Best Diets of 2016 Revealed

Best Diets of 2016 Revealed

If you have made the decision to lose weight this year then you might be tempted to try on of the popular diets currently available.

The problem is that there are so many to choose from, but which is the best?

Well, luckily for you the U.S. News and World Report have just released their annual list of the best diets of 2016.

This list was compiled by a number of doctors and nutritionists who looked at a variety of ranking factors including:

  • How much weight lost?
  • How easy were they to follow?
  • Were the diets safe?
  • What were the nutritional values?

What were the best overall diets of 2016?

The best overall diets of 2016 were:

  1. DASH Diet
  2. MIND and TLC Diet (tied)
  3. Weight Watchers, Mayo Clinic, Fertility Diet and Mediterranean Diet (tied)

Best diets for specific needs

The following list contains the best diets for specific needs:

  • Best Commercial Diet: Mayo Clinic Diet, Weight Watchers (tie)
  • Best Diet for Weight Loss: Weight Watchers
  • Best Diet for Fast Weight Loss: HMR Program, Biggest Loser Diet (tie)
  • Easiest Diet to Follow: Fertility Diet, MIND Diet, Weight Watchers (tie)
  • Best Diet for Healthy Eating: DASH Diet
  • Best Diet for Diabetes: Fertility Diet
  • Best Diet for Heart Health: Ornish Diet
  • Best Plant-Based Diet: Mediterranean Diet

What diet would we recommend?

To be honest with you if you want to achieve a slimmer and healthier body then I would not recommend a particular diet.

When you think of a diet, you will think of it as a short term goal. When really you should be thinking of your weight loss as a long term goal.

Best DietsAfter all, why would you want the weight to return?

Instead of dieting and losing a few pounds, then quitting the diet and the weight returning. Would it not be a better idea to embrace a healthier lifestyle whereby any weight lost will stay lost?

To live a healthier lifestyle and to see good weight loss results too then I would first suggest that you start eating a little healthier.

Try to cut back on the junk food and takeaways, of course you don’t need to completely cut them out. Just try to eat healthily 80% of the time and you will see good results.

I would suggest that you start eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, try to add a good portion of vegetables to every meal.

Vegetables are full of the nutrients that you body needs to stay healthy, but do not contain many calories.

You should also add some fibre to your meals to help fill you up, plus a good lean protein source too.

The reason for the protein is that it can also fill you up, and can help to release energy slowly throughout the day. Therefore helping to ensure you do not suffer any lulls in your energy levels.

Protein is also good for maintaining and building lean muscle mass, which will ensure your metabolism remains high.

As for your exercise regime, whatever you do is better than nothing. However, my suggestions to you would be to not rely solely on cardio exercises.

Research has shown that weight training is a good form of exercise as you will find that your body will continue to burn calories long after you complete your workout. With a workout that consists of only cardio the calories will stop being burnt as soon as your workout ends.

Weight training can also help to build muscle, which will increase your metabolic rate overall.

For those who find themselves short of time and unable to workout then I would suggest HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, as this will enable you to workout at 100% intensity, so you will be able to burn off 100s of calories in a short space of time.

Our final tips for ensuring you keep to a healthy lifestyle would be to drink more water, try to reduce your stress levels and to get a little more sleep.

You don’t need to undergo a diet to lose weight, with these tips for a healthy lifestyle you can see long lasting weight loss results.

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