Beat Cravings with these Mental Tricks

Beat Cravings with these Mental Tricks

When you are trying to lose weight your cravings for food can sometimes get the better of you.

Unfortunately willpower alone is not enough for some, which is why weight loss can be difficult to achieve.

Luckily for you there are a few mental tricks you can use to beat cravings once and for all.

#1: Picture a pause button

The next time you feel those hunger cravings coming on, try imaging yourself hitting a pause button.

Rather than make a snap decision, take a few minutes to come to your decision. You may find that this small pause can help your body and brain to think about other things besides food.

#2: Substitute junk food for healthy alternatives

For this tip you will need to substitute your favourite junk foods for a healthy alternative that has similar qualities.

For example, if you are a fan of crisps then you can get a similar ‘crunch’ by eating crispy kale instead.

#3: Picture yourself eating

A proven way to ensure you eat less is to picture yourself eating.

In the 2010 study undertaken at Carnegie Mellon University participants who pictured themselves eating M&Ms ate fewer than those who did not.

#4: Allow yourself everything

When you deny yourself your favourite foods you will start to crave them, which will eventually become unbearable.

Instead you should allow yourself to eat whatever you like, even those unhealthy foods, just make sure you practice a little self-control and eat them in moderation.

#5: Have a drink of water

You will often find that food cravings are not actually because you are hungry but are caused because you are thirsty.

With this in mind perhaps you should have a drink of water the next time you feel an urge to snack.

#6: Plan your snacks ahead of time

If you know that your cravings are too much for you to resist you can reduce the impact that they can have on you by preparing a healthy snack alternative ahead of time.

Doing this will take away the impulse aspect of the snack, forcing you to choose the healthier alternative.

#7: Distract yourself

Distract yourselfThe next time you feel as though those food cravings may get the better of you, instead of allowing it to happen you should distract yourself instead.

Even if it is just playing a video game or phoning a friend, if you focus your attention on this your cravings will soon dissipate.

#8: Trick your eyes

One way to beat your cravings is to make sure you are satisfied. You can do this by making your food portions appear larger by using smaller plates.

You should also hide any junk food from sight, as the old saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”.

#9: Turn off the TV when eating

If you watch TV while you eat you are more likely to overeat, which is never going to be good news for your weight loss efforts.

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