Beat those cravings with Konjac root

Beat those cravings with Konjac root

One of the biggest problems facing our healthcare services is the growing obesity epidemic.

We know that diet and exercise are a good way to lose those excess pounds but often your cravings and urge to eat will get the better of you, ruining any good work that you have achieved beforehand.

Perhaps there is something you can do to help you beat those cravings? Maybe Konjac root is the answer.

What is Konjac root?

Konjac root is found growing naturally in many parts of Asia where it has long been used to curb cravings.

Traditionally Konjac root is made into Shirataki noodles, which are thin, gelatinous noodles that are low in calories and flavour, but are perfect for helping you feel fuller for longer.

How does Konjac root work?

The main component of Konjac root is a soluble fibre called glucomannan.

Glucomannan is particularly effective for curbing cravings as it is able to absorb vast amounts of water in comparison to its own weight, in fact it can absorb up to 200 times its own weight in water.

When you consume Konjac root the glucomannan will become exposed to the water present in your stomach, which will then be absorbed creating a dense gel that your body will be unable to digest.

This will help keep you full for longer and will prevent any food cravings.

This is not the only benefit however as you will also experience fewer blood sugar spikes that can lead to food binges.

As the glucomannan slows the digestion the energy produced from the food you have eaten will be released much slower than usual.

Has Konjac root been proven?

There have been several clinical studies that have proven the effectiveness of Konjac root and glucomannan.

One particular double blind study on 20 obese patients was particularly successful with the patients losing an average of 5.5lbs over a 2 month period without encountering any side effects.

The patients themselves used glucomannan every day without making any changes to their current diet.

How to increase your intake of glucomannan?

As already mentioned you could try Shirataki noodles, however the taste is something you may need to get used to.

There are also supplements such as Adiphene that also contain Konjac root.

Adiphene has other proven ingredients too, some can help to boost your metabolism and burn fat. The ingredients are all natural and will ensure you take control of your weight without encountering any side effects.

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