5 Tips to Avoid PMS Food Cravings

5 Tips to Avoid PMS Food Cravings

Have you found that each month around the same time as your period you tend to suffer from food cravings?

Well, the reason for this is your hormones, or rather two specific hormones; cortisol and serotonin.

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, which tends to spike as you go through your period, while your serotonin hormone that helps to calm you tends to dip.

This is a dangerous combination, and can be devastating for any female who is trying to lose weight and are unable to control their cravings.

Luckily for you the following tips can help you to avoid PMS food cravings.

#1: Avoid processed carbs

Eating processed carbs can cause your blood sugar levels to spike, unfortunately you will burn through these carbs quickly so your blood sugar levels will subsequently fall.

When this occurs you will suffer food cravings, so instead of eating crackers or crisps the next time you are feeling hungry choose sweet potatoes, corn, beans or peas instead.

#2: Eat protein for breakfast

Protein is slow to digest so eating it will help you to stay fuller for longer, which makes eating it for breakfast a great way to avoid those mid-morning snacks.

Unlike certain types of carbs that cause a blood sugar level spike, the energy released from protein is released slowly so you will not suffer a sugar crash.

Boiled or scrambled eggs are a great choice for breakfast.

#3: Avoid becoming too hungry

When you are suffering with PMS you will already find that resisting those hunger cravings will be difficult.

It will be almost impossible if you are overly hungry so if I were you I would make sure to have a (healthy) snack every 3 hours to avoid any possible binge.

#4: Don’t drink too much caffeine or alcohol

Caffeine can increase stress levels if drunk in excess so watch your intake.

Alcohol on the other hand can disrupt your sleep, which can also negatively affect your hormone levels, resulting in extra food cravings.

Of course the odd indulgence wont matter, but you must use a little moderation.

#5: Don’t skip exercise

When you are suffering with PMS, exercise maybe the last thing on your mind, yet it could be the perfect solution to improving your mood.

If you suffer from cramps then you could try more gentle forms of exercise such as swimming or yoga.

You should also try to avoid too many carbs or fatty foods as these may cause bloating that will likely cause you to skip your trip to the gym.

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