Beat Hunger with a Cheat Day

Beat Hunger with a Cheat Day

If you are on a diet then you will often feel like you are constantly fighting hunger. This is only natural as you are consuming fewer calories than you would like.

Most people find that these hunger pangs are something they must go through, often they will force themselves to lower their calorie intake even further.

But did you know that you could help suppress your hunger by taking a cheat day?

Cheat days and Leptin levels

Cheat days can help your diet as it can improve your Leptin levels within your body. Leptin is a hormone that can control the amount of calories and stored body fat.

If your calorie or body fat levels drop, the Leptin levels will drop too. Meaning hunger will set in, along with fatigue and depression about being on your diet.

Having a cheat day will help to restore your Leptin levels back to normal so hunger will reside and you will end up feeling a lot better about your diet.

Cheat days and cravings

You will also find that taking a cheat day can help you feel better about being on a diet.

Not eating your favourite meals can wear you down over time and could be too much for you to cope with.

Food CravingsIf your food cravings are high along with hunger pains then you may end up just giving up on your diet.

Having a cheat day can help with these feelings as you can eat all the foods you want. If you know you can eat what you want once in a while, being on the diet wont feel so bad.

Cheat days and muscle glycogen levels

The final reason why a cheat day could help your diet is because it can help to restore muscle glycogen levels that are lost during the diet.

When your muscle glycogen levels are low this will increase your hunger levels. Also if you do a lot of exercise this will become harder due to the lower muscle glycogen.

Having a cheat day can actually improve your physical activity and reduce your hunger levels.

Cheat days are actually not as bad as some people think. Actually by adding one a week you can boost your weight loss, as during the rest of the week you can keep your hunger under control.

If you still need a little extra help then you could try taking a diet pill that can help with appetite suppression and fat burning, such as Phen375.

In fact by combining both of these strategies you can increase your chances of success and become the thinner person you always wanted to be.

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