Weight Loss & Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Weight Loss & Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are full of nutrients like vitamin E, calcium and phytosterols that can offer various health benefits including weight loss.

Read on to discover why you should be adding more sunflower seeds to your diet.

#1: Promotes healthy hair

As sunflower seeds contain a large amount of vitamin E then increasing your intake of these seeds can help you to grow longer, thicker and more lustrous hair.

Vitamin E can help to improve the circulation of blood in your scalp, and can help to increase the number of nutrients supplied to your hair roots.

#2: Lowers bad cholesterol

LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease.

Luckily consuming sunflower seeds can reduce this as it contains both phytosterols and essential fatty acids or EFA’s.

#3: Boosts mood

Sunflower seeds can increase your natural levels of dopamine, which can help to boost your mood.

Low dopamine levels can result in a lack of motivation, fatigue addictive behaviour, mood swings and memory loss.

#4: Helps to relieve PMS

Sunflower BenefitsSunflower seeds are full of antioxidants, vitamin E and magnesium that can help relieve the symptoms of PMS.

#5: Maintain strong bones

These seeds are full of calcium, therefore if you are not a huge fan of milk perhaps you could increase your intake of this instead.

#6: Boost your immune system

As sunflower seeds are full of selenium it can reduce the amount of free radicals floating around your system.

By reducing these free radicals your immune system will see an overall boost, which will in turn reduce your chances of suffering any infections.

How to add more sunflower seeds to your diet?

To increase your intake you simply need to sprinkle the seeds over your food.

They can be added to virtually any food type, but I would suggest adding them to the following:

  • Salads
  • Smoothies

You know the health benefits of sunflower seeds so start adding them today, you will soon start to experience the benefits for yourself.

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