7 Benefits of Weight Loss

7 Benefits of Weight Loss

We all know the various health reasons as to why weight loss if you are overweight is important.

After all, if you value your life then you should take steps to ensure you are a healthy weight, otherwise you could be potentially risking your life.

If you are overweight then you are at a higher risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and a variety of other conditions.

What you may not know about are the other benefits of weight loss, that may not necessarily have much to do with your health.

Read on to discover what these benefits are:

#1: You can get smarter

There have been a couple of scientific studies that have shown a link between weight loss and improved cognitive function.

For example a study at Kent State University concluded that after losing weight over a 12 week period, the volunteers for the study had noticeable improvement in both memory and concentration.

#2: You could be paid more

It is an unfortunate fact that those of us who weight more are perceived by employers to be lazier than their slimmer colleagues.

One study by the Wayne State University looked at 25 years of weight-related bias and concluded that it did have an impact on your potential wages.

#3: You could become more popular

In a study at Arizona University of over 59,000 people, those who were overweight were shown to have the fewest friends on average.

#4: You will be able to see your penis

This benefit is for the men who unfortunately due to their belly fat are no longer able to see their own penis.

It is said that you will be able to see a further inch of penis for every 30-50 pounds of weight you lose. Will that motivate you to lose weight?

#5: You could see an improvement in your sex life

It may just be a confidence issue, but research has shown that those who are slimmer have a better sex life overall.

Research has also shown that men are more fertile when slimmer too. With their average sperm volume at 3.3 ml for those of a normal weight, and just 2.8 ml for those who are obese.

Those who were obese also had a lower sperm count.

#6: You will get better sleep

Not only will losing weight help with improving your sleep (no doubt due to reduced stress on your throat and chest), but research from Johns Hopkins University has also shown that regular exercise (over 150 minutes per week) also resulted in better sleep.

#7: You should be ill less

Those who are obese have a larger number of cells within their bodies that can cause inflammation to occur, which can also lead to a rise in the number of potential illnesses too.

By losing a few pounds you will also lose some of these cells, therefore reducing your chances of becoming ill as often.

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