A Guide to Avoiding Weight Gain at the Christmas Party

A Guide to Avoiding Weight Gain at the Christmas Party

It is inevitable with Christmas fast approaching that you have been invited to at least one Christmas party.

Now of course, these outings are a great way to mingle with your friends and colleagues but there is a problem.

With all of those tempting snacks and high calorie drinks around it will be difficult not to over-indulge, which unfortunately will lead to weight gain.

Is these anything you can do to avoid this Christmas party weight gain? Here are some tips that can help.

#1: Over-indulging at the buffet

It can be tempting to rush to the buffet as soon as you arrive at the party, but it maybe a better idea to hold back for a minute to assess what is available.

To avoid gaining too much weight at the party it maybe a good idea to have a healthy snack before you arrive and then stick to the healthier options available.

#2: Watch those liquid calories

These are the calories found in soft drinks and most alcoholic drinks.

Of course allow yourself to have fun, but there are alternatives to these high calorie drinks. For example vodka has zero calories so is the perfect alternative.

#3: Dance off those calories

With the drinks flowing chances are you will be tempted by the cheesy Christmas music that will be playing.

Well, to start burning off those calories you should give into this temptation.

An hours dancing could potentially burn off up to 600 calories.

#4: Kissing under the mistletoe

MistletoeThis may not be advisable but kissing for just 30 minutes could help you burn off 120 calories.

#5: Laughing at those Christmas cracker jokes

Christmas cracker jokes may not be the funniest, but having a laugh with your friends and colleagues will certainly be.

15 minutes of laughter will help you burn off 10-40 calories, plus is a great stress reliever, which also has its own benefits.

#6: Singing along to those classic Christmas songs

Who doesn’t love a Christmas song? If you do then the Christmas party is a great time to indulge in a little karaoke or sing-along with your work-mates.

Just 30 minutes of singing will help you burn off 68 calories.

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