7 Ways to Beat Your Hunger Cravings

7 Ways to Beat Your Hunger Cravings

If you want to succeed at your weight loss efforts you need to be able to control any hunger cravings that inevitably will arise.

Giving into every craving will undermine your efforts, and will make successfully losing weight almost impossible to achieve.

#1: Go for a walk

To beat your cravings you need to distract your mind from them.

Going for a walk is a good idea, but maybe something you wont think of, particularly if you are tired.

The good thing is that even if you are tired a walk is recommended and can even help to boost flagging energy levels.

Research in Austria found that after a 15 minute walk people were less likely to crave chocolate, compared to those who were sedentary.

#2: Try to breathe deeply

To reduce stress and hunger cravings you could try a simple breathing technique used in yoga.

Simply inhale deeply (try to count to 4), then hold your breath for 7 counts, finally exhale for 8 counts. You should repeat this for 4 cycles.

This simple act can help switch off your body’s fight or flight response.

#3: Have a healthy snack

While this does not necessarily help you beat your cravings entirely, it will certainly be a better option than reaching for a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar.

This healthy snack can bring your blood sugar levels back up, therefore reducing overall cravings.

To ensure you opt for a healthy snack over an unhealthy one I would suggest you hide those unhealthy ones and display the healthy ones prominently.

#4: Drink some water

Sometimes your body will confuse thirst for hunger, so it makes sense that before you go reaching for a snack that you instead have a sip of water.

If you are still hungry after the water then you will know for sure that the feeling you were experiencing was indeed hunger.

Drinking more water throughout the day is a good idea in general anyway, as not only is it good for your overall health, but has been shown to cut the amount of calories you consume. Particularly if you drink water before a meal.

#5: Touch your ear

There are certain pressure points on your ear that can help suppress hunger cravings.

Try applying pressure to the ‘Shenmen Point’ for any cravings you experience.

#6: Play with your phone

There is only so many things your brain can think about at one time, so the next time you feel yourself thinking about reaching for a snack, instead reach for your phone.

A study has found that playing a game like Tetris could cut your cravings by as much as 70%.

#7: Tell yourself you can indulge later

We all experience cravings now and then but you cannot give into them all the time.

However, the occasional indulgence wont harm and in fact could actually aid your efforts.

If you are denying yourself constantly then it will get to the point where you will quit your efforts entirely, which is something you do not want to occur.

As long as you are eating healthily 80% of the time then you should experience some promising results.

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