10 tips to become a weight loss winner

10 tips to become a weight loss winner

Do you want to be a weight loss winner? If you do then the following tips are what makes weight loss a reality.

#1 – They get plenty of exercise

Whether it is going to the gym, jogging, cycling or simply walking you must make exercise part of your daily routine if your aim is to lose weight.

Weight loss can only be achieved by burning off more calories you consume, which means that you need to exercise, simple as that.

#2 – They ignore fad diets

Fad diets often promise fast weight loss results, which are often achieved by banning certain food types or with severe calorie restrictions.

Unfortunately these types of diet are too restrictive for long term use so the lost weight will surely return once you start eating normally again.

To be a weight loss winner you need to make small achievable changes to your lifestyle so that your diet does not become a chore.

#3 – They eat plenty of vegetables

We all know that eating junk food and takeaways are not good for weight loss. You should instead fill your diet with as much fresh vegetables as possible.

Vegetables contain various vitamins and minerals that promote good health without any excess calories.

#4 – They eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast will likely lead to a mid-morning slump where your energy levels will be low with food cravings at their highest.

To avoid this eat a healthy protein rich breakfast to give your metabolism a much needed boost, while ensuring you do not experience any food cravings until lunch.

#5 – They don’t watch lots of TV

Studies have shown that those who watch less than 10 hours of television a week are generally slimmer than those who watch more.

You should also try to avoid eating in front of the TV as it can be a distraction that can lead you to eat more than you need to.

#6 – They have a positive attitude

If you think positively you are more likely to succeed rather than getting hung up on the smallest issue.

#7 – They lose weight slowly

You should aim to lose no more than 1-2 pounds in weight a week to ensure you are able to keep the weight off long term.

Remember you didn’t gain that excess weight overnight so you cannot expect to lose it overnight either.

#8 – They eat slowly

You brain takes as long as 20 minutes to realise that you have eaten enough, so by eating a little slower you will give your brain time to realise that you are full.

Chewing thoroughly also helps to cut your appetite so it is time you started to do this as well.

#9 – They treat every day the same

To successfully lose weight you should be eating healthily and getting regular exercise most days. You are never going to see the best results if you choose to have every weekend off your diet.

If you choose to do this any good work you have achieved during the week will be undone once you start indulging.

#10 – They get plenty of sleep

A lack of sleep can lead to excess cortisol being produced, this is the hunger hormone that causes you to become hungry.

Stress also increases the production of this hormone so you should try your best to combat both a lack of sleep and your stress levels.

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