5 Weight Loss and Health Benefits of Sweetcorn

5 Weight Loss and Health Benefits of Sweetcorn

Trying to lose weight and fed up of those boring side salads? If so perhaps you could add some corn on the cob to your plate instead.

Despite claims to the contrary, sweetcorn offers numerous benefits. Lets find out what some of them are.

#1: Sweetcorn is full of nutrients

Like many other yellow and orange vegetables, sweetcorn is full of nutrients, including beta-carotene and lutein, which are antioxidants that give it its distinctive colour.

Both of these antioxidants are good for preventing various eye diseases and conditions.

Sweetcorn also contains various B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium too.

#2: Sweetcorn does not contain much sugar

Unlike certain fruits and vegetables, like an apple for example. Sweetcorn does not contain much sugar.

When compared to an apple, it contains the same number of calories, but less than a quarter of the amount of sugar.

#3: Sweetcorn is a good source of fibre

Weight Loss Benefits of SweetcornResearch has shown that many of us are not getting enough fibre in our diets, with an average of 20 g consumed daily.

It is recommended that you consume 30 g daily.

Luckily eating sweetcorn can go some way to increasing your fibre intake, which will help improve your digestive health.

Fibre can also fill you up, and as it is slow to digest can help keep you feeling full. This effect will aid your weight loss efforts.

#4: Sweetcorn can improve gut health

As well as its soluble fibre content that helps fill you up, sweetcorn also contains insoluble fibre that when consumed will help feed the good bacteria found in your gut.

#5: Sweetcorn is gluten-free

These days many people are gluten intolerant, sweetcorn is naturally free of gluten.

Maize, which is flour made from corn, is free of gluten and can be made into various foods, such as gluten-free pasta.

Now that you know what benefits are on offer perhaps you would think twice about skipping the sweetcorn at dinner.


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