4 Tips to Help You Avoid Weight Gain this Christmas

4 Tips to Help You Avoid Weight Gain this Christmas

Research has shown that the average person will consume an extra 20,000 calories during December, which undoubtedly will lead to weight gain.

So, what can you do to avoid weight gain this Christmas? With so many temptations surely it is not possible, however the following tips could be the answer.

#1: Watch your alcohol intake

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make over Christmas is over-indulging in alcohol.

Did you know that a medium sized glass of wine could contain as many calories as your turkey and vegetables combined?

Of course cutting it out entirely would be the best solution, but you still want to have fun right?

Well, the solution would be to swap the wine for something with fewer calories, for example vodka lime and soda, or a slimline tonic.

Either option could potentially save you hundreds of calories over the festive season.

#2: Watch those extras at dinner

The bulk of your Christmas dinner is not that unhealthy, after-all turkey is a good source of protein, while the vegetables contain very few calories.

It is the extras that add the bulk of the calories, so watch those sauces, gravy and other condiments.

Just cutting out these extras could halve your calorie intake.

#3: Go for a walk

A brisk walk after your Christmas dinner would be a great way to shift a few of those extra calories.

If you have children it will also give them an opportunity to get out and about using some of their new gifts.

This has got to be a better option than falling asleep in front of the TV.

#4: Don’t worry too much

Our final tip is simply not to worry too much about over-indulging at Christmas, after-all it is just the one day.

You should allow yourself to indulge a little, but try to balance these choices with more healthier ones too. Like the ones suggested above.

Even if you do gain a little weight over Christmas it is not the end of the world. There are another 364 days you can use to rectify the situation.

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