6 Weight Loss and Health Benefits of Potatoes

6 Weight Loss and Health Benefits of Potatoes

Despite the advice of certain “professionals” who claim that carbs like potatoes are best avoided if you wish to lose weight the truth is that you can eat them and achieve your weight loss goals.

Please read on to discover the weight loss and health benefits of potatoes.

#1: Can help those with high blood pressure

If you remove the potatoes skin when preparing them to cook then you could be making a mistake, especially if you have high blood pressure.

It is this skin that can help lower high blood pressure as it is full of potassium, at least 1,600 mg of potassium in a large potato, which is almost half the daily recommended amount.

#2: Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system, plus it can help stop the production of stress hormones too.

Luckily then that a single medium-sized potato contains around 45% of your daily requirement.

#3: Its full of fibre

If your aim is to lose weight then the fibre content of potato skins will certainly help.

Health Benefits of PotatoesThis fibre content will also help to keep your heart healthy and will help to improve your digestion too.

#4: Potatoes are free from fat, sodium and low in sugar

Despite words to the contrary, potatoes are not full of fats, sodium and sugar. It is how you prepare them or the topping that cause the problems.

#5: They are full of manganese

Manganese is used by your body to help process protein, carbs and cholesterol, so it is an essential nutrient that you need for good health.

A large potato contains 33% of your daily manganese content.

#6: Rich in vitamin B6

This particular vitamin is used to produce essential brain hormones, and with a single potato with its skin containing 46% of your daily allowance you can see why potatoes should be included in your diet.

A word of warning

While there are certainly a number of reasons why you should include potatoes in your diet. If you prepare them in the wrong way then any health benefit will be negated.

Most certainly you should avoid deep-fried chips, or potatoes covered in cheese, or mashed with mayonnaise.



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