Weight Loss & Other Health Benefits of Warm Honey

Weight Loss & Other Health Benefits of Warm Honey

Warm honey is not just a cure for the common cold, it can offer numerous benefits including weight loss.

Read on to discover why you should perhaps consider drinking more warm honey instead of your usual soft drinks.

#1: Helps reduce allergies

If you find that you are susceptible to allergies then drinking a glass of warm honey and water can help.

For example, if you suffer from hay fever in the summer months then the occasional drink will desensitise you to its effects.

#2: Helps with weight loss

Honey is naturally sweet so is a perfect alternative for those sugary soft drinks.

The water content can curb your appetite, while the natural sugars will help to satisfy any sugar cravings that you may have.

#3: Helps to give you an energy boost

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt more tired than before you went to bed?

If so then you are probably dehydrated, which is making you feel tired and sluggish.

To rehydrate you quickly and to give you a quick energy boost then drink a glass of warm honey water.

#4: Helps boost your immunity

Did you know that honey contains powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties? This is what makes it so effective at helping to fight disease and infection.

It also contains various vitamins and minerals that your body can use to boost its immunity.

#5: Helps to freshen your breath

The antibacterial properties of the honey can also help to keep your mouth smelling fresh all day long.

#6: Helps flush toxins from your body

If you add a little lemon juice to your honey water then you can create your own natural diuretic that can help to flush toxins from your body.

#7: Helps rejuvenate your skin

As toxins are lost your skin health will automatically improve.

Weight Loss Benefits of HoneyYou will also find that your body will also produce more collagen, which will help to fight the early signs of ageing.

#8: Helps with digestion

Drinking warm honey water can help to reduce the acidity in your stomach and also cause an increase in the production of mucus.

Combined this will help you to digest food more efficiently. This can also help to reduce bloating and embarrassing bouts of gas.

#9: Helps fight against heart disease

If you have high cholesterol then this may put a strain on your heart, leading to issues like heart disease.

Warm honey water can help combat this though, as it can help to increase the amount of good cholesterol in your body, therefore helping to balance your cholesterol levels.

#10: Helps soothe sore throats and coughs

One of the most commonly claimed benefits of honey is that it can help soothe sore throats and coughs, but how?

Well, the honey can soothe the throat, therefore cutting the tickling that causes the coughing.

For an additional benefit add some lemon as this contains vitamin C that can give your immune system a boost that can help reduce the time it takes to recover.

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