the call centre staff are probably immune to irate calls and probably also paid a pittance, ask to speak to a manager
    They might not put you through but your call is more likely to be taken seriously

    Fyi : They took/ stole payment exactly 12 dates after us falling for the initial scam.
    Bear in mind that it took about 5 days for the tablets to arrive through the post, leaves no time at all to do a so called trial anyway!

    Their trial period should not include shipment days !!! ????

    The only pounds Nutriberry Slim want you to loose are ££££££££ from your bank.
    Ensure they don’t get away it with xx

    • WOW, you actually got your money back? This is incredible – I have a little hope then – I got the ‘cancellation notice’ and “Refund Order Notification” but there is no sign yet at all of my refund which was promised in 3-5 working days and is now 12 – it was only a partial one – half of the costs – but I’d thought it was better to let them send me something than nothing.
      BUT – you are the first person I read of who has got a refund of any sort at all….. I am still very sceptical, but you give me some hope. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Thank you so much! I was just checking out of curiosity if the purchased I made this afternoon had good reviews, and I came across your article! thank you so much, because in the term and conditions it does say that you have 14 days to cancel. THIS NUMBER ITS JUST A PRIVATE HOME (so the lady who answered said) but I did get an answer from the 08455281163.

    The man who answered say he deleted my account. finger cross now….NOW THE WORSE PART….ADMITTED TO MY PARTNER THAT I FELL FOR THIS STUPID SCAM, AND FOR THE PROMISE OF A MAGIC PILL SOLUTION. THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL OUT THERE I KNOW, but I read an article about this product and sounded like e review (like yours) saying all this good things, I fell for it. 🙁

    • Thanks Gabriella for the phone number. I stupidly signed up for the free trial yesterday then I Saw these reports this morning and was in a panic. I phoned my credit card company who immediately cancelled the card and are issuing a new one. The lady I spoke with said she had checked out the offer herself, as they had so many complaints from customers, to find that the 14day trial box was already ticked on the offer, she removed the tick and found that she was unable to proceed any further without the box being ticked – what a scam. She also said she asked each time if the pills had worked and everyone to a man said a resounding NO. I then phoned 0845 281163 and had to wait for ages before a man eventually answered. I told him to cancel any further dealings with them and to send me an RMA number for return of the free trial. He told me that the order had not left the warehouse and that he would cancel it and send a confirmation email although he could not remove the postage charges (good luck to them, as my card is already cancelled). The cancellation emails were received almost immediately and so, hopefully, that’s an end to this sorry affair. I will look more closely and any ‘too good to be true’ tales in future.
      The bank advises that if you are scammed, get an RMA number and send back everything by recorded delivery and keep a record, email if possible and keep the reply and write if you have an address and send it recorded delivery and again, keep a record. Furnish all your proof to the bank and they will be able to do something about it. I feel very sorry for all the folk who can’t afford this constant drain on their accounts, it is absolutely unforgivable of this company. 🙁

  28. I also fell for this scam, I thought it was a free trial for the first fourteen days. If I was not happy then I could cancel my order within fourteen days, return the product and not have to pay any money. I ordered on the 14th Feb and as soon as I ordered tried to cancel via e-mail. I received a reply on the 19th Feb saying I couldn’t cancel via e-mail, I had to phone to speak to a customer adviser.

    I called today to cancel as I have had £93 taken from my account making me overdrawn (I do not have an overdraft facility so will be charged for this).

    I was told that I could not get a refund as I was past my 14 day trial period. When I pointed out that it was only the 26th and I still had two days left she changed the trial period to 12 days. She said she would cancel my account but could only give me a 50% refund. I asked to speak to a manager but she just put me on hold for a bit. She then said she would give me a full refund but I had to send the product back recorded delivery, phone them in 3-5 days with a tracking number then if they had the product I would get my money refunded but it would take 3-5 days.

    I have sent another e-mail to the company saying what I have been told and also telling them that if I do not get a full refund along with compensation for charges I will get from my bank for being overdrawn then I will go to the papers as well as watchdog to expose them.

  29. I too have been scammed. Just checked my account and £93 was taken, this was after I was asked to take a survey online and pay £2.99 for postage for a free gift, I chose the NutriBerry Slim.

    No where did I see anything about a trial or had any idea that I was signing up to pay for this product each month. To be honest, I am on maternity leave and breast feeding so just wanted something for after, I still haven’t opened the bottle.

    I am totally shocked that this company could do this. I contacted my bank and ask them to look into this as I think it is fraud after which I found this blog. I contacted them and have been given a RMA number to return the goods to a PO Box address. I will be returning this tomorrow by Special/recorded delivery and will definitely be tracking.

    I agree with a previous poster, this should be brought to the attention of WatchDog!!!

    • Me too. How should i solve it? And i want my money back! Help!

    • how did you get the rma number to return them as the email I keep sending keeps failing would be most greatfull if you could ley me knom

      • I fell for this to but phoned 02032811046 and got my RMA number you have to include this. I sent mine back registered post. I thought this would be the end of it but I have just discovered they have Aiken a further payment from my account so shall ring my bank tomorrow with my receipt number. Good luck

  30. I filled in my details on the ‘tell us where to send your trial bottle’ form but didn’t tick the terms and conditions box so I don’t think it sent. I certainly haven’t entered any card/payment details. Just to check, I’m ok aren’t I? No chance of me being hunted down and charged? I’m sorry it’s obviously such a clear answer but after reading all the other comments I’ve become VERY anxious!

  31. I was shocked to I phoned my bank they cancelled it all for me all I lost was 2.99 thank god hope you get sorted x

    • I don’t know if you’ll still get this months on, but I just signed up for it a couple days ago, and was curious as to what exactly did you do to cancel? Just phone up and ask the bank to cancel it? Did you return the products/ get anymore questions from them?? Thanks

  32. I was scammed too but I phoned my bank and they sorted it for me all I lost was £6.90 they said there was no pending payments there as my 14 days where up today, after doing all that I still couldn’t rest so I just shut my account down and opened another one in a different bank. lets c what they do about that cos I would love a day in court with them.

  33. Anothe mug here, having sent for the Nutriberry and Vitacleanse. To my horror I found out straight away that this was a scam. I immediately contacted my credit card company (MBNA) using the words ‘dispute transaction’. They assured me that they would prevent further amounts being taken from my card by crediting my account should further amounts be taken. Lo and behold £93 was taken 12 days after ‘signing up’ for the Nutriberry and £86 16 days later for the Vitacleanse. MBNA immediately credited my account for these amounts.

    I have emailed twice to cancel, and am today sending a letter. I don’t know that I am inclined to phone and try to cancel given MBNA appear to be on the case.

  34. I to have fallen for this scam,i have put a block on it at the bank but they are still trying to take money out .I have been on the watchdog website and reported the company so i think if everyone does the same we could stop them from doing this

  35. Good morning, I have been conned as well I have done everything that has been asked of me, phoned for RMA numbers and sent the pills back to address given, to find that my bank can’t stop so called Cancellation charge of £86.00. We are going to have to fight and prove that this is a fraudulent company. Everyone caught up with this needs to contact Trading standards and get their story added to the case. This company needs shutting down and the directors need time in prision for this. Oh and by the way the Po box number is registered to a company called PHYTOSCIENCE LTD, not nutriberry. They also go under the name THE SIMPLE GROUP LTD. Three names three telephone numbers and three addresses oh no their not crooks are they. Good luck everyone hope this information helps.

  36. I too have just fallen for this scam by responding to an article that appeared to be on the woman and home magazine email pages. I have cancelled my debit card and will be calling them to request an RMA to return any goods that do arrive and to inform them that I will also be passing their details to Trading Standards. BEWARE

  37. Dont be fooled by these people i to sent for nutriberry as a free trial i paid £2.99 postage after reading these comments i phoned them straight away to cancel the product got an email back saying it was canceeled these people should be stopped

    • Have you been charged since? And did you have to send any products back? In the same situation, about to call my bank.

  38. We too fell for this outrageous scam. I managed to speak to one ofthier helpdesk staff and after a long and frustrating call, they have agreed to refund the full amount providing that we return the remaining product by recorded delivery. They have issued two separate RMA numbers (one for Vita Cleanse and one for the Nutriberry). Having read you comments, I am a little concerned that we will actually receive the refund but, we will give it a try and hopefully it won’t be too much of an uphill struggle.

    I have also taken on board the earlier comment from Lindsey regarding them breaking their own facical T’s and C’s about there mythical 14 day trial period.

    I have lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Agency about the adver (if you look on the ASA site, they have already upheld another complaint about a similar ‘keytone trial scam’ so it looks as if it could be the same people popping up again under a different name.

  39. Further to me previous comment, I’ve just been told by trading standards that by law you have right to cancel, with a full refund, any product that you buy via ‘distance selling’ within seven day starting from the day after receipt of the goods, so that looks like another law these jokers are breaking!!

  40. I too fell victim to this scam. How high profile people allow themselves to be part of this I don’t know. Having read about this just after I received my sample I contacted the bank (credit card) and told them to stop any further payments explaining that it is a scam. They assured me that it would be stopped. NO it wasn’t. I now have to go through the dispute paperwork though they have acknowledged my request to stop payment. That doesn’t help me as I am now £ 179.00 out of pocket. And to make things worst the product DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!

  41. i too have been fooled by nutraberry slim and yes i have had £179.00 taken from my bank i did email them 2 days after i had the product to say i wanted to cancel 3 days later i had an email saying ring this number as this cannot be cancelled by email

    i should have rang them straight away but i didnt …….anyway spoke to thier indian call center and demanded my money back as i thought i was getting a FREE trial only paying p&p so why sting me to the tune of £179.00 his reply was that the p&p was a good will gesture i asked if he had seen thier advert to which he replied yes he had …..i asked so where does it say that the p&p is a good will gesture ?? he could not answer i asked for a full refund his reply was look in the terms and conditions it clearly states that you have 14 days to try the product if unsatisfied just cancel your subscription i asked him where on the main paig did it state that this was a subscription basis again he could not answer he kept refering to the t&c i said that this was nothing short of a scam again he did not answer

    the long and short of it he offered me a 50% refund thats the best he could do i was not happy but something is better than nothing i also hit him with my bank charges for going overdrawn which he agreed with total return of £101.50 i will update when the refund is repayed

    final word reserch any product you intend to buy before you buy it i will from now on

  42. I saw the on-line warning and emailed the company on their advertised email address. I also phoned them at 00.05 am UK time. I spoke with their customer service and explained that I wished to cancel. After trying the 30% discount he agreed to cancel the order. He said I would get email conformation in 24 hrs. It actually arrived in 3 mins! I wait to see if they try to invoice me in the future. I was fortunate to see the comments only 5 days after the free sample was shipped so well within their 14 day period.

  43. I too have been conned. I have just found I have had 2 charges taken from my credit card – 1 for Nutriberry & 1 for Vitacleanse. This is now going to cause me a problem with my card. I have tried to call them today (Sunday) but cant speak to customer services till tomorrow. I have also sent an email to the email address that was quoted at the top of this page for Healthy Essentials. It hasn’t come back yet as not delivered so we shall see. I am extremely angry that a company like this should be allowed to operate especially after all the obvious letters of complaint. Something needs to be done & FAST to stop them. I also feel very stupid for not checking it out before going for the free trial – which actually wasn’t free anyway because it still cost money. I cannot afford to lose this amount of money – £179 in total. I hope something is done about them soon. I got the info from Facebook with a picture of Dawn French on it. I tried to find the advert today but it seems to have gone. Maybe Facebook have got rid of it.

    • iive been scammed, but i never recieved any “free trial products” and it went over my 14 days cancellation without knowing that they where going to take 93 pound out of my bank, i also paid by direct debt so what shall i do, i have also rang the scam company and he has sent me a cancellation email, and said he would get the finical advisor to ring me within 24 hours to 48 hours, so at the min i dont know what to do , any advice?

  44. I have read on another site that the 02032811046 number redirects through to the USA and is costly. Is this correct? Has anyone actually rung it? My home phone is out of order at the moment and I don’t want to use my mobile but neither do I want to pay for a call to the USA as I may have to call from work until my phone is fixed.

  45. Hi Like so many of you I fell for this scam also. I was horrified to see what everyone has written and it got me very worried.

    I contacted the phone number on the despatch note which was for Vita Cleanse customer services 0845 5281163 and spoke to an Indian chap. He wanted a order No which I started to give him and he stated that it wasn’t an order number even though on the despatch note it states it is an order number. I mentioned I had read on the internet about the side effects that I wanted to cancel the order as off now. He then tried to give me another week’s trial ,but why would I do that when I have already started to get side effects being stomach cramps. (Only taken tablets for the last 3 days. He has given me address of where to send the drugs to and a RMA code for EACH product Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse and advised to send back by recorded delivery. He will freeze my account for 30 days. Once recieved by them, I need to ring and give them bar code to stop any further orders.

    I wiil send by recorded delivery and track the parcel like a previous person on this website stated. I will be keeping a very careful eye on my bank account and will speak to the bank today about changing my debit card.

    Thank you to all of you who have warned others like myself about this scam. These people are the lowest of the low. The more people that know about this the better.

    I will wait and see what happens and if the orders stop.

  46. I to have been scammed I like every one else thought I was getting a free trial and just paying postage they took 93 pound out of my bank account there was not a thing the bank could do as they said I had authorised it i most certainly had not as far as I was aware it was postage only what a con people should not be allowed to get away with this apparently if you did want to use them they are a quarter of the price we paid I did think it was strange when the supposed free sample came because you usually get just half a dozen in the container and there was 60 and the sly way they do it they wait over the time limit to send them back before they take the money out of your bank I was disgusted the sad thing about my money I had won 100 pound and they snapped it up they should not use celebrities to advertise them I am on a sponsored slim for a little boy who has cancer and I have done really well but I though I would get the free sample read the instructions an see what they actually did when they came there was no invoice or anything and the instructions was that small you couldn’t read them when I went on the Internet and saw instructions they would have been no good to me as the medication I take it would not have been safe but I have paid the 93 pound so I will put them in the bin rather than send them back for some other poor person to be scammed with them so please let as many people as you can know about these devious people the more people know about it the better I’m just so sorry for people like myself who were taking in

    • Betty, you need to cancel your subscription and notify your bank or they’ll keep taking money every month.

      • Hi fay I have had to cancel my bank card and get a new one because I was worried they would take more money out how can people be so cruel robbing people of cash I haven’t touched the pills but as I said I would rather put them in the bin then they sold them to some other person because honestly I cannot see me getting my cash back if I did return them x

  47. I ordered the trial offer of nutriberry and vitacleanse from a facebook add which stated that the products had been used by Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke. Only the vitacleanse arrived and while I waited for the nutriberry to come this company have taken £86.00 from my account. I have called my bank and cancelled my debit card but the bank have said this may not be able to stop them taking more as I did not adhere to their terms and conditions. I never saw any terms and conditions on the offer page and at no point was it mentioned that this was a subscription. My daughter never took the vitacleanse as we were waiting for the nutriberry.
    I phoned the company today on 0203 281 1046 and spoke to a man at an indian call centre. He said under the terms and conditions they had the right to take the money from my account for a product we have never even used.
    I’m hoping that my bank can block any further payments going out. I did also send the company an email today but I don’t know if that will go through to them.
    Please be warned about this scam and tell friends and family to be aware. Report them to trading standards too.

  48. Im at a loss here,I ordered the trial today,I knew as soon as I hit the purchase button Id made a mistake. I will ring first thing tomorrow,go to the bank and cancel my debit card and see if I can get them to stop any money being debited from my account. Im not sure who or what company I am supposed to warn them of. I need to know exactly what I can do? please help! This whole thing is unnerving

  49. yep its a con, and guess what they emptied my bank account before I realised, so all my hard earned cash gone!!!! plus i now have had to cancel my bank cards to ensure they do not debit any more, im currently trying to find out contact details and i am speaking to bank fraud tomorrow as it is totally illegal what this bunch of fools are doing, i hate to say it but they are a bunch of crooks, and totally scamming people

  50. Yup, I fell for this too. Very clever scam as they capitalise on our ongoing desire to lose weight and obtain perfection. We become blind to the pitfalls!

    So, I signed up for the trial and within a few minutes started reading all these negative posts. Within the hour I called my bank and they have blocked all future payments to Healthy Essentials Ltd. The operator I spoke with said she had received very many similar calls. She assured me that even if they demand any money from my account, the bank will refund the company indefinitely. I then phoned HE (0845 5281163) and asked to cancel my subscription. The operator agreed to do this and said I should have a confirmation email within 24 hours. They will not be sending the free trial pills but will charge me for the shipping costs I paid earlier today. Given what I have heard from others on here, I’ll take that £8 hit if it means avoiding £93 per month. Fingers burned…

    Make sure you phone your bank first! By now, they will be well aware of this company and should be able to block any further payments. I also think it was a bit more straightforward for me as I had not received any products in the post. Try to act on the day you signed up, before they post anything out to you.

    • Hi Andy, Ive tried emailing customerservice@trynutriberryslim.com and it was sent back I have just been intouch with the tradeing standards through citizons Advise Bureau I am not sure if anything will become of it . But it should be stopped I,m hopeing Ive got my money back from the bank , Im going to check tomorrow £103 It took the bank a while to find out where the money had gone ! because i happened to notice this amount was missing from my account I couldnt believe it , because Im usually good at spotting scams! I cant understand it because I gave my name, address and e-mail , no postage or bank account was ask for so how did they get it ? Did anyone else??? do this with no Bank Account number ?
      I understand that some people are still getting money stop out their account when the bank had stopped it ! How can this happen?

      • I have been caught out, I got RMA numbers returned the trial within the 14 days, put a stop via my bank on any further payments to the 2 accounts the postage payment was made to, and today £93 taken from my bank in a different name.Rang the customer services, have received E mails now confirming cancellation and a refund notice.Paid on my debit card, bank can’t do anything to stop payments if they keep coming up with different names am at my whits end!!!

        • Have now stopped my debit card to see if this prevents anymore money going out.

          • Hi.just reading through some of these and a kind lady private messaged me to say watch it,its a scam,l didn’t know her,so l looked into it more last night as l was waiting for my 2 trials paying postage only,anyway, they come this morning, l rung the bank and she blocked my card and lm due for a new one in July and she said it is only the way,same number though but different code on the back and they wont beable to take any money…Well,l rung that 0203 number and it rang and rang and an Idian chap answered,l kept calm and pleasant and explained l don’t want them as nobody said it will cost nearly 200 pounds a month from here on and lm a pensioner,can l have a RMA number,he offered me some cheaper ways,but l said no thankyou,he gave me these very long numbers and their returns address which is PO BOX 13511 EH49 7YH WEST LOTHIAN. said he would email me confirmation which he did straight away and lve made 2 copies of each and filed it on the laptop,so to be honest up to now ive paid the postage about 10 pounds for the 2 and nothing else had come out and shouldn’t as they have blocked my card.l will return them tomorrow by recorded delivery and just sit back and wait to see if anything does get taken out again,but shouldn’t do as its blocked,got to say,l joked about the very long RMA NUMBERS and he was quite pleasant and it was quick and straight forward ,but l acted quickly thanks to a very nice lady warning me on facebook,l will keep an open mind to see if they accept it back,but l have got those copy emails,l get stuff off a place in America called Bio Trust,they sound similar blokes talking,but they only send what you order,no trails and postage,but abit pricey,but never take money other than what you order,if you want more you have to reorder,they are very safe. Hope yours has been sorted and hope mine will be ok.take care.Jean

  51. Well, Well Well, Looks like i´m not the only one ! As soon as I found out this morning that they took 93.00 pounds from my account (overnight) under the name berrblastslim gb, I went into my bank first thing, and the bank even let me use thier phone to call the Visa fruad office, who have now blocked any more payments and they even rang them (nutriberry slim) and were listening in on the conversation and recording it, just incase of any further problems, I got the RMA number and an email confirming cancillation and then I posted back the trial bottle, We´ll see if I get any money back ! And then got back home and saw this site and saw that they also use other names like the one mentioned eirlier, So I rang Visa again and they have added this to the blocked names, (BERRBLASTSLIM GB and EXTREAMCLEANSE ) !! Note: Visa said that if any more money is taken, then the bank is reliable for any refund, now they have been informed…
    Now if that don´t work the only other thing to do is get a new card !!!
    Can live and hope that I will see my money being credited back into my account….

    That was my rent money too !

    I´m thinking now that I might just get a new card anyway, as the current one is due for replacment in October anyway!!

  52. I too am trying it on the trial run or so I thought until I realized that they had taken £93 out of my account, now I have to try and undo it. My husband is going to go blistic.

    • Hi can someone please provide an address of where they sent products back? I’ve just realised of this & I’m very scared/worried. I’ve called but the email only provide number I need to quote, where do I quote this number??? Any help would be great Kimberley

  53. I too have fallen for this scam. Colon fresh took 86.00 in February and ketone plus took 93.00 two days later I have never received any pills, then this month march they have taken 95.99 under nutriberry slim I have contacted my bank again and they say they will refund the last payment at the end of business today. Please be aware they are getting the money by changing names and amounts ,this time I have requested the bank cancel my card this seems to be the only way to stop the payments

  54. I have just called those scammers now and told them they are nothing but thieves! How can this be allowed to go on in a so called first world country? The banks seem to be spineless on such matters as well yet from speaking with them one can tell they have had more customers complaining of these scammers. I have lost £95 pounds to them! Do customers have any rights in this country?

  55. Whilst checking my online banking, this offer came up, after completing a survey on barclays banking.
    The Nutriberry was supposedly my reward for completing the survey. I paid the postage on my Barclaycard. One month later a payment of £94 was taken. I immediately contacted the Card people, who cancelled all future charges, and say that they will refund the debit.
    I was very fortunate that i used my Credit card, had I used my Debit card I would probably have lost my money.
    This scam originates in the USA, and i feel that they would be severely dealt with in their own country. Why are we so spineless and useless at stopping these parasites from preying on unsuspecting people in UK.

  56. I too have been scammed for £93 and £84. Never was told it was postage that was paying for or that these amounts would be taken out of my account. I was totally shocked and left short of money not to mention bank charges. I have left numerous emails via the confirmation email I received. I could not find no contact or address details to get in touch. I have returne the pills via recorded delivery and asking for a full refund. I still haven’t heard nothing. Its disgusting that they can get away with this scam on innocent and trusting people.

    • me too, I havn’t received any more other than the trial pack, I didn’t see any t&cs and have no paper work to contact them, I have emailed them through other peoples comments but they have come back as undelivered, I paid on my credit card so hopfully I will get a fefund and they don’t try to take any more

  57. The same thing happened to me. When I rang the company up to ask why they had taken a further 86.00 and 93.00 out of my account they told me my initial payments of 2.95 and 6.99 was for post and packaging only yet the confirmation orders the emailed back to me only had the amounts of 2.95 and 6.99 and the words “trial” price next to them. I phoned my bank and asked them to put a block against the company. A month later they deducted a further 95.99 under a different company name. I have since had to cancel my bank card to stop this happening again. Because I rang the Bank previously to let them know what had happened Santander actually refunded me the 95.00..I too could not get past Rudi when I rang Nutriberry, he was very abrupt and told me he could not put me onto a Manager/Supervisor and that he would get a Manager to call me back within 2hrs. When I asked the Managers name Rudi told me there where numerous Managers and he did not know which one would call back. I cannot believe there are people out there who can get away with this…surely Trading Standards could do something to stop this ?

  58. God this is awful we have all be scammed I only realised to-day the number I called was
    0845-528-1167 they have refunded 45% of the £77.90 taken from my account I feel I am lucky compared to some of you. I also bought another product Active Cleanse Organic they are the same company their number is 0845-528-0016. I have not received either of my sample products!! Sample my foot. How can these people get away with this there is no regulation at all. I called my bank and they assure me they have stopped all payments and I have e-mails from these two unscrupulous companies saying it is all cancelled lts hope this is an end to it . Hope this helps someone xx

  59. As soon as I had paid for the trial offer, I knew something was up so decided to Google it only to find out that it’s a huge scam. I called them on 020 3281 1046 and cancelled it all immediately. I am unable to get the £2 back that I paid for postage but he assured me that I will not receive any products nor will any payments be taken in future. i have a cancellation e-mail too.

    This is awful. Calling the bank now to ask them to keep an eye on my account for me.

  60. i too have been scammed however i phoned today and was adamant wanted to speak to a manager i have now received 2 e mails stating been cancelled !!!!wont hold my breath i also emailed phoned at first to no avail bloody nightmare and it looks like we are all being told the same sorry story !!!

  61. I too have been caught by this scam. I saw their ad on FB, endorsed by Dawn French, so paid for the trial for my wife. I admit I didn’t read T&C’s fully. The p&p was paid for Nutriberry and Vitacleanse on 6th Feb and products arrived on 12th Feb. I didn’t get a bank statement until middle of March and unfortunately didn’t really look at it. On 31st March we received another lot of Nutriberry and Vitacleanse. My suspicions where then raised. I looked on the internet and found several sites discussing the scam so looked at my bank statements. They had taken £93 on 17 Feb and £86 on 18th Feb. I contacted my bank (Barclays) immediately and they informed me a further £96 on 19 March and £92.95 on 20th March had been taken. I informed them of the situation and they have stopped any further payments. Sorry to bore you with dates, but they are significant. I then went online and found a copy of their own T&Cs. Their T&Cs state you have a 14 day period to cancel, however there were only 12 days between placing the order and the funds being taken from my account. There T&Cs also state “your shipping and handling charge which will be billed when your product ships; beginning approximately 45 days from your Initial Order Date”. The payment taken on 17th Feb is only 41days from initial order date. They are therefore in breach of their own contract terms on two counts. I have also checked Healthy Essentials Ltd on companies house. This is the name in the delivery note and the name of the company traced by Barclays Bank who is receiving the funds. The company filed its last accounts on 17th Dec 2013 as a Dormant company, it is therefore trading illegally.
    Armed with all this information I contacted them on 0203 281 1046 and spoke to a person in their call centre. I asked him to cancel my subscription and he initially could not find my account. I told him he must have it as he is sending me products. He eventually found it. Then asked why. I told him my wife did not want to take the product and I purchased it for her in error. He then agreed to cancel subscription after a lengthy discussion. I asked for a confirmation of cancellation email. I then asked him for an RMA number to return the products for a refund. He told me I had already paid for them and to keep the products. I began to insist on an RMA and informed him of the errors in their own contract. He went silent. I then informed him that the company was trading as a dormant company and this was illegal. He then asked me if I was recording the conversation. I said I wasn’t. He then accused me of recording the conversation and he was going to terminate it. He then cut me off. I still have not received the cancellation email after 5 days.
    I immediately rang Trading Standards (Citiziens Advice) and told them of the situation. They were aware of the scam. I was informed to write to both addresses (at the top of this web page) recorded delivery stating they were in breach of contract and stating dates, stating it was a misleading advert, ask for a full refund, and give them a deadline date to respond before further action is taken.
    I have passed on their T&Cs and details of my transaction to a relative who is a barrister. I will keep you updated on the outcome.

  62. Just an update from my email above. My friendly Barrister says under Consumer Protection (Distance Selling Regulations) 2000, they should send a copy of contract by email or in writing on ‘durable medium’ and terms on website are not good enough. So if you didn’t get it in writing, contract is void. Also under DSR para 3.48 The DSRs require the business to refund any money paid by or on behalf of the consumer in relation to the contract to the person who made the payment. This means the full price of the goods, or deposit or pre-payment made, including the cost of delivery. The essence of distance selling is that consumers buy from home and receive goods at home. In these circumstances, almost every case of home shopping will involve delivery of the goods ordered and so delivery forms an essential part of the contract.

    • Thanks for your guidance
      On contacting the company 0203 281 1046 I demanded under the above legislation a full refund however after a lengthy conversation I managed to obtain 50% Yet to been seen but thanks for the info

    • Another update on my email above 7th April.
      Bearing in mind I discovered my mistake after I had had 3 deliveries for 2 months, Barclays Bank fraud department have been brilliant. They sent me a form stating all the Nutriberry and Vitacleanse transaction dates and amounts, which I simply had to sign to confirm that the transactions were not authorized. I added to the Barclays form my Nutriberry customer number that appeared on the delivery notes so that they had some form of reference. Barclays form stated they would credit my account, however, that if they were unable to recover the money from Nutriberry it would be re-debited from my account. They also stated that Nutriberry had 28 days to refute the dispute and I would hear from Barclays after this date. I sent the form back and a week later ALL the money was back in my account. Its now been nearly 7 weeks and I still have the money in my account, so I assume its all done and dusted.
      At the same time I kept badgering Nutriberry Customer Services, they didnt want to cancel or refund because I had received product for over 2 months. I kept insisting that under the Distant Selling Regulations they were in breach of contract and eventually they agreed to cancel all future orders. I received a confirmation email later the same day. Ironically I still have the 6 tubs of Nutriberry and Vitacleanse pills. They said I could keep them as they had been paid for.
      My advice is to contact the fraud department of your bank and insist that the transactions were not authorised. Debit or Credit Card (I used a Debit Card). Keep badgering Nutriberry and insist on breach of contract under DSR. Even if they craftily send you a copy of their T&C by email after you speak to them, you still have 14 days to cancel after receipt of T&C, even if you have had the product for months. No hard copy (‘durable medium’) of T&C the contract is invalid. Be prepared for the call centre person to accuse you of recording the call if you start using legal terms. They will cut you off, but just ring them back.
      I count myself lucky. Good luck.

  63. I called them today and received an answer!! After reading through this I cancelled my order about 5 minutes after placing it! My order has been cancelled and further subscriptions have been too – I called 0845 528 1163 and received an answer straight away.

  64. I too fell for this scam at my age I should know better. On the day I received the free sample I sent an email as the advert said, to cancel. I never received a reply or anymore tablets so I assumed, wrongly, that was it. When my credit card statement arrived they had taken £93 out of my accoun but to add insult to injury never sent me further supplies which I did not want anyway. This morning at 8.35 I rang 02032811046 and spoke to customer services. I had great difficulty hearing the lady who was adamant that I should have rung the number in the terms and conditions to cancel. As I pointed out at least 5 times I did what the advert said and sent an email. After repeating this many times she said that she would cancel my order and return £50 to my account. Try as I might I could get no more but decided to accept as this was better than nothing and far than some, people seem to get. Two emails promptly arrived one cancelling the order the other saying they would reimburse me £50. I hope this is an end to the matter and hope this may help others in the same position.

  65. Just got my statement and saw the 93.00 pound taken out gutted phoned my bank he knew straight away who it is and cancelled my card I’ve had no more tablets yet and will ring them tomorrow to cancel.i had no idea of this scam and it s so called small print so they are getting away with it .thanks for the numbers to ring ..

  66. I too have been scammed by these people when I sent for my FREE trial of Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse from an advert I saw on Face Book.
    I paid p + p on my debit card. On checking my Barclays bank account some days later this fraudulent company had taken 2 separate payments of £93 and £86 for each product.
    I rang Barclays who put me through to their fraud dept. (debit card operations)
    Barclays said I was not the first to ring up about this scam . They said they would put a stop to any future payments being taken but should the company manage to take further monies, my bank would refund within 12 hours. I was told that even if I was given a new debit card , it is only the last 4 digits of the 16 digits that change. The first 12 digits are the same and companies only use the first 12 digits to take payment ?? according to Barclays.
    10 mins ago I rang 0845 528 1163 and spoke to and Indian gentleman !! called ALAN WATSON.
    I told him politely that I wished to cancel any future pills being sent to me . He did ask why and said I could have a 50% reduction on further pills, which I again politely declined. He then checked with me my e mail address to send confirmation of my cancelling both products and he said I would receive this within 24 hours. To my amazement , I received both cancellation e mails straight away. So here’s hoping that’s an end to this scam. I guess being polite helped ? Even though I am extremely angry at losing £179 of my hard earned cash and I did want to shout and curse, I opted for the polite approach. Its worth a try by you too, if your’e reading this.

  67. I too fell for this after clicking on a Facebook advert. Only once I pressed confirm did I think to Google the company and to my horror found all this negative information.
    I immediately cancelled with the company over the phone and received a cancellation email.
    I then rang my bank (halifax) who will not block further payments from this company if they try to take payment.
    If they do take a payment I will be refunded by the bank ….I received great customer service and felt relieved my bank were so helpful.
    THe lady I spoke to knee straight away which company it was and informed me the banks are working hard to try and shut down companies who are operating in this manner.
    I feel stupid for falling for the scam as I am normally quite vigilant. I hope these charlatans are soon stopped

  68. Sorry that should read the bank WILL stop not wont

  69. I got all my money back!!! I can’t believe it. – my story is here earlier on the page. Last week my bank card company wrote to me saying the company had reimbursed me twice 50€. I was relieved that I had at least got that – but that had been by my own efforts so I wrote back to the card company and asked ‘what about the rest of the money?’ – still over 90€. Today my bank statement came in and it’s all there. I just hope this is the last I hear of this despicable firm. And I hope everyone else is getting some encouragement for their efforts.
    I’ve been advertising this being a scam on fb and trying to make it known as much as possible. I hope no more poor folk get hooked.

  70. I followed the link on FB and ordered 8th march 2014, unfortunately did not read up until after the fact and got caught out with this scam. (Apparently come over from the grand old US of A).
    On 21st March 1 payment of £93 taken out of my account, contacted bank and they reported my card as stolen, unfortunately 2 days later another payment £79 came out, still no pills received.
    Tried emailing customer service but kept returning ‘failure notice’. Bank have re-imbursed the money back into the account but if their investigations find me liable they will take the money back??!!
    I contacted a lady on 0208 number and canceled the subscription, don’t know where I was ringing or which country but she did end by saying “have a nice day” (i’ll wait for the phone bill!!). no confirmation email received but I have sent an email to ‘orders@buyoceansbounty.com who, apparently, have canceled all future orders – we’ll have to wait and see as 31st March the pills arrived.

    I have contacted 1. ActionFraud, 2. Trading Standards – who basically cannot do anything as there hasn’t been a large influx of complaints?? SO PLEASE DO SO. 3. Citizens Advice Bureau 4. Consumer Services, Florida (as mentioned on one of the blogs above) who have sent the details to the so called business and await a reply (basically don’t hold your breathe) and finally 5. RipOff Britain (may be Angela Rippon or Gloria can televise it). Next stop: Don’t get Done, Get Dom…..
    Good luck everybody.

  71. Just to let you know. I signed up today for the free trial but was horrified when I read about this scam. I have just now phoned my bank which is Santander and they have put a block on these companies which are Colon fresh and Berryblastslim (one is for Nutriberry and the other Vita Cleanse) . I have just now also phoned 02032811046 which is the number for both of these companies and cancelled all orders and told them not to take any payments from my account. Unfortunately the trial period money has gone through (£2.99 and £6.95) but I have now received emailed cancellation notice from this company. I am so relieved it £10 I have lost and not the hundreds which has happened to others.

    • I’m another victim of this scam. But the point that I want to get across to who ever reads this is that you just don’t need to go into Nutriberryslim website for this free trial. As one day I was visiting the BBC website, and suddenly I got a flashing message, saying that I’ve been selected for a survey regarding BBC website (1 of 50) and once I complete , I will get a free gift. Well, that where we all fall for, isn’t it ??
      I participated in the survey and it was all about BBC website, nothing alarming and once I completed , I ended up in the rewards page. Should say , very smartly they had designed some rewards options, eg mini ipods, 20” TV but those were out of stock. The final reward on offer was a free bottle of Nutriberry worth of £99. I had to pay only the postage £2.99. Which I very happily did with my credit card. What happened next is the very obvious, but today I managed to call 02032811046 and some kind man mentioned that my order is now cancelled and he sent me an email confirmation. Hope this is good enough to protect me against any future payments to Nutriberry !!

  72. Hi! I’m from Belgium & i too fell for it!
    I’m trying everything to cancel this, but nothing works ..
    I tried sending an email, but it doesn’t deliver, it failed to send.
    I called every phonenumber that I could find, but no answers.
    Anyone who can help me ?

  73. I’m a mug as well
    On receiving my credit card bill I also was billed for £93 for Ketone pure and £86 for Extreme Cleanse (which I am also not in receipt of) I contacted Halifax Customer Services who were fully aware of this companies scam and have blocked any further payments from this company but were unable to reimburse any of the money
    After reading through the above complaints (and feeling more than sickened that these fraudsters can get away with this scam) I decided to have a chat on 0203 281 1046
    Initially the man from Florida with an Indian voice couldn’t find my account but after a lengthy conversation with him raising his voice and by me keeping my cool and quoting

    “Under Consumer Protection (Distance Selling Regulations) 2000, they should send a copy of contract by email or in writing on ‘durable medium’ and terms on website are not good enough. So if you didn’t get it in writing, contract is void. Also under DSR para 3.48 The DSRs require the business to refund any money paid by or on behalf of the consumer in relation to the contract to the person who made the payment. This means the full price of the goods, or deposit or pre-payment made, including the cost of delivery.”
    Pete’s blog from April 7th

    I was offered first a 30% refund and finally a 50% refund (two deposits back into my account of £43 and £47) If it turns up I’ll be amazed!
    If it does then £90 is a lesson sorely learnt from online shopping and not doing some homework searching first
    Next is too inform Trading Standards as the more we complain the bigger the problem it is and if TS do get involved it will save other people getting ‘mugged off’ and perhaps put a stop on further companies outside the UK ripping us English folk off
    I was supposed to be golfing this afternoon! So what a waste of time this has been for some diet pills as I have sat on my arse for the last two hours gaining pounds instead of bashing a little ball about and losing some ounces 🙁

  74. i to like many others tried these products
    but unlike many out there we found out before money went missing from our account
    but after 4 days my husband was reading someything about this company online
    and quickly searched further online until he found this site
    the wheels were put into motion there and then
    we emailed them 9 times without any returned emails
    so we looked again at your site and found the phone number to call i used the bottom number as the top number when i used it and mentioned cancelation the phone went dead
    so we got through to someone who told us we had to send to pills back [ even though they are a free trail ]
    the person gave me two long codes which you have to include into the packageing when sending the stuff back
    we made sure it was sent recorded delivery and they would have to sign for it
    on the day i got the codes and address to send the pills back they had the cheek
    to try to take money from my bank account
    they got nothing as i had canceled my debit card and let my bank know
    the bank told me that no money should be able to go out of my account now
    but if it did i was cov ered by visa and would get the money back
    i have learned my lesson with scams like this
    so i have re-joined the local gym [ sweat and tears is the only real way to keep fit and loose weight plus you can meet some great freinds
    my advice keep well away from these scammers

    • I too fell for this scam, but I immediately read these comments and rang the given number to cancel my order. The Indian man on the other end tried to persuade me to accept the pills as I had paid a non refundable P&P but I refused. I have received emails from them confirming my cancellation and I contacted my bank to make sure no further payments go out, if they do I can contact the banks dispute team who will be able to get the money refunded. All a bit scary and I am just glad that I read all these posts. The number I contacted them on was +44 (0) 20 3281 1046.

  75. I have ordered this this evening then googled the product came across you guys straight away I called 08005460185 who cancelled my order and I recieved a cancellation email straight away let’s hope fingers crossed this is the end of it!!!!!

    Cancellation Notification

    Thank you for using Vita Cleanse – Trial. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.

    If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

    • Hi Sarah

      I did as above……I must be stupid, what on earth was I thinking!
      Can i ask have you had anything further from them? I got the cancellation emails but also got the bank to put a stop on it and cancel my debit card. Just wondered if they had tried to take any money from you?



  76. Well guys i can’t believe im actually writing this but after ordering my TRIAL pills(Nutriberry & Vita Cleanse on sunday 30th march and sending them back thursday 17th april the company have now refunded me the full amounts that was taken from my debit card. On thursday 24th april both amounts of £89 and £93 have been credited back and refunded to me.When looking at my online banking i just coulding believe my eyes.Yes i lost out on the £8 p&p for sending the tablet’s back but it got the result we are all after. And its a small price to pay for getting the nearly £200 they took from me.
    So there is hope out there.
    When calling them please dont get angry or high rate with them i know this will be hard but this was the only was i was going to get the refund.
    The lady i spoke too was nice with me, all she did was ask for the barcodes from my receipt’s so she was able to track the pills i had sent back she they said yes mr Taylor we have received your items back and i have now issued your refund that will take 3 working days to credit your account. my account is now closed with them and i’m now happy this online scam has now ended with me being able to smile.
    hope you all get your refunds like i did. (fingers crossed)

  77. Like everyone else I was conned, suffering unauthorised debits against my Credit card. Contacted the bank and was assured no further debits by this company would be authorised by them and with immediate effect no interest will be charged from today’s date. Phoned 02032811046 and managed to speak to a chap with an Indian accent. He immediately stated he would cancel the subscription for Nutriberry Slim AND Vita Cleanse BUT no chance of a refund – even if I returned my latest delivery.
    Just received confirmation of cancellation for both products by E-mail.

  78. My bank say they can’t refund the £93, if anyone finds out how I can do this, please let me know.

  79. Just spoken to Rick on Customer services and he said to send back product by recorded delivery and my order will be cancelled and I will receive and e-mail to confirm this when they have the product back.. So fingers crossed this works as I am unemployed and can’t afford outrageous amounts of money for a supplement to lose weight

  80. I ordered my free trial today then read some of the comment, tried to email them but it did not go through so called customer services and cancel my order straight away. I told them about themselves and was not taking for a answer they sent me a confirmation email straight away and my cancelation is now done just in cased I phoned my bank and they have blocked them from my account. If they did take any money my bank said they would have refunded me back don’t give up and let them get away with it.

  81. I fell for this scam. This popped up when I was on another site using my mobile phone as a browser and I didn’t see any of the terms and conditions, so I only noticed that I had been suckered when I was recently checking my bank statements and noticed both this product and the VitaCleanse (or something similar) sold with it had been devoted from my account on two occasions, for £89 and £75 or so respectively. Then I got to post office cards which turned out to be the second shipment of the products. I phoned the number on the despatch note today (0203 281 1046) and after being told I would be called back, I managed to get hold of someone on my second call who said he would cancel my order but refused to accept the products back or offer a refund, saying that they were entitled to charge me as I had signed up to the automatic despatch. I’m waiting for the email confirmation.

    This has left a nasty taste in my mouth and certainly means I will not be using the web on my mobile or buying from sites that I don’t know very well in future. Thi is not like me to get taken for a ride and it’s worse given that there is no recourse to justice.

  82. we all need to get justice and our money back.

    So may people have been scammed, I don’t understand that the banks or trading standards can help??? they can see a number of people have had this happen.

    There must be a way of getting the money refunded

  83. i too fell for this i rang the 020 number and emailed and had no answer but i rang 08005460185 and someone answered straight away i have been told that it has been cancelled and i will receive no further charges so hopefully thats the end

  84. uh!i did it too but like 3 day ago and just now found out bout all that craziness!first thing what ive just done canceled my card,no money have been take yet,just for trials.So im lucky to find it out early enought….thanks god !:)

    • Hey, do you know if you’ve been charged since? And what bank are you with if you don’t mind me asking. Haven’t heard any reviews about Natwest being helpful/ unhelpful. Thanks!

  85. I’ve just been charged £94 on my credit card called them they say its not them what can I do?

  86. Hi

    I admit, I fell for it.
    I’ve managed to get the vitacleanse cancelled, but they do no recognize my nutriberry shipment. Therefore it can not be cancelled.
    What to do?
    The email comes back, mailbox full.
    I tried the phone numbers posted here and on the dispatch note. When I ordered I noted the cancellation details, and now they are saying they do not know my order? What the F*ck?
    I’ve read the fine print, I new I wanted to cancel after the first delivery, but now I can’t?
    Any advise please?

    • Hi if they say they do not recognise your order…how can they charge you ? I got through on the 0845 number posted here

  87. I too got pulled into this and was charged £93+ for each bottle. I’ve phoned my bank to today and they have confirmed that if there are any more withdrawals from the account then I will be insured by the bank. (This is Lloyds Bank Disputed Payments department).
    I have just found the Nutriberry Slim T&Cs and successfully phoned their customer services dept and apparently got my subscription cancelled. However their email address of customer services@nutriberryslim.com does not work. I should be getting a confirmation from them in the next 24 hours by email so keeping my fingers crossed. By the way my bank seemed to know all about the company and how the promotion worked. Keeping my fingers crossed that is will have worked and that it might for others out there.

  88. I also fell for this scam over the weekend. I just got through on the 0800 line and asked to cancel and said I don’t wish to receive the products. I was informed that they cannot cancel on the system my order until I return the products, which they reckon I will receive in the next 2-3 days. However, in the meantime, I have spoken to my bank to stop any further payments coming out. Good luck everyone else, let’s hope these people get stopped sooner rather than later.

    • Hiya, I’ve doen the same thing, can you let me know how this has all worked out now? have you cancelled the subscription, any otter issues etc?? Thanks

  89. I got all my money back from this awful company – so you too should be able to get the amounts refunded

    • hi there , how did you manage to get your money back
      i also was ripped by this company ( had one bottle of nutriberry as trial delivered , nothing from extreme cleanse and they ripped my bank account for 89 and 93 euros )

  90. I checked my bank over the bank holiday weekend, and I was shocled to see £93 had been taken out of my account, so I went to the bank (lloydstsb) today , and they gave me a card services number which I have just called, and they said that they are having loads of calls regarding ketone advanced. The card services team were very helpng at my bank, and they have blocked ketone advcanced from atking any more money from my account. Although they told me to get in touch woth ketone advanced to see if they would give me a refund, but i can get hold of them. This is the 1st time I have ever been scammed, and it will be the last. Not a happy bunny at all.

  91. I stupidly fell for this scam too and have paid the heafty price of £93 so I went to the bank Lloyds and they gave me a card services number to ring . A very helpful lady who knew all about the scam ( not the only product) has cancelled all further payments but can not get my £93 back .
    Have also rang nutriberry to get shipments cancelled and a confirmation email has been sent .
    This is the first time I have been scammed and its scary too think how easy it is for them too do it.So lesson learned .

  92. Thank all of those who contributed to this site which enabled this idiot to stop his order. Very difficult dealing with the company as the telephone number of customer service did not exist, not one e-mail was ever answered, and for the last 3 days the customer service number +44 (0) 2032811046 (in Connecticut USA) was unavailable. I was transferred to a call centre, which I assume was in India, on one call and had a very frustrating experience on a terrible line with an assistant who didn’t use any sort of phonetic code to confirm spellings etc., ending up with him asking me to call back tomorrow! I never received an order number, I cancelled by phone within 1 hour of placing the order but never received a cancelled order number. Despite being informed on the telephone that the order had been cancelled they could not confirm by e-mail – and a part of the order was delivered to me 5 days later! I was given the Florida Attorney General web site to make a complaint if I did not get satisfaction and I finally got through to another customer service number 0845 528 1163 (In New York state USA) who dealt with my query quickly, and efficiently. Thanks again to you all who have helped me to sort this mess out.

  93. So basically i called them and they said they will cancel it when i send the bottles back, but not sure if they want the remaining tablets in the bottles? So if anyone knows could you answer that question? Apparently i will not get charged any further but you never know.

  94. I also fell for this scam (in March) they took £93 from my account before I had even received the trial offer and before I knew it was a scam……..When I saw that the money had gone from my account I immediately called them and cancelled, I said I had not even received the trial and they argued with me saying that Royal Mail had confirmed the delivery..this was a lie…. low and behold I received the trial offer 2 days later. When I went on the phone again and demanded my £93 back, the person I spoke to offered me £47 which I refused…..I said my bank were now going to deal with it and they will not hear from me again, I will not do business with a company that treats customers like this and is so dishonest…….Thanks to Barclays Bank, I have been onto my account today and my £93 is now in my account. I will never click on a link again for anything, if I want to buy, I will go straight to an official website………I have learned my lesson.

  95. I also got caught with this scam, my tablets arrived on sat morning and at lunch time I decided to google them only to find out about this scam, I phoned the 020 number and spoke to someone in india ( I think) told her that I did not want the items and ask for a RMA number she gave me the two numbers and told me that the numbers must be on the front under the address.I also phoned the 0800 number to confirm the RMA numbers were correct, I straight away got on to my bank (lloyds) explained what I had done he cancelled my card to prevent further payments. I sent the two parcels by recorded signed for to the PO box. When speaking to these people you must not loose your temper and ask as many questions as you can think of. My parcels were posted monday lunch time and were delivered the next day, I phoned the 0800 number gave him the bar code and after a couple of minutes he confirmed and sent an email that the account was closed. I was lucky that i only paid the postal charges. I hope that helps anyone who reads this.

  96. Hi all, I got my bank statement the other day and noticed that I had been charged an additional £93 on top of the postage! I tried to ring them but I could not seem to get through. It turns out that once you have the product you can only send it back with an RMA number, if you send it back without one then you don’t get your money back! Scam or what?!
    The number I found was 08005460185, you just state that you want to return the items due to them taking money out that they shouldn’t have. When I found the number, they had removed the 0 from the begging which confused me, so remember, the number to call is 0800 546 0185. Make sure they give you an RMA number for EACH product that you want to return.

    • Also I forgot to mention, they tried to bargain with me an offer of a 30% refund and I could keep the product, this then increased to 50% refund and to keep the product. In the end I demanded a full refund and they gave me it.

      • Grateful thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences…..it’s all been very comforting, knowing I’m not the only one to be trusting enough to sign up for a free trial! I spoke to an Indian gentleman at the Nutriberry call centre who assured me that I had no need to worry about a thing!…. that I could consume the pills anyway, and just send the empty bottles back with their RMA numbers.
        I have today returned the package, complete with both RMA numbers, by recorded signed- for post and will wait and see what happens.
        Prior to speaking with the rep I had sent two emails which both bounced back. After speaking with him I did receive an email straightaway for each product, acknowledging that I wished to return the bottles…but neither actually stated I had cancelled the order, even though it was agreed verbally. I sent a further email to the OceansBounty.com asking for confirmation that my order was CANCELLED and no further monies will be taken. No reply from that….why doesn’t that surprise me?!
        My Bank, First Direct, were extremely helpful and reassured me that they will take measures to ensure no unauthorised payments are taken from my visa credit account. As soon as I mentioned the name of the company the lady at First Direct knew all about it and had had many calls from customers with the same concerns.
        So, so far , so good…I’ve only lost the cost of the initial postage, plus the return postage…

  97. hi cant believe I was scammed too…ohhh the shame. I received the berry product and vita cleanse from a face book advert from yes The channel 4 tv show and the wonderful claims. Well when I went on line banking earier I noticed an 86.00 and a 93.00 payment had been taken called the bank and will need to call back tomorrow but they are aware of this, in the meantime I called the 0845 number at the top of the page and spoke with a raj offshore services, he wouldn’t listen t me so I asked for a manager he said he coodnt get me a manager without a reason ,,,ehhh the reason is I want my money back still refused, I told him I would replace the call and call straight back if the manager did not respond immediately… then I get hello mrs ross im a supervisor and im called roger parker what the problem…… had steam coming out my ears by them. I explained that when I took the 30 dayFREE trial I had been charged post and packaging for them so they should be mine.. so why had they taken another 93 and 86 for what. he kept trying to speak over me and when I told him to listen to me that I had my fone on loudspeaker recording and with my sons in the same room and asked him to repeat what he said….Yes mrs ross you gave us permission to take these payments ..I have no contract!!! I told him I have already cancelled the bank and as I was very annoyed he offered me 60.00 cost back I said no thanks I need it all I have children and bills and if that’s not going to happen I will be in touch with the newspapers, channel 4 breakfast( cos they campaigned it for them) time and legal representation after him trying to speak and me shouting what he would be doing he told me if I send back I will lose 10..00 charge only. HMMMM im daft but not that daft I have emailed the company email he gave me given his name and work id number detailed the conversation and should receive confirmation soon. fingers crossed

    • update!!!
      further to this I have sent 4 emails to 2 different address (both given to me by different customers service reps) I have also spoken to the bank TSB who were very helpful they have blocked any further payments and also advised that I send the products back recorded delivery. if I haven’t heard back from the within 15 days I have to get the bank to fax my tracking receipt to the disputes department who will pay the money back to my account and persue the company on my behalf . out of pocket until then but at least its a positve result result

  98. Hi Folks
    Is Ketone Burn the same scam? I too did a short survey where you were promised a free trial for your trouble! I have not receive the product and intend speaking to my bank to either block them or cancel my debit card. I will then try contacting them to cancel any further shipments. Not sure if I should bother returning the product as this is more money in their pockets!

  99. I too have been scammed with both Nutriberry and Vita cleanse as advertised on Facebook.

    I havent yet had any extra monies taken from my account, but on receipt of the product I researched further and seeing these posts, immeidately contacted my bank. They advised as I had submitted my card details then I had given them continuous authorisation to take further payments, and that they couldn’t stop these. I have cancelled my card in the hope that changing the 3 digit number on the rear of the new issued card will help.

    I contacted Healthy Essentials on the 02032811048 number and was eventually put through to a very rude man in India, who immediately asked me to ring back after 5 hours as they were having technical issues. I refused and asked to speak to a manager and he put the phone down on me.

    I then contacted the 0845 5281163 number and spoke to someone a little more helpful. Ask for a return number for your order which you have to write on the front of the returning envelope. I am posting this recorded delivery.

    The operator confirmed I will recieve a confirmation email in 24 hours that my so called unintended ‘subscription’ has been cancelled, though he did try to encourage me to take the pills to see what they were like. I refused. He stated I had 30 days in which to return them. They are being returned today. Lets see what happens!

  100. I too have been scammed and all my bank can do is block it but still possible to take out money. This is a joke. 93pound then 89pound taken from me just before my daughters birthday.. very unhappy

  101. Hi everyone,

    I too was caught out with this scheme but did phone a number and manage to get through to someone. I told them I wanted to cancel future orders and within 5 minutes received an email confirming that had been done. Try this number: (0845) 528 1163

    The man who answered the phone was incredibly rude but does seem to have cancelled my order and I do have the email proof. Good luck!

  102. Hi I have fallen for this scam as well I phoned them and was told I could cancel my vita cleanse as I was just at the 14 days I have to post the tablets back to confirm cancellation. however I got charged for the nutriberry and had £93 taken from mu account… was told that the cancellation was 12 days and I missed it all they could do was cancel and could not refund.. but it clearly states on the website you have 30 days to post back and will be refunded when I phoned back and stated this they gave me a rmd number and told me I could send the tablets back by recorded delivery and would be refunded £83 as they chargee a 10% restock charge. . But £83 is better than nothing so call them and state there agreement of exchange and refund within 30 days and you will get your money back

  103. Sorry to admit that I too have been taken in by the hype and the ‘too good to be true’ offer of the trial price for this product. The advert (which I thought I had read thoroughly) is misleading as it turns out you sign up to a monthly subscription at a cost of £98.00. When the second bottle arrived this week I rang the number on the delivery note ( the returns label had been removed from the bottom) and spoke to someone in India who said tough basically!! After much wrangling they cancelled my ‘subscription’ but told me I couldn’t return the pills but could have a £50 refund into my account – but I’m not that hopeful. I did get a confirmation e-mail that this will happen though. As far as I can tell they don’t work but have cost me £48 – what a total idiot!

  104. I checked my account an hour ago and I was horrified to see that £95.99 was debited from my account on 24.05.2014

    I ordered a “free” bottle on 04.04.2014 – paying £2.99 postage. I actually never even opened the package when it arrived.

    I only opened it this morning and phoned the 0203 281 1046 number which is on the despatch note. I was then transferred to a guy in India, who was most unhelpful. He informed that my 14 day trial had come to end and therefore my monthly subscription had now been shipped (22.05.2014)

    I don’t know where these dates come from because if I was on a 14 day trial that would have expired on 18.04.2014 !!

    Anyway he told me that I was not entitled to a refund but he did send me a confirmation of cancellation email.

    In the meantime I have sent 2 emails to customerservice@trynutriberryslim.com asking for RMA numbers – one for the original “free” bottle and the second for yet to be delivered bottle. I will let you know if I receive a refund.

    I am horrified that this company is allowed to trade in this way. Not only do I feel so shocked at the loss of my money I also feel so stupid.

    Sadly by the next time somebody else reads these reviews, no doubt they will also have been cheated and robbed

    Now to contact my bank to prevent any future payments going to these scammers

    • hi there am having the same problem as you…however, i managed to cancel the payment by calling my merchant bank (am using credit card)…did you receive any cancellation email?

  105. Hi

    I too thought that the online advert made it worth a try at £2.99 and £6.99. There was very little paperwork with the products when they eventually arrived, well AFTER the 14 days. At no point was there any mention of signing up for monthly supplies at that huge price. As one of them stated that I should ask my doctor before I used it, I had to wait, as it was not urgent, and thought no more about it until yesterday when I received my credit card bill. OUCH !! I had not kept the shipping details. I have just found and read all these posts and am horrified to find that I am in such good and numerous company. I was thinking that I was the only stupid person who would fall for this sort of scam. Thank goodness for sites like this where we can get information and share experiences.

    I will get in touch with my bank/card provider ASAP and hope they can help. I have just phoned 02032811046 and spoken to a polite man who said that as my 14 days were up, he could do nothing about a refund. I said that I wished to cancel any further orders and wanted a confirmatory email for proof, which he promised would be forthcoming. I will be interested to see the response. I will also be in touch with Trading Standards and “Watchdog” and “You and Yours” on BBC Radio 4.

    I can ill afford to lose the money already taken, but hopefully, thanks to all the rest of you, I can stop it right there.

  106. I like everyone else got caught by the scam, but was able to ring the number given by Jay which worked, so thanks. Spoke to a women who was extremely difficult to understand but we got there. As I had had a reaction to the supplement she said she would cancel immediately. Wait for the email! She also said that the free trial was only for 12 days and I had to pay for the rest of the month’s supply. Enough said.
    Email as proof has just arrived.

  107. Like some of you I paid for a trial – I was told terms and conditions expired in 12 days, hadn’t had my trial by then – they have taken £400 out of my account within the month of April. I cannot take them either because I have a stomach disorder, spoken several times to both numbers – phone was put down a few times – my Bank doesn’t want to know so I am writing an official complaint. I was offered £45.00 off each of the last order (which incidentally I didn’t) I just wanted to try the trial. I said I am going to Trading Standards – Financial Ombudsman and the Press and the person dropped the phone again. What can we do –

  108. Hi I also have fallen for this scam, I am so angry with myself for falling for it. I like everyone else ordered my free trial of Nutriberry and vita cleanse paid p&p with my card. Checked today and they have taken £46.50 from my account, I think I have got of lightly compared to what other people have been charged. I spoke to India got told to send them back recorded delivery and they would give me £36.50 back. Also spoke to my bank who have blocked them from taking anymore money out. Has anyone returned the pills and got a refund? We need to stick together and try to get something done about this as Elaine above said!! What can we do?

  109. Hello everyone, this is a complete joke and like the rest of yous I have been worrying like mad. The day I ordered ketone and vita cleanse, I cancelled two hours later by ringing the company. They sent me a cancellation notification through email. Also I got in contact with my bank and they cancelled my card and blocked them. However, a day later I got another email saying your order is on its way, even though I cancelled it :(( Today, the products arrived and tomorrow Im sending them back. I have an address here, Do i need a RMA ? and how do I write this on the enevelope ? Also even though I have cancelled my card they can still take money of me , this is driving me mad as I am a single money and dont earn much …Would I be better of closing my account with the bank and openeing a different one ?? The bank investigate I know but from what ive read it leads on and on I dont haved the time, patience and money from that. Can someone help please? Id really apprecaite it thanks

    • Cher, you do need a RMA number just write it on the envelope under the address.send it as registered or tracked with Royal Mail, expensive I know but important you must have proof that they have received the pills back.

  110. Hi all

    Think I have just been “had” too, saw it on face book with Pauline Quirk and thought looked good, should have realised!!!!!!! I have just called my bank and they have stopped the payments coming out BUT I threw the shipping order away!!!!!
    The bank didnt seem surprised about it either which concerns me too.
    I am waiting to see what else comes out of my account as only paid the small figures at the moment

    • I ordered these like everyone else , but didn’t read the terms and conditions,found out it was a scam after 8 days, rang and got RMA numbers posted back on Thursday, checked my Royal Mail tracking no and they had been received and signed for on Saturday also on Friday rang my bank (Santander) and put a stop on the 2 accounts the postage had been taken with, thought everything would be ok, no, today Monday using a different name £93 taken from my account but not actually paid to them yet, my bank says until it has been paid out fully They cant do anything,so call back when it shows on my account. Rang the number again and asked why they had taken this money, they checked that my return had arrived and was within the cancellation period, yes, couldn’t understand why I had been charged and sent me an E mail saying I will get a refund paid onto the original payment details. In the meantime in a panic I had rung my bank (again) and stopped my debit card. Worried sick with all this.

      • Update.
        So relieved, they have refunded my £93 !!!!!

        • Just to add, I returned my samples and cancelled within 9 days of placing the order but only thanks to this page, more by luck than judgement, had googled Nutriberry really to see if it worked and to my horror discovered all the problems people were having.Thank you!! Hopefully this is the end of it for me, will be making it my business to warn as many as I can not to enter this free trial!

    • Ring the number on here get RMA numbers send goods back to the Lithlingow address by tracked or registered Royal Mail. They might take money under a different name usually £93.


      PO box 13511
      West Lothian
      EH49 7YH
      put RMA numbers on the front of envelope under the address.
      important to do this before the 14 day trial expires.

      • If you do everything correctly as above and still get a payment taken ring the Number and ask why, they will want your RMA numbers and the Royal Mail Tracking number, I also had the name of whoever had signed for my return by checking my tracking no. They will issue you with confirmation e-mails regarding a refund and that the account is closed. If you go over the trial period before cancelling but get charged when the money leaves your bank account you will need to claim back via your bank as an unauthorised payment. This was for a debit card payment.You may have an easier route if it is a credit card payment. I would advise you cancel your cards and get new ones in any case.

        • When you ring, stay calm,polite,but assertive remember the people manning the call centres are low paid workers and they are not the brains or instigators of this scam.

          • Finally, the most important mistake I made was not reading the terms and conditions of the free Trial, so technically this isn’t a scam as in the TC’s it does state that unless you return the goods within the trial period they will take money and keep sending goods.However they took £93 out of my bank account on what would have been day 12 of my trial, also they send out 30days supply leading you to believe that the trial is for 30days.

  111. Recurring Payments (Continuous Payment Authoritities) are what collars your cash.

    Absolutely Insist to your bank that they MUST cancel any payments. 
    Many call takers do not know that it is a legal requirement for the bank to cancel. 
    Any payments made after 24 hours should then be refunded.

    The call centres for the Raspberry Ketones product ‘Nutriberry Slim’ & Health Supplement ‘VitaCleanse’ are in Clearwater Florida. I have been advised by a manager there that it is not worth bothering with e mails!!!!!!

    A freephone for them exists 08005460185 and their product return address is happily in West Lothian Scotland
    Hassle the devil out of the call centre,be imaginative & think out of their box always insisting on speaking to a Manager if you fancy something to do to while away a wet day.
    Be polite but firm with them. Just keep calling them back if your time allows. It costs them money to employ these poor call takers. Some of them are very hard to understand but persist.

    They record conversations but unlike UK do not advise you of this.
    After a hard day for them last friday they may alter this policy as it can work against them! 
    Many and varied are their people but their menu does seem very limited.

    • Problem is as fast as you block them taking money they change the name and take money with new unblocked accounts. Once this happens you have to go along the unauthorised payments route to get the money back. In the end I didn’t have to do this as they refunded because luckily I had returned the goods within the 14 days of the trial period. If you don’t do this then you start to have the real problems.

  112. OFFER TERMS: By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of Nutriberry Slim (just pay £5.95 S&H). If you feel Nutriberry Slim is not for you, cancel within 12 days from today to avoid the purchase price of up to £93 and enrollment in the auto-shipment program. Forty-five days after you start your trial and every thirty days thereafter, we shall send you a fresh 30-day supply of Nutriberry Slim and charge you £93. You may cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at 8005460185.

    This is what I didn’t read.!!

  113. So if you don’t return and in effect cancel within 12 days of your order you have by ticking the tc box agreed to pay £93 for your so called free trial. You must cancel asap to prevent any further payments being made, don’t think blocking accounts payments have already been made to will prevent anymore payments going out, they will change their name they have many and get your money. also by ticking the tc box you have agreed they can do this.

  114. If you ask your BANK (in UK) to stop the evil RECURRING OR ‘CONTINOUS’ payments they absolutely have to do it. It is a rule.
    Payments already taken are pretty much up to you to sort out best you can.

    Many bank call takers are not aware of that LEGAL requirement.
    Insist it is fact, ask for a manager if necessary.
    Make sure both payments are blocked if you are affected by 2.

    It will be effective in 24 hours.

    Any more payments the bank will have to refund, they will be vigilant for similar payments after the block is actioned.

    • Brian
      Problem is as fast as you block them taking money they change the name and take money with new unblocked accounts. Once this happens you have to go along the unauthorised payments route to get the money back. In the end I didn’t have to do this as they refunded because luckily I had returned the goods within the 14 days of the trial period. If you don’t do this then you start to have the real problems.So if you don’t return and in effect cancel within 12 days of your order you have by ticking the tc box agreed to pay £93 for your so called free trial. You must cancel asap to prevent any further payments being made, don’t think blocking accounts payments have already been made to will prevent anymore payments going out, they will change their name they have many and get your money. also by ticking the tc box you have agreed they can do this.

  115. Getting the RMA # & even returning their crap (they agreed to accept empty containers from me) to West Lothian will result in a ‘Restocking/Handling) fee of £10 for each of their products.
    (If they actually pay up)

    Hmmm! I offered a photo as proof of receipt as I do not trust them at all.
    Their record & comments on this site speaks for ithemselves.

    Why do they absolutely need their tubs back?
    Set me wondering!

    On both Nutriberry & their VitaCleanse food supplement which is marketed alongside Raspberry Ketone (Nutriberry) there is a warning.


    Seriously really do BEWARE of this

    VitacCeanse contains Slippery Elm (bark)

    That stuff causes mis-carriages & is also used in abortions.

    I just wonder why they can’t earn their $’s in an honest & morally acceptable way for a reasonable charge,

    • Good info Brian. Please contact Anne Robinson on the Watchdog prog and get this mob exposed!! They and their product are dangerous!!

  116. i have just discovered i have fallen for this scam i am going to bank to ask them to block this what else can i do

    • Julie King
      Ring the number on here get RMA numbers send goods back to the Lithlingow address by tracked or registered Royal Mail. They might take money under a different name usually £93.


      PO box 13511
      West Lothian
      EH49 7YH
      put RMA numbers on the front of envelope under the address.
      important to do this before the 14 day trial expires.

    • Hi Julie

      Im the same just discovered it this morning. Thot id been scammed for £180 when I went to the bank found out it was nearly £400. Bank cant do anything about it other than stop any further payments. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      Ive sent an email to Watchdog to get them onto them. Wee Anne will rip them apart!!

      Why dont you and all the other folks on here do the same??

  117. Julie King
    If you do everything correctly as above and still get a payment taken ring the Number and ask why, they will want your RMA numbers and the Royal Mail Tracking number, I also had the name of whoever had signed for my return by checking my tracking no. They will issue you with confirmation e-mails regarding a refund and that the account is closed. If you go over the trial period before cancelling but get charged when the money leaves your bank account you will need to claim back via your bank as an unauthorised payment. This was for a debit card payment.You may have an easier route if it is a credit card payment. I would advise you cancel your cards and get new ones in any case.

  118. Debit cards you are not protected. Im afraid weve all lost out to this mob!!!

    • Jinky
      you must cancel your account with them or they will keep taking payments in different names from the ones you have blocked and cancel your debit card say it has been stolen or lost,

  119. Please write to Anne Robinson at Watchdog I did !!!

  120. OFFER TERMS: By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of Nutriberry Slim (just pay £5.95 S&H). If you feel Nutriberry Slim is not for you, cancel within 12 days from today to avoid the purchase price of up to £93 and enrollment in the auto-shipment program. Forty-five days after you start your trial and every thirty days thereafter, we shall send you a fresh 30-day supply of Nutriberry Slim and charge you £93. You may cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at 8005460185.

    This is what I didn’t read.!! and they can legally keep taking money if you ticked the terms and conditions box. make sure you cancel to stop any more money going out.

  121. I cancelled on day 9 of the trial but they took £93 on day 12. I got a refund immediately but if I had cancelled after day 12 would have lost the money and because I ticked the T & C box it would have been legal. You must cancel the account or they will continue to take money in different names.

  122. 02032811046 ring this no, get RMA number and send pills back. tracked or registered by Royal Mail. once returns are received they should close your accounts.

    PO box 13511
    West Lothian
    EH49 7YH
    put RMA numbers on the front of envelope under the address

    you must do this 1st and stop your cards, then start arguing about refunds, on same phone number. If more than 12 days has elapsed you may well lose £93 min.

  123. Expose them everywhere you can online…. Keep telephoning their Clearwater Florida Freephone Number …. which is:

    0800 546 0185

    Just keep repeating that you want to speak to a manager, eventually they will put you through

    Kurt Freeman has helped a little on my issues. There is also a ‘Rick’ & a ‘Max’ and an ‘Addy’

    They always ask you at end of call, “Is there anything else I can help you with today” say ‘Tes pleas and repeat what you started with :)… good sport whilst there is rubbish on the box!

    Insist that their Terms & Conditions became your contract in UK and that you do not think they are meeting their terms as you purchased with a UK company (don’t tell them just why) Possibly Health Essentials Limited, Cardiff.
    Say you are bound by UK laws unlike them
    Say you are advised that heir contract is very likely invalid in UK so they must return ALL of your money within 5 days.
    Don’t tolerate the Restocking/Handling charge of £10 on EACH product.

    Tell them you do not think the products themselves meet the standards of what was advertised.

    Be inventive but also keep most of it it simple, it seems they work to a very strict menu so you can spend a lot of time refusing order number/name/email several times.
    Complain about the rubbish reception maybe caused by their recording equipment. Ask for email addresses, get them repeating them several time and tell them they don’t work. That takes ages with repeats!!!

    Ask them about their morals and why they want to work for such a suspect operation.

    Ask why they don’t market their product at a proper ‘Market Rate’ of maybe £20 for a months supply & survive on the quality and recommendation rather than a quick buck.

    Mention the abortion drug contained in the supplement Vitacleanse …… it is called ‘Slippery Elm (bark).

    Ask if it does not bother them that they are distributing something which can cause mis-carriages.

    Keep calling whenever you can…. let’s wear them down… the calls cost them both time and charges.

    Tell them you also charge for your time maybe £25 to £30 per hour.

    I contacted Citizens Advice/Consumer Services on 08454040506.
    I think it is ‘option 3’ — Hannah was very helpful but as it was a Debit payment she said to contact bank and ask for a ‘Chargeback’ It would be at their discretion as made on a Debit payment.
    She then put me through to Trading Standards as from what I told her it seems there may be a fraud.

    Keep on at the Nutriberry/Vitacleanse lot in USA.
    I have been offered a FULL Refund now if I use the RMA (yes to be put on front of envelope) if I return my EMPTY containers to West Lothian using recorded or tracked.

    I have refused as these containers are ‘evidence’

    Any legal people out there who can give a little advice to us?

    Keep on at them and make sure they have indeed cancelled your payments, ask them for emailed or posted confirmation of this.

    • Hi Brian

      I got scammed for nearly £400 and just by luck it cld have been nearly £600. Bank cancelled everything for me and assured me they wont send them anymore money I phoned them and pleaded (nicely) for my money to be returned as Im a pensioner and no way cld afford £200 pm.They agreed to return one payment (still waiting) but I think I can say ta ta to £190. Anyone got all of their money back?? I havent told any of my family how stupid Ive been!!

      • Good for you jinky44 I have been advised to ask for a ‘chargeback’ on my debit. It is not a lactually a legal requirement but Visa/Mastercard etc. may make a payment at their discretion.
        Not stoopid, it is a deception with its disguised terms & conditions.which many have fallen for.
        Let Watchdog know
        Trading standards too after speaking to Citizens advice.
        Raspberry Ketone capsules are actually available for £48 for 9 months supply (520) via. Gropupon.
        I think I will be writing to President Obama asking why he is allowing a company in his country to scam a friendly nation.

  124. Brian

    These are the terms and conditions which we all ticked and didnt rOFFER TERMS: By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of Nutriberry Slim (just pay £5.95 S&H). If you feel Nutriberry Slim is not for you, cancel within 12 days from today to avoid the purchase price of up to £93 and enrollment in the auto-shipment program. Forty-five days after you start your trial and every thirty days thereafter, we shall send you a fresh 30-day supply of Nutriberry Slim and charge you £93. You may cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at 8005460185.

    This is what I didn’t read.!!

    Reply ↓ead, they can keep taking your money and will using different names unless you cancel.

  125. Look what popped up in my emails today! Only took them a month to reply!

    “Thank you for using Nutriberry Slim – Rebill. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.

    If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.”

    Good Luck to all of you who are having an anxious time retrieving your money.

  126. Just received an email tell me all my future charges have been cancelled. I will read all T & Cs 10 times in future!! Then junk them!!!

  127. Did anyone apart from me contact Watchdog and Anne Robinson??

  128. What is the RMA and what does it stand for?? Where do you get it?

    • RMA = Return Merchandise Authorisation (a long number)

      Get it from (free) 08005460185

      Keep on at them until they give it to you.

      Politely insist on a ‘Manager’

      THe RMA needs to be put on front of Return Packages.

      They will very likely try to insist on a ‘Restocking/Handling’ charge of £10 on each product.

  129. The only reason they want ur bank details is to hit ur account for the big money not for the P&P.

  130. Credit card payments are covered if over £100. Debit card is all of the money as long as long as its a VISA debit card.

  131. Oh dear…I spoke too soon! They had already attempted to take two payments out of my bank account. One was stopped by the bank but the other the bank had to allow……as far as I could make out because it was taken out in a slightly different name. Bank said not to worry… the bank will refund it all by next week…hopefully!

  132. Read my message of 7th April. I got all my money back.

    • Good stuff Pete, thanks for detail of their errors causing the deception to be wrong in law.

      I have repeatedly told them that their ‘contract’ … Terms & Conditions are not legal in UK.

      I am sure the answer is to keep harassing them on their ‘freephone’ foreign staffed line

      080005460185 Clearwater Florida) other #’s get diverted there as well.

      Even the ‘managers’ that I have spoken to can’t converse properly regarding sales in UK.

  133. That’s good news Pete….. thanks for sharing your experience with this company with us ……I remember your previous detailed post.

  134. Well I feel a complete idiot!!! Stupidly sorted out the trial without reading the small print.Emailed and rang them to cancel within the hour and have a cancellation email from then stating all ongoing and future charges are cancelled. Am still cancelling my debit card tomorrow and will swallow the £2.99 postage. I hope that is the end of it.

    • Yep me too ordered it on the 10th then just read all the info on here was sobbing and felt sick. I phoned my bank to cancell my card the man i spoke to at Santander told me he had recieved lots of calls just like mine. Santander advised me that i had to phone them back and to log the times and dates and to send emails as this is proof, incase they still try to take out money. I phoned 0845528163 first but the man just fobbed me off telling me that i had to wait for my tablets to arrive then phone back for the RMA and then i could cancell. I sent emails but they just bounced back. I then phoned 02032811046 he told me to try the product first i said i did not want to and told him that i had cancelled my card and wanted to cancell my subscription. I was told that i would lose my payments of 6.95 and 2.99. I told him i did not care i just want to cancell and i demanded an email from them to show this was cancelled for both products which i recieved immediatly. I cant believe i was sooooo stupid. I am just hoping this is the end of it.

  135. I took up the free offer of this product ‘Nutriberry slim’ and ‘Vita Cleanse’ with just the postage to pay. I was absolutely shocked when I received my debit card statement and found not only the shipping, but a further £93 for Nutriberry, and £89 for Vita Cleanse, had been taken. I immediately rang the company and was told I had entered into an agreement according to the terms and conditions, what terms and conditions.! There was non on the ad, all I could do was cancel any further shipments and lose my £182.00 in total, and the product doesn’t even work. And then, to ensure no more payments do not come out of the bank, I have cancelled my bank card and have to wait 5 days for a new one to arrive. I feel absolutely conned.

    • I I to ordered the trial NutriBerry and Vita Cleanse two days before I went on holiday on returning they had a payment of £93 taken from my bank, I immediately phoned them up and asked what the hell they were playing at, after speaking to some very difficult to understand person who explained that basically I have been conned I have now had my account cancelled and they would refund me £30 whoopee!! They have also cancelled my Vita Cleanser account and have been told to send the empty bottle back within 30 days and that this account will be cancelled. I am now phoning my bank to stop any payments to this company. Cheating conniving conning lload of scum bags beware people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Hi both my sister and my mother clicked on the link and both of them had the second lot of tablets before seeing that their statements had had 89 and 95 pound for 3 months deducted. They rang and cancelled and were offered 48 pound back on their account there and then one off offer!! they agreed and cancelled being told no need to cancel with bank as it woud stop…. they never cancelled thank god my sister and mum rang the bank.. though it was over a week before they realised that they had cancelled the one not the super cleanse one…they are both left with over 360 pound spent to this “scam”..its devastated them both. I have rung today for an RMO to return the tablets but they would not give them to me howver a letter and the tablets are going back!! the postage address is Scotland but the company is in Clearwater America. I have rung fraud squad and trading standards ..who didnt wantto know said shoukd have read T and C’s!!! absolutely hindsight is a wonderful thing ..I just wanted this to get some publicity to stop the heartache it has caused my family..raise awareness…people only lookhere when its too late…surely this can be stropped..its so unethical..noone has money like this to waste..please please someone thats a lawyer or has some connection help us!..Trading standards do your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. What the hell is R M A?????

  138. Trading Standards are involved.

    RMA = Return Merchandise Authorisation (a long number)

    Get it from (free) 08005460185

    Keep on at them until they give it to you.

    Politely insist on a ‘Manager’

    THe RMA needs to be put visible on front of Return Packages.

    I have no intention of returning my ‘evidence’ to them for a partial refund.

    They will very likely try to insist on a ‘Restocking/Handling’ charge of £10 on each product if you do decide to go their RMA route.

    I wrote to the White House early today asking if Preident Obama is aware of this company scamming us in friendly nations.

    I have informed the customer (un) service call takers of this escalation.

    Nothing like some publicity for them eh? 😉

  139. Please can someone help me out, This company have removed almost £350 from my account from May, Please, how do i contact them? if you have a contact number, please let me have so as to call them and let them return my money. Please someone help, sob sob

  140. bukky …. Use that freephone Number 08005460185 it is Clearwater Florida but in well over long telephone calls to both their call takers and ‘managers’ I have yet to hear an American Accent.
    They can be difficult to understand, I think their crap recording system distorts sound!
    Still, that just prolongs the call with the resultant confusion.

    Insist their contract is not legal within UK (quote the Distance Selling Regulations)

    Read Peters post from 7th. April, the basic ammunition is there.

    The law is on our side.

    Run them ragged it is free for you it costs them money whilst they are on the phone to you.
    Get a manager, keep insisting…. I guess they cost even more to employ.

    Just make them see it will be more cost effective to pay you (ALL) your money back sooner rather than later.

  141. Hello, I feel on this shit too. I am still on the trial period and I received the ‘free’ trial of Nutriberry Slim today afternoon. I’ve called them and an indian man (as you all have said before) answered and said he would cancel only if I send the try package back without open it and with the RMA number.
    But at the same time I called my bank and blocked all credits functions of it (I cannot use it anymore but the good thing is that any company will be able to take money from my account). I only have a doubt now. I don’t know if I should send the package back and spend more money with it or just let the way it is and when I arrive in my country in August (I am brazilian) ask for other card. Could someone advice me about this?

  142. Anny,
    best advice I can give you is to keep phoning 08005460185 and just keep asking for a FULL refund as they are acting illegally.

    Keep them on that freephone number.
    Report them to our Trading Standards people.

    See Petes message of 7th April.
    Quote the legal points he makes when you are calling them.
    They are just worthless people to be scamming like that.
    Their day will dawn…. Karma.

    I have written to President Obama, lets work down from the top until something happens! 😉


  143. Hi Brian, thanks for your reply. Is just that I have spend only the postage, they couldn’t get anything else from my account so I was thinking about letting the way it is now since I’ve blocked my card. Do you think they can possibly do something (like a process against me or something) if I don’t send the free trial bottle back to them like they asked?
    Because what I don’t want is spend more money with this…:(

  144. Anny I have refused to send anything, even the empty containers back.
    I offered them a photo of container if they wanted something.

    I don’t think they would have the nerve to take any proceedings against you.

    Also to others they absolutely WILL give a FULL refund without ‘Re-Stocking/Handling’ & without return of anything, believe me (and Pete).

    Keep on & on at them on that Freephone Number keep repeating Petes findings to them.

    Write to President Obama, I did, soon that soon smartened their act up!

    Brian 😉

  145. I ordered on 3rd May, received on 8th May (tho I was away so didn’t actually receive until 13th), spoke to Phil on the 0203 number to cancel, he said return to the address up in Scotland and gave me RMA numbers and returned on 14th May. I called my bank to cancel any further payments.

    I have now found out this week they have deducted £89 and £93 from my bank account (under a different name). I have checked my royal mail signed for and have a proof of signature so am going to call to request a full refund. This was within 12 days cancellation.

    This is ridiculous, I cannot believe they are continually getting away with this.

  146. Ok I have just spoken to someone called Tony (in India) who looked at my tracking number and apologised for charging me. They are going to refund me in 3-5 days. However, I still have to pay a £10 charge per product. TBH I couldn’t be bothered to argue anymore, just grateful I am getting back most of my money.. hopefully.

    Good luck everyone else.

    • Hi Karen, how did you get a hold of “Tony”?? My mum has been caught in this scam and im trying to help her get her money back. Thanks for any information you can give me.

  147. I too have been scammed, visiting another website and notice popped up about doing survey, siad I won free trail. However, I paid with paypal and have not seen this transaction on my paypal account, received my tablets on 19/06/14. order made on 13/06/14. Can they still get my money from my bank account????

  148. On the 9th June I received my two free samples, as I could not use them I gave them to a friend money for the two £9.94 was taken from my account, on Friday the 20 th I noticed £93 taken but I have not received any other products, I will be going to the bank tomorrow to block any more payments, and hopefully get my £93 back.

  149. I Phoned today after falling for the free trial yesterday they said wait till the free sample arrives then cancel, as a back up i phoned Barclaycard and put a block on these people taking anymore money off of my card just incase they try to take more in the meantime so all this shower of crooks will get out of me is £2.99 postage.

    I Used the contact details as given at the top of the page which are copied below to contact them

    How to contact Nutriberry Slim?
    If you have signed up for a trial of Nutriberry Slim and wish to cancel then you can phone them on: +44 (0) 20 3281 1046
    You can also email them at: customerservice@trynutriberryslim.com
    Finally all returns should be sent to (please ensure you phone for an RMA before sending):
    Healthy Essentials ltd
    Herkimer House,
    Mill Road Industrial Estate
    EH49 7SF
    United Kingdom

  150. After speaking to my bank last week and being told all they could do was to put a stop on my account so the company could not take anymore money, the company has used a different product name to take more money this week, so far they have had close to £200 for a product which i didn’t actually find worked anyway.
    Just to let everyone know i have reported this to Watchdog now and sent them this page as a link so they can see how many people have been scammed by it.
    Hopefully they will report on it.

  151. Iam a victim of this scam, £95×3 has been taken by the scam health company.
    I did not enter into any agreement with them neither did I sign any direct debit or standing order,
    I will give them a ring in the morning and I will send them an email to claim my refund.
    Many thanks to you for opening my eyes wide.
    I can confirm that the pills has actually make me to gain instead of loosing.

  152. The above email did not go through

  153. I have just found out what is going on. I have been sent an email saying account closed but I will be going into my bank to ensure payment is not taken.

    I feel so foolish to have been conned in this way. Its obvious there should be some sort of legislation to stop this type of trading.

  154. Wed 25th. June

    See what Pete & I wrote above.

    Hassle them on their freephone (Florida) number just keep on at them relentlessly.


    Demand a FULL refund as they are acting illegally under our laws governing Distance Selling.

    I got all my £93 and £89 refunded in full without any deduction for restocking/Handling

    I stubbornly refused to sent the crap back.

    The scumbags will be featured on Watchdog next Wednesday 2nd July. 🙂

    Maybe you all contact Watchdog prior to that coverage too?


  155. I was taken in by this scam, I rang my bank immediately to report it and hope they manage to stop payments going out. I phoned today to cancel, after sending 4 emails, 3 bounced back, I also sent two letters one to cardiff, one to linlithgow. after speaking to somebody in India today I was informed that Nutriberry had been cancelled but Vitacleanse was not part of the offer and I had to send that product back with a RMA code. I checked the web site offer again today and it clearly says “Both risk free trials…..” My next move is to submit all the paper work to trading standards. Incidentally none of the contact details on the web site work.

  156. I, thankfully, have not been scammed but have just contacted Watchdog about it. Good luck with your claims everybody.

  157. Friday 27th June

    Our 2nd. Success against this skunk pit of an excuse for a company!

    My wife has now had her £93 and £89 pound payments refunded into her bank account.
    She has not had to waste one more single penny on the rogues who took her ackers by returning anything!

    Her breakthrough was made using a firm but fair technique on Wednesday night.

    One manager ‘Steve’ put the phone down on her.
    Hmmm!! Bad move Stevie!
    That sort of behaviour can raise hackles, so be it.

    She immediately phoned back, & after the usual somewhat wearing formalities with one of their polite useless menu driven time delayed robots she arrived at yet another manager (don’t want to embarrass the poor chap him with his stupidity, so will not name him here, but he was no lawyer although claiming to be legally trained and know the law LOL)
    He foolishly insisted she must return their ill conceived pills which had maybe made her ill (they might well be a great laxative) or their empty plastic tubs.

    Errr, no Steve… “Needed for possible evidence” Try us out on that score if you wish a little more publicity!

    She stubbornly refused and toused him for 20 minutes, telling him their company was trading illegally (via a dormant company Health Essential Ltd, thanks again to Pete 7th Feb)
    She told them they were already going to be featured on our National television programme Watchdog next week.

    He insisted they could not return funds without returns.
    She informed him many times that THEY could and in fact had.

    She insisted ‘Roger’ had the authority to do so as he had recently set a precedent with me.
    She asked to speak to ‘Roger’ several times

    So it went on.

    He insisted on his only lines.

    She asked him what letters he had after his name if he was a Laywer ( I had previously discovered this seemed to embarrass their claims of being lawyers) It was a matter of being very insistent.
    I think perhaps their ‘proper’ lawyers operate from somewhere else. Maybe worth pursuing when chatting with them 🙂

    My wife then gave him a final………
    Look xxxxxxx it is actually me who is calling the shots here now NOT YOU.
    Why don’t you just ‘man up’ like the manager Roger did for my husband?
    Stick your neck out & pay me back all my money and get me off your back?

    He refused.

    Ok I am writing to President Obama about your treatment of people in what is a ‘friendly nation’ at the end of this call if you do not agree to refund me within 24 hours.
    She also told him.
    Your company is trading illegally here on several counts & not complying with Distance Selling Regulations in our country.
    You are not getting anything at all back, I cannot send you what has gone down the sewers and they are actually evidence in possible litigation.

    She said
    “Now, I am going to read you something, this is what the White House Site says”

    “Contact the White House
    President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. To send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff, please use the form below.
    Thank You!”

    She told him she had the email form & address to hand & was quite serious as had been her husband who had told you what he was doing as a courtesy & had done so & then received his full refund within 13 hours as that had worked for Roger”
    Check & see if he had contacted your company since getting that result.
    The ball was now in his court

    The toady went quiet, seems he didn’t quite know how to play this ball game!
    She gave him a minute or so to reflect on this little item, as realisation seemed to have finally dawned the proverbial poop had again hit the fan.
    When she asked if he was still there he just ate humble pie & sort of muttered that he would now return full payment (£93 & £89 .. seemingly with no Restocking & Handling rubbish vein required now). 🙂

    She insisted he repeat it properly so she was clear on what he was suggesting:
    He ‘kindly’ did so.
    She said ‘Fine, now do it and get rid of me, Thank you’ 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

    He wished her the usual “Have a Good Day”stuff .. she said hers had just got a lot better.

    30 minutes later 2 emails arrived confirming her ackers would be back in 3/5 working days.

    Today (Thursday) the £93 & £89 refunds are both showing in her bank account.

    Just don’t give up as you can get them back into a line if you persist… use that freephone
    Keep them online for as long as you possibly can & until you get a result, be as stupid as their menu driven recorded conversations become… like with like.

    They can well afford to pay for the calls using funds generated by their almost too clever but in fact rather pathetic operation to prey on us & scam your money by what may well be a possible deception + their very likely illegal, (in Britain), & very poorly displayed Terms & Conditions.
    Tell them you have not received those terms and conditions as required by Distance Selling Regs. on ‘Durable Material’ within the time specified. Being on a web site display is simply not good enough in law here (Thanks again Pete)

    By the way Trading Standards (as pretty much expected) failed to contacted me despite Hannah the very helpful lady from Citizens Advice Consumer Services (0845 4040506) saying Trading Standards would contact me within a few days. That was weeks ago.

    I am afraid I sort of expected such lack of any real response as previous experience of Trading Standards has shown me that it is best to fight my own battles if I actually want to win through.

    (If anyone from Trading Standards wants to contact me about this, I am more than willing to expand) I believe my Reference was either 12097018 or IZ097018, Sorry I had little heart to bother very much about it.. I can hunt out the date of my original complaint if needed.

    Experience here has confirmed to us that Santander and Lloyds TSB just appear to raise impediments towards customers.
    That is if you can ever actually reach the ‘disputes’ teams who are the only way to implement a chargeback claim.
    This we found at both banks despite, (as we understand it), 2 legitimate reasons being given for a ‘Chargeback’ claim to be made from the Bank to Debit Card Company.
    1) Fraud’ or certainly the
    2) Goods have not met the standards advertised.
    There ar only 4 reasons available under Chargeback rules
    It is the only way to make a ‘Chargeback’ claim to the Debit card company, the bank has to do it, I know of no other way.
    I would have taken them (SANTANDER) to task on that but in the event the Florida crowd returned my pennies whilst I was trying to get SANTANDER to initiate a charge.
    Well SANTANDER that is twice now, & with some other things you have quickly compensated me for recently your failings seem to be indicating that you clearly don’t want me as a customers despite 40 odd years banking with you or your predecessors.
    Plenty willing to discuss my problems getting SANTANDER to at least try to initiate a ‘chargeback’ if anyone there has concerns.
    Anybody else actually manages to initiate a Debit ‘Chargeback’ on this or any other matter?

    Good Luck people, actually we are none of us stoopid, we were simply duped by the way they ‘market’ their product.
    It seems to be designed to do this… we know now……..
    & finally
    If you actually believe in Raspberry Ketones work (I don’t), I have seen them advertised for sale @ £48 for 520… yes 520 capsules that is about 9 months supply @ 2 per day.

    The truth is out there.
    ROGER and out 😉

  158. I think Watchdog are doing something on this MOB this Wednesday Heard Anne mention it last week. Mind and tune in!!!

  159. Watchdog on NOW Wednesday 2nd June. Our least favourite company will be suitably advertised during Watchdog which is on BBC1 now. 🙂

  160. OMG, I have just fallen for this scam..after reading most of your comments I am horrified and will be contacting them in the morning to cancel…I shall keep you posted..

  161. OMG………Have been on the phone to these buggers for about 45 mins now.

    They offered to repay £30 per product, then £65 per product now they say they will not pay until i send back the empty bottle. Joke

  162. After 1 1/2 hours on phone still not getting anywhere.

    Rick Wilson – Manager (supposedly the highest you can go to speak to any one)
    They offered me 50% refund on both items – i refused, then offered 70% refund on both.

    Because i refused they put phone down saying it was my own fault.

    I kept calling back, even had my daughter on the other phone – free phone number their money.

    Then offered £70 per product plus £25 (so almost there) when i said i wanted to write and complain they wouldn’t give me an address, i insisted on so i could look up the company:

    The addresses given didn’t match any address to these company names on 192.com or companies house – i asked them about it – they just kept telling me that it was a company; Upon research it seems they give out these address to send tablets back too, but they are not actually an address and come back to you:

    Healthy Essentials
    Unit G
    Capital Business Park
    CF3 2PU

    Global Fulfilment
    PO Box 10841
    Clearwater Florida

    Healthy Essentials ltd
    Herkimer House, Mill Road Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow EH49 7SF
    United Kingdom

  163. Hello all,

    I was asked, by a friend, for some help with recovering a debit card payment fraudulently taken by Healthy Essentials.

    There are two methods that should help people get a full refund from either their bank or the company.

    I’ve laid out the necessary information and a template letter here –


    Good luck everyone.

    • Update to the above.


      My friend, having been unable to get through to the relevant bank department on the phone, went into the branch this morning.

      She explained the first point in article above, that the payment had been taken before the 14 day deadling in the terms of sale, and was told that the full amount would be refunded by the bank by 6pm today. She was also told that the company would not be able to make any further withdrawals from her account.

      To get a full refund from the bank you only have to prove that the withdrawal was unauthorised.

      The bank may also accept as proof that the payment was unauthorised the fact that the company is in breach of distance selling regulations by not supplying the terms of sale in durable form (ie by mail or email).

      Stand your ground at the bank but, if you still don’t get any joy, copy the letter in my article and send it to both addresses (registered or to be signed for).

      As mentioned elsewhere in this thread the company is in breach of distance selling regulations and, the contract is void and the payment is therefore unauthorised by you.

      If you word the letter yourself be sure to point out that the company is non-trading (not dormant, they’re different things).

      And remember that you want ALL your money back. The delivery charge is part of the contract and the contract is void.

      GOOD LUCK 🙂

  164. As soon as I realised I’d been caught in this scam I completely cancelled my credit card and ordered a new one. This worked as no more money has bee or will be deducted as my old card is void. Good luck

  165. You don’t actually need to cancel any card, it is the banks responsibility to decline any further claims after you have instructed them to decline payments. That is enshrined inane act of 1912. If the company (for example by changing its name) claims further payments and the bank mistakenly pays the bank must refund any payment within 24 hours.

  166. 7/7/2014
    Susan, you are nearly there tell the manager they are trading illegally in UK (Dormant Company Healthy Essentials) tell them they have never sent their Terms and Conditions, (which is part of the contract) within 7 days on ‘durable material’
    Tell the ‘manager ‘s ‘man up’ like ‘Roger’ did and pay you in full, no return rubbish.
    Touse that freephone number all you can.
    I had Tom, Rick & Harry also Kurt Freeman, Max,Addy & others, they are a prolific bunch, seem quite busy recently..
    We both had phone put down after lengthy conversations, (guess we tried their patience somewhat) just immediately started a new call, it was on one of these ‘2nd Manager’ calls that they gave in for her.
    They seem to have their limit, & it must be difficult for them trying to adhere to their ‘menu’ driven rules of engagement & strict company policies! … Shame!

    Tell them firmly you are now calling the shots, not them, they must agree to put your money money must be back in your account within 24 hours or you will be writing to President Obama at the White House Site like others have, quote my name Brian Macdonald as one who they have returned payment without any returns of capsules or even empty containers.
    Personally we decided to forgo the initial postage payments as that seemed fair to us for a ‘trial’
    BUT if you want that back as well insist on it they MUST return it as it is part of their illegal undelivered contract.
    They have been very naughty indeed.

    Be prepared to email the White House Site…

    Worked for us. I wrote, wife only had to assure them she would be sending a similar message to mine at the end of that call 😉
    Humble pie was rapidly eaten, full refunds agreed.
    Message confirming within a half hour
    Ackers in account next day…. that’s good service!

    Vile lot.
    No Morals apparent whatsoever in their trading methods.
    Keep hammering away 😉


  168. Be aware that cancelling your debit card will NOT stop these scam artists from taking your money. It would be the same as if you had ongoing membership of the AA, for instance, where your debit card may have been renewed a number of times over the years, but the AA can still take your monthly subscription. Quite legitimately of course.
    The bank can cancel the payments to the Nutriberry scammers (and my bank Lloyds were already aware of the probem), but they need to know the full name of the company, or companies. So until the first payment show up on your statement there’s not much they can do. I’ve been advised to wait until the first payment for appears, then call the bank to cancel all future payments to the names that show up. Fingers crossed on that one.

  169. Steve is quite incorrect.
    Cancelling your Debit Card is not effective.
    No point in doing it.
    Just tell your bank to cancel any further payments.
    When you do this it will be effective in 24 hours.
    The Bank HAS to do this it is enshrined in UK finance law.
    If somehow any further payments do get made the bank will refund you within 24 hours.
    It is their duty to be vigilant for the companies and to look for name changes for example.
    You hammer Nutriberry &/or Vita Cleanse on their Clearwater Freephone number.
    Wear them down, they absolutely CAN & WILL refund the payments they have taken in full without any re-stocking/handling charges & this can be done without any return of anything by you to them.
    Believe me, both myself and my wife beat them into submission.
    They are totally immoral to scam people in such a way.

  170. Sorry Typo… Above should have read “Steve is quite correct” etc… Apologies for any confusion that may have been caused.

  171. I am an IT professional and a former bank employee, and I read small print on EVERYTHING before clicking, but still managed to get suckered by this Nutriberry Slim con. I had £93 debited from my account today, contacted my bank, and they refunded it to my account within 5 minutes! Excellent service from my bank, who have promised they now have the company on a ‘block list’ and any further attmpts to charge further payments will be refunded as soon as the charge is received by the bank.

    They also told me they are receiving HUNDREDS of calls from customers about this scam, and the charges show different company names on different customers accounts, making it difficult for the financial institutions to flag every transaction.

    Hopefully, the powers that be will manage to close down this scam once and for all. They must have made tens of thousands from people who don’t have banks as helpful as mine…

    • Fri 1st Aug 2014

      It is a deception if analysed, they don’t like it up em if you write to their USA White House site for President Obamas information.

      Yeah sure we know he ain’t bothered but someone between here & there and that company is.

      Glad your bank was helpful many aren’t when d=recurring debits are taken.


  172. This is a proper scam , don’t know if the pills works are not but they sent invoice for £2.99 as delivery charges for free trail… later they started charging £93.00 along with a exchange fee.

    • Fri 1st Aug 2014

      Chandu, Never worked for me.
      I put on weight and they only worked as a laxative for my wife…
      Whatever, if you really want the pills they are available … a years supply for less than a month of the scammers price.

  173. it is a big scam, after i found out they had taken £93 out of my account i called my bank and they blocked them from taking anymore money, they advised me to call them and cancel as well. I called them up and cancelled and gave them a piece of my mind and after about 10 minutes he gave me a partial refund of £30. it doesn’t justify what they did but at least i got some of my money back.

    • Sat 26th July
      If you badger them hard enough they will refund the lot, both my wife & I got full return amounts credited WITHOUT returning anything at all, Read them the riot act telling them you are now calling the shots and this is what you are telling them to do.
      Our writing to the white house seemed to have a very positive effect on them both times Brian 🙂

  174. Yet another mug I’m afraid. I to have fallen for this scam. Phoned the tel. no. cancelled contract after noticing debit on credit card for £187 explained it was a genuine mistake and was offered £60 as a settlement , this I refused as I really feel this company has a duty under trading standards to reimburse total £187 as I had received the “free trial” and nothing more. what more can I do, How can I get my money back.?

    • Fri 1 Aug 2014
      Do what I did hassle & Hassle them on their freephone number just don’t take no. Eventually they will give in. Tell them their racket is illegal. Insist, Insist, Insist..
      It worked for me and wife… We are not mugs I feel they they are crooks.

  175. My advice as I’ve just this minute realised I’ve been scammed, is, if you have paid by debit/credit card is to draw out enough funds from your account to live on for a week, then report the card as LOST, once the card is reported lost/stolen the card is immediately closed down and then you have to wait for a new card 3-5 working days for your new one complete with a new number, do not cancel the card as this takes too long. Also phone your bank/ building society and get them to ‘mask’ the payments for the ‘free’ sample products ie ‘Nutricleanse’ and ‘Ketone ‘, so that no more money can be charged to that account, fingers crossed that I have nipped this one in the bud before it gets out of hand. I will also be e-mailing these thieving bastards a cancellation letter as soon as I am able.
    Good luck everyone!

  176. Many thanks to all who have placed messages here. Whilst it shows we can all be gullible it also shows that when we work together we can beat these big companies and get fair play.
    Upon reading I also called the freephone number, not only was I able to cancel the account, but they also offered me a partial refund of £45, then £75 then a full refund of the second payment of £95.99.

    However I insisted on a full refund and despite having to hold on (after all it was their bill) I spoke to another “boss.”

    Whilst hanging on I received two emails, one confirming that the account had been cancelled and the second for the refund of £95.99.

    I will add a further note later as I am still hanging on…..

  177. A final note just to say that I failed to get a full refund but accepted the £95.99 offered.

  178. I responded to a ‘pop up’ on my facebook page for a ‘free’ trial of Nutriberry. I did not realise I was giving them permission to take £93 from my account in order to send me them. I received the ‘trial’ quickly, but then realised they had taken the £93. Too late to stop, couldn’t get a response from them – bla bla bla. I have now received (5 weeks later) what I paid for but did not order. So now I have two pots of 30 pills. Today they took another £93 out of my account. I have managed to speak to them – an address/phone in Wales, and they agreed to refund £50.

    I was completely duped and as I am on a state pension, am now very much out of pocket. I realise I signed something giving them my details, etc but feel they are very underhand and probably operating very illegally. What can I do?

  179. I also ordered these awhile back, but as a savvy online shopper, I used a pre paid credit card to purchase the trial. They accepted the card and I had my supply delivered. No more charges to the card as theres no money on it for them to take. I have a few pre paid cards for buying on various websites. There safer if theres a scam.

  180. Thank you very much for this information. This is exactly what happened to me and I am currently in a dispute with this company over monies being taken from my account. However, I did not have an address to which I could return the product. Thanks again for the address I can now send the product back. However, I am warning everyone I know not to trial this product!

  181. hi plz any body help about this case they taken £767 from my account.

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