Which is the best apple for weight loss?

Which is the best apple for weight loss?

We all know that eating healthily can aid your weight loss efforts. Why else would the experts recommend getting 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day?

With this in mind you may be tempted to eat an apple as one of your fruit options, but with the various varieties available you may start to wonder whether one is better for you?

Well, a team of researchers at Washington State University have gone through the process of finding the most beneficial apple for weight loss, but what is it?

What did the study involve?

During the study the researchers fed obese mice 7 different varieties of American apples, including the popular Granny Smith variety.

Out of all the varieties tested those mice who ate the Granny Smith apples were found to have higher levels of certain gut bacteria.

Weight loss benefits of appleThis gut bacteria is produced once the fibre and polyphenols reach the colon after they are subjected to chewing, the gastric acids and digestive enzymes, which produces butyric acid.

It is this butyric acid that helps re-balance your intestinal flora that is thought will lead to weight being lost.

This discovery was made by looking at the faeces of the mice, and upon doing so it was discovered that these mice had a similar bacterial composition in their faeces as lean mice.

So there you have it the Granny Smith apples are the best apple to eat if you want to see the biggest weight loss benefits.

Have any other studies been undertaken on apples?

Back in 2003 another study was published in the journal Nutrition that showed that eating an apple (or pear) before a meal could help reduce your overall calorie consumption by as much as 15%.

What other benefits were suggested during the study?

As well as the weight loss benefits of apples the study also revealed that they could also help to fight cancer, cardiovascular disease and asthma.

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