Want to Lose Weight? Avoid These Foods?

Want to Lose Weight? Avoid These Foods?

If you want to lose weight but are finding that you are struggling to shift those pounds perhaps there is a reason for your struggles.

The key to weight loss is a healthy diet, unfortunately not every food that you think is healthy is as good for you as you would expect.

Here are 5 examples of foods that you really should try to avoid if weight loss is your goal.

#1: Pretzels

What harm could a pretzel cause? Well, unfortunately even those labelled “gluten free” are best avoided as they contain high levels of both carbohydrates and fat.

After-all pretzels are just flour and salt, so unsurprisingly will not be good for your waistline.

#2: Fruit smoothie

What could be harmful about a smoothie made from fruit? It may surprise you to know that fruit smoothies are often full of sugar.

Sometimes the sugar has been added afterwards, but even if it hasn’t then the natural sugars found in fruit can cause a problem.

Of course it is recommended that you eat fruit daily, so why is the fruit smoothie so bad?

When juiced the fruit will lose its fibre content, which means that you will get the surge in your blood sugar levels but this is short-lived and will fall, resulting in cravings for more sweet things.

#3: Roasted almonds

Nuts are a good food to eat as a snack, but you need to be careful that you choose those that are raw, and only then in moderation.

Some store bought varieties are covered in oils, salts and other preservatives that wont do your weight loss efforts an ounce of good.

#4: Granola

As with nuts, store bought granola often contains added sugar, which means extra calories.

GranolaAlways check the labels of any food you buy in store, as only then will you know exactly what it is you are eating.

#5: Rice cakes

Rice cakes are sometimes a dieters favourite food, however the truth is that they could be doing more harm than good.

Rice cakes have a high glycemic index rating (as high as 91 in some cases), which means that eating them can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels.

As mentioned above, these blood sugar levels do not stay high for long, and when you they do crash you will be more susceptible to those sugar cravings.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, if you want to lose weight then you should try to avoid these foods.

Of course the odd indulgence wont harm, but if you can stick to a healthy diet 80% of the time then surely good results can be experienced.

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