Banish those bingo wings

Banish those bingo wings

Bingo wings are something that many women dread, with that unsightly hanging fat or loose skin just hanging there.

Even if you have them you don’t have to live with them as there is a way to banish those bingo wings with the following tips:

First your diet

The first aspect of your lifestyle that will need to change is your diet. You cannot expect to lose those bingo wings if you eat a lot of junk food and regularly visit your local takeaway.

First cut out all the junk, instead replace it with fresh fruit and vegetables. They both contain high levels of nutrients with usually very low calories.

Second, increase the amount of protein you eat. This is because it is slower to digest than both fats and carbohydrates so will keep you fuller for longer. It also can help build lean muscle, which we will come to later.

Finally, cut out those caffeinated drinks, instead water should become your best friend. Not only is it free of calories, but can flush out those toxins that cause weight gain and can suppress your appetite.

Exercises to lose those bingo wings

The next step to losing those bingo wings is exercise, not only to burn off the stored body fat but also to build lean muscle, which will make your arms look more defined.

Here are some exercises that I would suggest you perform:

#1 Dips

Dips are a great exercise for building up strength and tone in your triceps (the muscle on the back of your arm).

Dip for toning bingo wingsJust start off the exercise with a chair or bed behind you while bending your knees. Place your hands on the edge of the surface and lower yourself down below your knees.

#2 Tricep kickbacks

If you have a dumbbell to hand then this exercise is again great for building lean muscle in your arms.

Take a chair or similar surface to hold onto while resting one knee, while holding the dumbbell in the opposite arm extend your arm backwards until it is straight, before returning to the starting position.

#3 Tricep extension

This exercise also involves the use of a dumbbell, which you will be holding in both hands.

Stand straight with your legs shoulder width apart. Hold the dumbbell behind your head and slowly lower until you reach your shoulder height before returning slowly to the starting position.

#4 Press ups

The press up is a great exercise for your arms, shoulders and chest.

Simply place your arms beneath your shoulders with your arms fully extended, your palms should be flat with your fingers facing forward.

Keep your legs straight and knees off the floor while you slowly bend your elbows, slowly lowering yourself down until your chest is around 2 inches from the floor.

Push yourself back up slowly to the starting position to complete 1 press up.

In conclusion

Hopefully the above tips will help give you the results you had hoped for. Remember both diet and exercise used together will ensure you see the best results.

Once your bingo wings are gone your confidence levels will surely rise, allowing you the opportunity to wear those sleeveless shirts in the summer, along with those stylish Christmas party dresses.

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