4 tips to avoid post wedding weight gain

4 tips to avoid post wedding weight gain

With the wedding season well and truly among us, some of us are going to be taking the plunge and settling down with their loved one.

Unfortunately, despite being in love there is one issue that inevitably blights marriage, and that is the weight you are going to gain.

It has been shown that both men and women gain weight after walking down the aisle, but is there anything you can do to stop this from happening?

Perhaps these following tips will help you to avoid post wedding weight gain:

#1 Plan your meals with your partner

If you plan what you are going to be eating throughout the week you will be less inclined to grab a takeaway after work.

We know you are busy and want to spend as much time as possible with one another, especially in this ‘honeymoon period’ but you can’t let your weight and subsequently your health suffer.

When shopping pick up those healthy ingredients so that you can make your own healthy home cooked meals. You can even cook together as a couple, meaning you get to spend a bit more time together.

#2 Watch how often you go out to dinner

Your time together does not have to revolve around food, of course the occasional romantic meal will be good for your marriage but too often and you will notice the consequences on your waistlines.

Rather than going for a meal, perhaps you could do an activity that involves a little exercise instead?

You could go for a romantic walk for example.

#3 Don’t let your partner influence you

It is easy when you are in a relationship to just forget your old healthy habits just to please your partner.

Just because your partner is happy to gain weight does not mean that you have to accept this fate too.

If you want to stay slim then you need to do the work for yourself. You may just influence them into changing their own ways for the better.

#4 Have sex

Did you know that on average a man will burn 100 calories during sex, while a woman will burn 69?

Well, with this knowledge at hand what is stopping you enjoying each others company in the bedroom?

Regular sex can keep the romance from dying while helping you to avoid post wedding weight gain.

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