Can BCAA powder help with weight loss?

Can BCAA powder help with weight loss?

Although BCAA powder has long been used by bodybuilders, there are real reasons why you could add it to your diet to improve your own chances of losing weight.

Find out how BCAA powder can help you reach your weight loss goals.

What is BCAA powder?

BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids, which when consumed can help to repair and build lean muscle.

As you should know muscle burns 3x as many calories as fat, so increasing the amount of lean muscle you currently carry is important for weight loss.

The 3 amino acids that make up BCAA are leucine, isoleucine and valine, which your body cannot produce, meaning to experience their benefits you will either have to ingest it with your diet (found in chicken, beef, salmon and eggs) or take a BCAA powder.

Benefits of BCAAs in brief

  • Build lean muscle
  • Burn calories and fat
  • Prevent fatigue
  • Increase energy
  • Repair muscles/aid recovery times
  • Prevent muscle loss

How can BCAA help with your weight loss efforts?

As stated already the use of BCAA powder will help to build lean muscle mass, although it should be said that you will need to workout in the gym; preferably with weights.

The BCAAs will also help to prevent muscle loss during breaks in training; for example during holidays or because of an enforced break such as through illness or injury.

Other health benefits of BCAA

BCAAs have been used to treat Lou Gehrig’s disease, brain conditions caused by liver disease and patients who are confined to bed rest, such as those suffering from cancer or the elderly.

They can also help to prevent fatigue from occurring and have been shown to help improve your concentration.

Are there any side effects to BCAA?

Although shown to be safe for regular use, there have been a couple of reports of fatigue and a loss of coordination while taking BCAAs.

MyProtein BCAAAlso, as with any high protein diet you should stay well hydrated while taking a BCAA powder.

Where can you buy BCAA powder?

You can buy BCAA powder online from the MyProtein sports nutrition website.

They have a 250 g bag available for £13.29, with larger size available too (a 1 kg bag will cost £35.99).

Each serving is just 5 g so even the smallest bag will last ages. While each serving contains 2.5 g of leucine and 1.25 g of both isoleucine and valine.

This BCAA powder comes in 3 flavours; unflavoured, tropical and berry blast.

Click here to buy BCAA powder from MyProtein

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