Avoid Weight Gain this Spring

Avoid Weight Gain this Spring

Have you overindulged a bit this past Easter, perhaps helped yourself to a few too many Easter eggs maybe?

Well, if you have you maybe feeling a little guilty now, after-all it isn’t long to go before summer is upon us, with that inevitable holiday and trips to the beach.

If you had planned on getting in shape for the sunny days ahead then you may start to panic, yet if you read on you will discover some tips that will not only help you avoid weight gain this spring but may also help with your weight loss efforts too.

#1: Have a clean out

Even though you are trying to lose weight your cupboards may still contain lots of comfort and junk foods.

These can be tempting, so remove the temptation by donating them to the local food bank.

#2: Cut out those cocktails

If you like to enjoy a cocktail after a hard days work then it maybe time to ease up on the amount you drink.

These cocktails are full of sugar and therefore calories that you really should try to avoid.

You can still enjoy a night out, just stick to the vodka or white wine.

#3: Eat more fresh foods

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a perfect food choice for anyone who is looking to drop a few pounds and to improve their overall health.

This is because they are full of nutrients, and can help fill you up without the calorie content of junk food.

#4: Be more active

One of the key components of weight loss is exercise, which you should try to incorporate into your daily life.

Even a few minutes daily can make a big difference to those number on the scales.

FitIf you are short on time then try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as it will give you a good workout in a short space of time.

You wont even need an expensive gym membership for HIIT either. As you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

#5: Keep track of your progress

If you don’t keep track of what you are consuming and how you are progressing how will you know if what you are doing is right?

Keep a diary that you should keep updated with your food consumption, activity levels and weight. You can then look at it to see if things need changing.

#6: Stop drinking soft drinks

Soft drinks (even diet versions) should be avoided as they are full of sugars and sweeteners.

Those diet versions are just as bad as the normal variety as they leave you craving sugar.

#7: Cut back on snacking

We all suffer from food cravings between meals from time to time, but rather than reaching for a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps perhaps you should have some fresh fruit or nuts instead.

An easy trick to ensure you reach for the healthier option would be to leave a bowl of fresh fruit out, within easy reach.

#8: Plan ahead

If time is short you could pre-prepare healthy meals for yourself so that you don’t have to buy an unhealthy takeaway or microwave meal.

Also if you have an upcoming meal out with friends or family coming up, it maybe possible to check the menu beforehand to see what the healthiest options will be for you.

#9: Sign up for an event

If there is an upcoming 5k run or similar then I suggest you sign up. This fitness-related goal will ensure you have to do some training, which will help you to lose a few pounds getting in shape.

You could also rope in some friends and family members so that you can all push each other that little bit extra.

#10: Get some support

If you want to lose weight then it maybe difficult to achieve alone without support.

This is why it is sometimes best to go through the weight loss journey with someone with a similar goal.

While family and friends are good choices, you can also get support from groups like Weight Watchers or from social media too. There are plenty of people who are going through the same journey as you.

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