Is Berry Blast Slim an auto ship scam?

Is Berry Blast Slim an auto ship scam?

With summer just around the corner you may be starting to think about how you are going to get beach ready.

Well, obviously diet and exercise is a good start, but it is often tempting to use other methods too, such as diet pills for example.

Unfortunately although some products may help you achieve your goal you need to be careful which one you choose to use.

Certain products are ineffective, while others are simply too expensive or have been created purely to rip you off.

Berry Blast Slim is a diet pill that makes some impressive claims, but can it help you fit into that bikini? Or is it best avoided like so many other products?

Berry Blast Slim benefits

The following benefits have been claimed on the Berry Blast Slim website:

  • Burn stored fat
  • Lose your cravings
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Stop feeling hungry

These claimed benefits are what you would expect to see on a website selling a diet pill, to verify them we would first need to look at the ingredients used in the Berry Blast Slim formula.

Ingredients of Berry Blast Slim

Although Berry Blast Slim mentions that it contains a mixture of raspberry ketones, green coffee and acai berry there is no mention of what dosages have been used.

This is disappointing as without this important information there is no way of knowing how effective the product actually is.

Cost of Berry Blast Slim

There is no mention of the cost of Berry Blast Slim on the homepage, however when you click on the T&Cs you will soon see why this diet pill should be avoided.

Initially the cost of the trial is $4.99, unfortunately what you may not realise is that once the 14 day trial period has elapsed you will be charged $79.99.

To make matters worse signing up to this trial gives permission for further monthly charges to be made to your account.

This will continue until the membership to this auto ship program is cancelled, which if you do not regularly check your bank statements could results in hundreds of dollars being lost.

Is Berry Blast Slim a scam?

Although Berry Blast Slim is not a scam, its method of making money certainly seems unethical and I can certainly see why it could be called a scam by those unfortunate enough to have signed up for the trial.

In my opinion trial offers such as this one should be avoided, you will almost always end up paying more than you originally thought.

Contact details for Berry Blast Slim

To contact Berry Blast Slim for an RMA you should phone +44-800-546-0214

You can also contact them using the following email address: customerservice@poundsbegone.info

If you have signed up for this trial please leave us a comment below with your experience.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Berry Blast Slim

A proven alternative to Berry Blast Slim is Raspberry Ketone Plus, which is available to buy online from the Evolution Slimming website for just $31 for a months supply.

Not only is it more affordable but is willing to disclose its ingredients and their dosages. Best of all it is not available on a trial so you can buy it without having to worry about signing up to an auto ship program.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

36 comments on "Is Berry Blast Slim an auto ship scam?"
  1. I am expecting a telephone call, I have opened a dispute with LLoyds Master Card down to the fact that you have stolen £93.00 off my card. I did not authourise this and I am somewhat annoyed with you. How dare you!!

    • Hello Sarah.

      I do not work for or am I associated with Berry Blast Slim in any way. This page is a review and serves to highlight the payment terms of this product. If you want to contact them I suggest using the contact details listed in the above review. 🙂

      • the email address in the article above is not active as i have just tried to use it and it was not deliverd, so that is a waste of time

        • Hello Julie.

          I am sorry that the email is no longer active. It was the one listed on their website. If anyone else has an alternative then I will change it. 🙂

          Have you tried phoning them? Is that number correct?

          • Tried the number and it answered. Managed to close my account(hopefully) and told to expect confirmation email within 24 hours but no refund. Learnt an expensive lesson so won’t be signing for free trials again!!!!!!

    • Hi sarah my names siobhan.. i have had the same done to me,, ive just noticed on my bank statement that they have took £49.49 out of my account with out my permission. I am also with llyods and was just wondering how you went about it to stop the payments and get your money back..

      if you could get back to me that would be great


    • the same thing happened to my husband, he received the items a week after he ordered them and then one day later they took the money, some free trial eh!!!!
      ive contacted trading standards and suggest everyone also complains as they promise a free trial but don’t give you timr to trial it, I think this is mis advertising.

    • I also had £93.00 taken from my account.I was sent Raspberry Ketone as a reward for answering a questionaire when I visited the Lakeland Site. I certainly did not sign up to anything else I want my money back.

    • same here, same thing has happened to me with Santander £93.00 off my account and I did not authourise it!!

  2. How dare thls slim berry company take£93 when not authorised .I got my trlal offer and just
    payed £2.99p postage.I did’t know I was signing up for anything.ever agaln will I order on llne again.I have phoned me bank about an hour ago got to phone again at 8’oclock am I also cancelled my card.WHAT A SCAM

    from Eastbourne UK

  3. They have taken money out of my account which is not authorised. £93 . I will contact my bank but how do we get this money back

  4. I also paid £2.99 delivery charge for a free trial but 2 weeks later they charged me £93 and I haven’t even received any products. Im so upset as im a student and working part-time. I don’t even need to use slimming pills but I thought I just wana try this because they were saying a lot of good points about it! Im so upset and don’t think I can get my money back and I just hope other people won’t make the same mistake as I made.
    im gona try the no. tomorrow and cancel my bank card!! what a scam they are taking people’s money. they will not enjoy this money for sure!!!!SCAM

  5. This product is well presented, everything plausible, even good for you! First, I am unemployed and don’t need to lose any weight, £2.99 is deducted from your account, then a month later £93! Call it what you will, but the words deceit, fraud and scam spring to mind. Speaking to the company, barely able to restrain myself, I made little progress. My bank were aware of this very scam but seemed unable to help, so I think all I can do is cancel my account with them.

    • absolute disgrace this is allowed to happen, have contacted my bank but looks like no way to get my money back as it was written in the terms and conditions that I would be charged £93 after 14 days, THIS IS ROBBERY!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!! I am furious!!

  6. I bought this introductory offer and a month later they have taken £93 for Berry Blast and £89 for Extreme cleanse!!! There was no mention that I had signed up to a subscription or that they would be taking this money. I have had to cancel my card as the bank were unable to help.

    I tried the phone number advertised on this page and it just rang out!

    Has anyone had any success in getting their money back?

    • Dear Lyndsay, like you I have experienced the same as you have detailed. Tonight Ihave rung 0800 546 0214 and got a cancellation notification for the nutriberry product. Is it valid? Hopefully this will also cancel the vita cleanse product as well but I remain unconvinced.I now realise I’ve had no notification by email of the vita cleanse order or dispatch. Here’s hoping.

  7. Have just received my bank statement and am horrified to find these people have deducted £93 from my account when all I asked for was their free trial. This debit on my account could easily have made me overdrawn as I do not have large monthly funds and I only signed for their free trial. This is stealing in my estimation but how do we get money back??? Any help to this end will be very much appreciated.

  8. hi everyone, have just phoned the above number and and hopefully my account has been closed. Am supposed to receive an email within next 24 hours confirming this but no refund. Won’t be so stupid again on trial offers!!!!!

  9. i payed 2.99 for a free trail they have took out to payments one of 46.60 and one of 95.99 it does say you are sing up for anything how do u sleep at night to all the people that work there hope u go to f##kin hell

  10. Complete and utter scam. How awful to see so many of us with identical stories. I too had £93 deducted with no knowledge. Mine came up as a pop up with a waitrose banner when I was doing an online shop. I thought it was genuine because it said waitrose. My bank has advised to contact trading standards as they’re getting 100s of complaints about this scam. Makes you wonder what’s actually in the products they send out too. Don’t touch Them with a barge pole!!!! Totally despicable.

  11. I have just checked my bank and the same has happened to me £93 deducted. I have tried phoning the number above but it won’t ring. Can somebody give me the number they used so I can cancel. never had this done before, I certainly won’t be ordering any more of these types of trials



  14. I too have been one of the latest to be scammed by this company this is the third month running £95.99 has been debited from my account ive been in contact with my bank and trading standards on numerous occasions regarding this issue but nothing seems to be working as this company uses different alias names when debiting your account i.e. “berryblast slim/ketuong pure” only option left is to cancel my card and hopefully this will be the end.

  15. I have just check my account as with the others tht are complaining about this scam.. I agreed a trial for £2.99. outset,
    Subsequently 2 months for different amounts have been deducted from account, first amount £93.00 and the second for £95.99.
    I would have not agreed to the trial as most other most probably feel the same.
    I called the company today to discuss the situation, to be was advised that no refund wil be forthcoming.
    i have cancelled the standing order and they will confirm by email, that this will be stopped as from today.
    I have also approached the bank to find if they can be of assistance in getting my monies back.
    I have spoken to fraud dept at the bank, however it has been passed onto the retail dispute dept. I am waiting for their reply.

  16. Hi everyone, I am posting this comment in agreement with everyone above that berry blast slim is an absolute scam. I too assumed a trial meant exactly that try before you buy and certainly no agreement made to continue with berry blast slim. £95.99 was taken from my account, my bank was brilliant and have put a block on them and are now fighting for my money back. My advise…do not agree to “trial products” on the internet.

  17. The same happened to me as written in all the previous emails. Berryblastslim charged me 2.99 and
    Lasting cleans 6.95 for FREE trial postage fees. 2 weeks later they deducted 93.00 and 89.00 pound unauthorized off my account. I called (44) 800-546-0214 and spoke to Rick Wilson and he is based in FL. I acted very harsh and they gave me for both articles RMA numbers. I sent both bottles back recorded delivery and will call the bank now to make sure they ar not deduct any further money. I will give it a few days to see if they have reimbursed the money. It is a total SCUM and it really needs to put a stop to it.

  18. I just spoke to my Bank and any further deductions will be stopped . The nice lady advised as well to contact Trading Standard 0845 4040 506. Everybody should complain to them as well. This company really needs locking up. So common people get into action. As more people complain to Trading Standard as more we hopefully can archiev

  19. I Contacted Tesco Bank (Tesco credit card) to tell them that £93 had been taken claimed from my credit card by berryblastslim for a free sample of this product. Tesco have said they will cancel any further payments but cannot claim the £93 back for me. I believe they have a legal duty to do so and am pursuing the matter further. They say they are sending me a dispute form to complete to try to get the money back but they don’t hold out much hope. I will now be closing my account with Tesco Credit Card as this seems to me to be fraud and I believe the credit card company should be able to retrieve the money.

  20. We have the exact same problem as everyone else on this site. We will not stand for the apparent lack of customer service and would like to stop the order but due to poor web-site design there is no way to get in contact with these people but they are quick enough to take my and your money!

  21. The worst scam ever, agreed to 2,99£ shipping cost then I have noticed 93£ magically vanished from my acount, scam !!!!!!!!!!nowhere on web saying you are subscribing to anything

  22. I was robbed…93£…for one fu***kng bottle of s*it????????? I’m speechless …,,

  23. So angry that I’ve fallen for this scam. I tried the email address above, it doesn’t work but called the 0800 546 0214 and canceled my account. And have received confirmation emails back, phew! But while on the call the customer services guy tried to sell me further products at a ‘reduced rate’, what a cheek!
    I’ve notified my bank and they’ve put a stop to any further deductions from both these named retailers.
    But as for getting back the £93 and £89, no chance apparently because it’s in their ‘terms and conditions’ which we all agreed to when we clicked ‘place this order’.

  24. I too have been conned also had money taken out of my account been on to the bank so don’t even try to get more money off me totally sickened by this company can’t even get in touch with them really annoyed

  25. I to thought I was singing up for just a free trial and like the rest ov u had money taken from my account. these people should be ashamed ov them self’s and nat West Bank wot o load ov shit u are. 1 good thing that has come out ov mine is I’m going to be refunded just £50 instead ov £95.99 think iv learnt my lesson now no more trials for me

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