Avoid this #1 Weight Loss Mistake

Avoid this #1 Weight Loss Mistake

Are you trying to lose weight? If so you know that there are certain things that you should do, for instance you should be making an effort to cut back on your intake of calories.

The easiest way to do this would be to deny yourself all of the junk food and treats you would usually eat.

So what if I told you that the biggest weight loss mistake you could make is denying yourself all those foods you love. I bet you would be shocked.

Weight LossWell, it is true. When you deny yourself you may actually end up gaining weight in the long run.

How can this cause weight gain?

If you are denying yourself all of the foods you love then you will find that this type of diet will be almost impossible to sustain.

Of course you will lose weight to begin with, but once the cravings start you will unable to resist them.

What will happen is that you will end up overindulging with these forbidden foods and any lost weight will quickly return.

Even if you eat healthily all week, while denying yourself any treats until the weekend, it will be easy to overindulge over those 2 days as you will be consuming many more calories than you should.

So what can you do?

Rather than going on an overly restrictive diet I would suggest a 80/20 diet, whereby you will aim to eat as healthily as you can for 80% of the time. While allowing yourself to eat those treats 20% of the time.

This type of diet will allow you the freedom to treat yourself should you need to, but is restrictive enough to see some good weight loss results.

In simplistic terms, if you eat 3 main meals each day, over the course of a week you would allow yourself 3 cheat meals, which will not be enough to derail your otherwise good efforts.

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